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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Damage Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Damage Vision

It is very important for people who have suffered a concussion to get properly diagnosed says eye doctor Edmonton. Partially, because it can be very difficult to identify what parts of people’s brain has been damaged.

Also, if people do not heal properly from a concussion that they get. It will increase the severity of future concussions. Even if the injury is self is less severe.

A concussion happens when a person’s brain hits the inside of their skull. Because their head was travelling at a certain velocity. And then suddenly stopped. Or changed directions.

This happens often in car accidents, injuries  during sports. Such as getting body checked into the boards during hockey , or heading the ball during soccer. Even a fall to the floor could be enough of a jolt to the head that causes a concussion.

It can be difficult to diagnose says eye doctor Edmonton. Because of all of the myths out there that people believe about concussions. The first one, is that people believe they have to be hit in the head in order to sustain a concussion. Simply is not true. Any activity that a person can have happen to them. That will cause their brain to hit the inside of their skull can result in a concussion.


Another myth that people believe about concussions. Is that they are going to have to lose consciousness in order to be diagnosed with a concussion. While prognosis tends to be worse for patients that do lose consciousness says eye doctor Edmonton. It is not a requirement in order for it to be an actual concussion.

A third myth that people believe about concussions is that they show up on brain imaging. Giving conclusive evidence of the brain injury. This is also not true. Because people can have perfect neuroimaging and still have a concussion.

And many people will not experience symptoms immediately after the concussion. Because they can show up anywhere between immediately after, to ten days later. The variety of symptoms that they experience according to eye doctor Edmonton. Can indicate what parts of the brain that a person has damaged.

The reason why it takes time for the injury to show up on neuroimaging as well as for symptoms to develop. Is because of the altered metabolic activity in the brain. Therefore, can be very difficult for people to understand if they have received a concussion. And be very difficult for a doctor to diagnose it.

What can often help a patient receive the treatment that they need. Is paying very close attention to the symptoms that they get 7 to 10 days later. And report them back to their doctor, no matter how unrelated they think it might be.

By paying attention to their symptoms, they will be able to be more likely to get appropriate diagnosis. And therefore treatment of a concussion. So that they can heal their brain.

This will allow them to get back to they activities that they love including work, and play. But also, will ensure that they heal their brain completely. So that they are not at risk for future brain damage.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Damage Vision

Patients need to understand that no matter how mild to their concussion might be says eye doctor Edmonton. There is a great chance that they have damaged at least part of their visual system. Even just mildly. Due to the extremely high number of neural connections in their brain that relates back to vision.

There are three hundred neural connections in their brain that deals with visual systems. As well as thirty-two different centres of the brain that deals with vision as well.

This is an extremely high number of neural connections that are related to one sentence. And depending on what part of their brain got injured in a concussion. Will cause a variety of symptoms to occur.

While a patient is not necessarily going to have all of the symptoms. Some of them can be indicative of a visual system being damaged.

It is important for a patient who has suffered a concussion to understand these symptoms. Not only so that they can help themselves find the right doctor to help them. But because these symptoms might not necessarily point to a problem visually. Or even a problem with their brain.


Some common symptoms that people will experience after a concussion. That will point to a problem with their visual system says eye doctor Edmonton. Our double vision or blurred vision, dry eye and eyestrain. People might report that they have cognitive fatigue. Or that they want to take very frequent breaks after even five minutes of reading.

People who are experiencing these typical symptoms may find it very beneficial to enlarge the font that they are reading. They should limits time on their digital devices, as well as decrease the brightness on their cell phones and tablets.

However, the symptoms that they have after damaging their visual system might not be so obvious. They could have headaches, balance issues, and even hypersensitivity to motion out of the corner of their eye. Some people report having an increased motion sickness, or that they are dizzy or the normal or nauseous.

All of these symptoms might get misdiagnosed as an inner ear problem. Especially if they show up ten days after the initial injury. However, if it becomes standard practice for patient to see an eye doctor.

Particularly one that has training in neuro- rehabilitation. Then optometrist will be far more likely to be able to connect these symptoms to visual system brain damage.

When the eye doctor Edmonton is able to correctly diagnose a patient. There able to come up with a vision therapy program such as in neuro- optometric rehabilitation therapy. That will help heal this part of their brain.

So that they cannot only stop experiencing symptoms. Heal their brain, so that they can get back to work. And minimize the impact of this brain injury on their life in the future.