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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Damage the Visual System

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Damage the Visual System

Many people may not realize that concussions can damage the visual system according to eye doctor Edmonton. Which will result in having visual symptoms, that they may not realize is related to their injury.


However, another problem that people have. Is that they have suffered a concussion and did not even know it. Often because they think a concussion requires having a head injury. Or receiving trauma to the head.

And they have not been in a situation where they have had something happen to their head. Which makes them think that they do not have a concussion.

Or a person has not even realized that they were injured. Or injured to the point it would cause them to have a concussion. Such as if a person trips and falls on the sidewalk. And does not hit their head.

The velocity that they travelled, and then stopped when they fell. Could have cause the brain to hit the inside of their skull with such force. That caused a concussion.

This is why it is so important for people to have regular annual exams with their eye doctor Edmonton. Because often, concussion damage is discovered during a routine eye exam.

If people do not get concussion damaged diagnosed. They may persist with symptoms months and even years. Especially when the symptoms are not obvious that they are caused by a concussion in the first place.

Some concussion symptoms that may not be immediately obvious. That are actually related to the visual system. Include headaches, dry eyes, and difficulty following movements.

They might have a light or motion sensitivity that they did not have before. Getting dizzy or nauseous whether they are in a moving vehicle for example. Or if there is a flurry of activity around them.


And finally, people might experience things like balance problems, that cause them to fall or tilts when they are standing or walking. And may not realize that this is damage to their visual system.

However, if their eye doctor Edmonton discovers this during a routine eye exam. They can bring the patient in for another diagnostic test. That can be very lengthy, anywhere between one and three hours.

To allow the optometrist to do a wide variety of diagnostic tests. That can help them determine if the visual system has been damaged, and how severely. As well as what treatment options are available.

Some of the treatment options could be as simple as prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a lens coating on them such as prisms or tint. That can minimize or eliminate the symptoms that they are experiencing.

However, for patients that have extensive damage. There is also optometric therapy. Often called physiotherapy for the eyes. That retrain the brain, and fix lost or broken connections.

So that people can heal their brain permanently. So that the reason why their symptoms go away, is because the problem that is causing them has effectively been healed.

Whether people are aware that they have had a concussion. Or they are just experiencing some odd visual symptoms. They should make an appointment with their optometrist immediately.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Damage the Visual System

Many people go see their doctor, or a physiotherapist following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. But may not be aware that I concussion has likely caused damage to the visual system as well.

The reason why concussions are likely to cause damage to their visual system in their brain. Is because of how many different brain functions involve vision.

Whether people are walking, standing, or even talking. They are engaging their visual system to some degree. In order to make those things possible.

When that part of their brain has been damaged by a concussion. The symptoms can be less obvious, that might make people think that something else is wrong with their brain.

Therefore, it should be routine procedure. That if a person has had a concussion. That they go see their eye doctor Edmonton. To see if there is any damage to their visual system.

In fact, some people often do not even realize that there is a problem with their visual system. Unless treatments with their physiotherapist are not progressing as they should be.

Often, physiotherapists find that a patient is not healing as effectively as they should. Or they are not increasing their abilities as quickly as they are expected to.

And the reason why this is says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because what they are trying to heal, likely also requires the visual system of the brain to be healed. In order to progress at the expected rate.


Luckily, most physiotherapists as well as general practitioners. Will work effectively and in conjunction with an optometrist or visual therapist. In order to come up with a complete body treatment plan.

Whether that means they do ocular therapy while undergoing physiotherapy. Or if they should do their visual therapy first and he will is much as they can. Before trying to heal their body in physiotherapy.

Whatever the outcome looks like, all the doctors will work together. In order to ensure that a person heals their brain as effectively and thoroughly as they can. Not only to minimize symptoms.

But to heal their entire body, and not have the damage that causes the symptoms in the first place. This is completely achievable. Especially because ocular therapy is a permanent fix to the visual system.

However, it is very important for patients should know. That if they have had one concussion. All future concussions are going to cause even more damage than the first one.

And if they have undergone visual therapy. In order to heal broken connections in their brain. A second concussion can cause those connections to be lost again.

And will likely require more therapy to fix than in the beginning. Which is why it is very important for patients to avoid the situations. That cause them to get a concussion and damage their brain in the first place.

If patients have any other questions about their visual system. Or symptoms that they are experiencing that they do not know what the cause is. Should make an appointment with their optometrist right away. For a full assessment.