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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Negatively Impact Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Impact Vision

There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to concussions according to eye doctor Edmonton. But for every first concussion that a person has. Not only are they four times more likely to have a second concussion within the next year. But that concussion will need to be far less severe in order to have a larger impact on their brain.

Regardless of how severe or mild their concussion is. A patient’s doctor should get into the habit of referring all of their concussion patients to live doctor Edmonton. Particularly one that has training in neuro- rehabilitation.

The reason why doctors should send concussion patients to an eye doctor. Is because there is a very good chance that any concussion, no matter how mild will have damaged part of the visual system of the brain.

The reason why according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is because there are so many visual connections within the brain. That it increases the chance of any of those getting injured whenever a concussion happens.

In order to understand why, people need to understand what happens when someone gets a concussion. This is when the brain hits the inside of their skull. And typically happens when a person’s head is travelling at a certain speed. And suddenly stops, or changes direction.

The severity of the concussion will relate to how fast her head was going, and how quickly it stopped. Resulting in how hard the brain hit the inside of the skull.


Because a concussion can happen at any part of a person’s head, damaging a wide variety of areas of a brain, depending on where they brain hit this skull. It can be very difficult to predict what kind of symptoms a person might end up getting from their injury.

In fact, not only will they often get delayed symptoms. But even concussion damage does not always show up on neuroimaging right away. This is due to the altered metabolic activity of the brain says eye doctor Edmonton. And can make diagnosis not only much more difficult. But much more delayed as well.

This is why it is important for doctors to send concussion patients to an optometrist right away. To get assessed. So that they can start getting the treatment they need much sooner.

When patients damage the visual system of their brain, the symptoms might not be very obvious as to what part of the brain is injured. And often is not very obvious that it is even related to their concussion. Which results in patients having symptoms for a long time. Even longer than a year. For getting treatment.

The sooner they can get assessed by an eye doctor with training in neuro- rehabilitation. The sooner they are going to be able to heal their brain. The sooner their brain is healed, they can get back to all of the activities that they normally enjoy. Including going to work.

But also, the sooner they can heal their brain, the sooner they are going to be able to minimize the effect of any future concussions have on damaging their brain.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Negatively Affect Vision

There can be a lot of different injuries that a person sustains that results in a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. But almost all concussions have the ability to damage the visual system of the brain.

This might be very difficult for doctors to diagnose. Because the symptoms that are related to a visual system damage. Is not immediately obvious. Unless someone has training in neuro- rehabilitation.

Some symptoms that patients might get that can point to a problem with the visual system. Include dry eyes, eyestrain, and double vision. But there are even more symptoms that are not necessarily conclusive.

Eye doctor Edmonton says these symptoms can be headaches, problems balancing, being very sensitive to motion that is happening in their peripheral vision. They can be dizzy all of the time, or noxious. And even have an increased motion sickness.

While many doctors might not realize that these symptoms are related to visual system injury. Which is why if it becomes a standard practice to send all concussion patients to an eye doctor Edmonton. And they will be able to get not only a diagnosis sooner. But treatment sooner as well.

The doctor will be able to check a person’s visual efficiencies including eye tracking and I focus. As well as taking into consideration their motion sensitivity and balance.


Based on the results. The eye doctor will be able to not only come up with a vision therapy program that can help heal their brain injury.

But the eye doctor will also be able to treat their symptoms. So that they can get back to his much normal life as they can. While they are healing from this injury. They can prescribe glasses with tinted lenses. That can help improve a patient’s visual processing.

Or the doctor can prescribe glasses that have lenses with yoke Prisons in them that can help improve a patient’s balance. By treating the patient’s symptoms first. The eye doctor can ensure that the patient is able to start engaging in some of their typical activities. So that they can spend the time on their neuro- optometric rehabilitation therapy to heal their brain.

Even if a patient needs to work with other rehabilitation doctors such as occupational therapists, psychologists or physiotherapists. They can work well with the eye doctor Edmonton. In order to work collaboratively and ensure ask mom success. And effective overall healing of the patient’s brain.

Even if the brain damage that a person has experienced is very severe. The optometrist will be able to modify their therapy program, and modify the activities to match the patient’s ability. And as their brain heals, they modify the activities so that the patient can continue to heal.

It is very important to help a patient heal from a concussion and their brain injury. So any patient that has suffered a concussion. Needs to understand that there is probably a great chance that they have injured the visual system of their brain. And that is by treating that, they can help get life back to normal as quickly as possible.