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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Harm Visual Systems

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Harm Visual Systems

Many people may realize that they can have lasting symptoms from a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. But they may not realize that they likely have caused some damage to their visual system.

Especially after a concussion, many patients think that some of the symptoms that they have. Is completely unrelated to the concussion.

Especially because the symptoms can seem to be very unrelated to their injury. Some of the symptoms that patients can experience. That are actually caused by a damaged visual system.

Include headaches, eyestrain, and blurred or double vision. As well as dry eye. Which is caused by having the part of their brain that regulates how often they blink being damaged.

People could claim that they are having a difficult time reading, because they cannot follow the line. Or have problems tracking motion, such as following a ball during a sports game.

People also may claim to have balance problems, and are dizzy and nauseous. Especially when triggered by motion. Or start having a light sensitivity following their injury.

And while all of these symptoms can be understandable that they happen after a concussion. Fewer patients realize that all of these symptoms point to a damaged visual system.

If they see a general practitioner following their concussion, but not in eye doctor Edmonton. Some of the important brain damage that happened during the concussion.


May go untreated for weeks, months or even years. And despite what many people think. The damage that they experienced during a concussion. Is not going to heal itself with time.

Therefore, people might end up with these symptoms more than a week after their concussion. And are living with them for weeks. And not realize that the problem is that they need to heal their visual system.

Luckily, if they go see an eye doctor Edmonton either following their concussion. Or any time after the concussion. Whether it is months or years. There optometrist will be able to see if there is damage.

During a standard and routine exam. Their eye doctor will be able to see if there are problems that a patient is experiencing. That is likely caused by a damaged visual system.

If this is the case, they will advise the patient to come in for a more thorough assessments. And while this assessment can take anywhere between one and three hours.

The optometrist will use a wide variety of tests to determine what damage there is to the visual system. Including how the muscles are working, if there is any tissue to the trauma.

Or if the problems are contained in the brain. Based on the results of this assessment. Optometrists can either simply prescribe glasses with a prescription, or attendant that can fix the problem.

Or, they will be able to suggest some visual therapy rehabilitation. That is going to help heal the damage in the brain. So that patients can live a completely normal, and symptom-free life.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Harm Visual Systems

It is extremely common for patients to have damage to their visual system following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. But the number of patients that see an optometrist following this kind of injury are very low.

In fact, very few patients see their eye doctor on a regular basis. Which means if they are suffering from a damaged visual system. It may take them years to find out.

In fact, it is extremely common for patients to be walking around with problems such as headaches, eyestrain and dry eye. Thinking that the problem is with how often they use a computer.

And no matter how much they cut down on their computer and electronic use. They still are not getting the relief that they expect.

They also might be taking apply dose of painkillers in order to minimize their headaches. When this kid be simply addressed with visual therapy. Or wearing prescription glasses.

However, part of the reason people’s visual system goes undiagnosed. Is because the symptoms can show up anywhere between one day or two weeks after the incident.

This is why it is very important for patients to see their eye doctor on a regular basis. Even if they think their vision is completely fine. Because especially if they have had a concussion.

And are not aware of it. Because they have not been hit in the head. There optometrist will be able to see if they have any damage to their visual system. And then come up with a plan on how to fix it.


Vision therapy works by helping heal the damaged and broken connections in the brain. That relate to the visual system. There are over three hundred connections in the brain related to vision.

And thirty-two centres of the brain that are responsible for other functions, but use the visual system as part of their functions. A great example of this, would be a person’s hand eye coordination.

Or the ability to balance, walk and run. Because so many different functions require visual systems. Those various functions can be located throughout the entire brain.

But have some aspect of the vision relating to them. Therefore, it does not matter what part of their brain has been damaged during the concussion.

Chances are high that part of the visual system has been damaged as well. Luckily, visual therapy, which has often been called physiotherapy for the eyes. Can heal this damage completely.

In fact, if patients are undergoing physiotherapy for their body. And are not progressing as thoroughly as their doctor assumes they should. They should go see their eye doctor Edmonton.

Because if their visual system is damaged. This is likely going to be why they are having a hard time healing their body. Such as helping them walk. Because the visual system is needed for that function.

The sooner people can get to their eye doctor Edmonton following a concussion. The better chance they are going to be at getting a visual system damage diagnosis. And then a recovery plan, the better a patient will be in the long run.