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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Harm Visual Systems

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Harm Visual Systems

If a person has had a concussion, eye doctor Edmonton says they may not realize that they have damaged their visual system. Especially when symptoms do not show up immediately.

In fact, many of the common symptoms of a damaged visual system. Often look like the cause of those problems are due to something else. Such as headaches, or dizziness, nausea and light sensitivity.

And some of the symptoms can look like eye fatigue, or computer vision syndrome. Such as eyestrain, blurred or double vision. And having people have a difficult time holding focus.

They also might have dry eye, because the part of their brain that regulates blinking has been damaged. But they assume that this is caused by how much time they spend on the computer.

However, no matter how much they minimize computer use. The symptoms still persist. And actually can continue to persist indefinitely. Because the problem is with the connections in the brain.

This is why it is very important that concussion patients see their eye doctor Edmonton alongside a doctor that they see when they have their concussion.

Often, the right treatment will require their eye doctor working in conjunction with other doctors and physiotherapists. Because it can be hard or impossible to completely heal the body.

Luckily, doctors can work well together. To come up with a complete treatment for the patient. If the visual system is also not healing.


Whether this means healing some of the visual system before physiotherapy. Or doing the therapy at the same time. In order to heal the body at the same rate.

Often, if people do not see their eye doctor Edmonton. Their physiotherapist will complain that they are not progressing or healing as fast as they should.

And the reason for that is often because in order to completely heal the rest of their body. They also need to heal their visual system.

For example, people might not be able to heal themselves to be able to walk effectively. If their visual system is damaged, which affects their balance.

This is why all doctors need to be consulted after a concussion. However, if patients do not see their optometrist following a concussion. They should see their eye doctor for eye checkups.

And when they do this, there doctor is likely going to be able to tell if they have any damage to their visual system. If they see damage to the visual system,.

They can bring the patient in for an more extensive assessment. Which will allow them to come up with a treatment option. Whether that includes prescription glasses.

Or wearing glasses that have a special tint on them to help them with light sensitivity, motion or balance. Or if they need a vision therapy program such as Nero optometric rehabilitation.

No matter how long ago a patient’s concussion was. If they did not to get visual therapy. Chances are the damage from the concussion is still persisting.

And giving them problems which can continue for many years. Which is why it is so important to treat and heal.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Harm Visual Systems

It is not uncommon for patients to have absolutely no symptoms immediately after a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. But this does not mean that the injury was mild. Or that no damage occurred.

In fact, chances are actually very high. That patients damaged their visual system during a concussion.

The reason why there is a good chance that a patient damage their visual system during a concussion. Is because vision is used in so many different functions of the body.

Whether it is balance, walking, communication. Or even utilizing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. All of these things require some degree of vision to complete successfully.

In fact, eye doctor Edmonton says that there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that use of vision as a part of their regular processes.

And whether it is communication, walking and balance. Or fine motor skills. All of those different tasks use different parts of a person’s brain. But they all have a component to vision to them.

Therefore, no matter what part of the patient’s brain was damaged during the concussion. Chances are, that one aspect of the visual system was damaged during the concussion.

This is why is incredibly important for all patients to visit their eye doctor Edmonton after a concussion. However, it is very important that they do not visit the optometrist to quickly.


Since all concussion symptoms can appear up to two weeks after the incident. People need to wait two weeks or up to a month. To figure out what symptoms they are experiencing.

And if the symptoms are permanent, and will persist. Or if they will eventually go away. And do not need to be treated specifically.

Some of the symptoms that they should be concerned with. Include headaches, eyestrain and dry eye. As well as a blurred or double vision, difficulty following motion. And having a hard time focusing.

Or having a hard time and focusing their eye as well. Patients might say that they have a difficult time focusing close up. Or after focusing close up for a long period of time, they cannot focus far away.

All of these point to problems with the visual system. Which is why it is very important that concussion patients get a full assessment with their eye doctor Edmonton.

What they optometrists recommended treatment would be. Whether it is visual therapy, that is designed to heal the damaged connections in the patient’s brain.

Or if the treatment can be as simple as a prescription or tinted glasses. Regardless of what the treatment is, getting the right diagnosis and assessment is incredibly important.

Therefore, following any concussion, people should see their optometrist. In order to get the assessment they need. To live symptom free, following their concussion.