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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Affect Vision Negatively

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Affect Vision Negatively

There are many misconceptions surrounding concussions says eye doctor Edmonton. That can lead to a misdiagnosis, or living with symptoms that are untreated for years.

In fact, concussions can result in symptoms showing up a week and a half later. That may be difficult to trace back to the concussion. Because of how it presents.

For example, many people might start experiencing visual symptoms. After an extremely mild concussion. That present as headaches, double vision, and eyestrain. Or even symptoms that do not seem related to the visual system. Such as balance problems, motion sickness, and dizziness.

A misunderstanding about how concussions happen. Can also lead to people not even realizing that they have sustained a concussion. Such as if they not get hit in the head directly.

A concussion ultimately is a type of brain injury where the brain hits the inside of the skull. This can happen a variety of ways. And most often happens when a person’s head is moving in one direction at one speed. And then something happens to cause that head to suddenly stop or change directions.

This is very often the case in car accidents, and with sports injuries. However, it does not matter what happened that caused the concussion. If the brain hits the inside of the skull, that is considered a concussion.


The reason why a concussion it can present symptoms in a variety of ways. Is because depending on what part of the brain hit which part of the skull. A wide variety of areas of the brain could be affected.

Therefore, even people who were not hit in the head, might start experiencing symptoms ten days later. That leave them wondering where the symptoms are coming from.

However, if people do experience a variety of symptoms such as dry eye, eyestrain, headaches and double vision. And even symptoms that might not seem related to vision. Such as balance, motion sensitivity and dizziness. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton immediately.

They need to get evaluated by an optometrist that has training in neuro- rehabilitation. So that they can have the correct assessment done on their visual system.

They will check the visual efficiencies of the patient. Including eye tracking and I focus. In addition to taking into consideration their motion sensitivity and balance.

Ultimately, eye doctor Edmonton will be able to treat the symptoms that patients have. Even if the symptoms are extremely severe. Because the neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy is completely customizable.

The optometrist will be able to modify activities to fit each patient. And as they progress through the program and heal, the optometrist can make them more challenging.

It is even possible for a patient to get prescribed glasses with tints in them that can help improve their visual processing until their visual system is healed. As well as getting glasses that have yoke prisms that can help them with their balance.

Ultimately, any time anyone has a problem with their vision. Should contact their optometrist with neuro- rehabilitation training. So that they can get the proper treatment for their problems and injuries.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Affect Ones Vision Negatively

Concussions are very serious according to eye doctor Edmonton. Even if the concussion that a person has experienced is extremely mild.

Ultimately, concussions are type of brain injury. And even if they are very mild, it still is the brain being damaged. Which can result in a wide variety of symptoms.

Even more disconcerting, after the first concussion that a person experiences. Increases the likelihood of sustaining another concussion. And all future concussions will need to be less severe in order to do more damage.

Therefore, it is extremely important for people to recognize what a concussion is, and to receive the appropriate treatment. To heal their brain as best as possible.

And if people recognize that they have received a concussion. They might start working with a variety of rehabilitation doctors. Including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and even psychologists.

Something to keep in mind however is that if people are working with a variety of rehabilitation doctors. And yet they are not progressing as quickly as the doctors think they should. Or not healing as effectively as they should be.

This could be a sign that a patient’s visual system was also damaged during the concussion.


The reason why, is because the visual system affects so many aspects of a persons other mental faculties. Because of how many other activities that a person does depends on their visual system.

For example, eye doctor Edmonton says there are three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. As well as thirty-two different centres in the brain that can be affected by vision.

Therefore, if a patient is not healing the way they are expected to. It could be because they need to also heal their visual system. In which case, an eye doctor Edmonton with training in neuro-rehabilitation should be consulted.

This type of optometrist can work collaboratively with a wide variety of other rehabilitation doctors. To ensure that all doctors are working well together, to treat the concussion and heal the brain. So that all other therapy can be effective.

Because of how many connections there are in the brain that deal with vision. This is why regardless of how mild a concussion might be. Or where a patient sustains damage. There is an extremely good chance that they damaged some parts of their visual system.

By understanding this, more patients can make it a routine examination to get treated by eye doctor Edmonton if they have had a concussion. To ensure that they are healing all parts of their brain that needs it.

When people are able to heal their brain thoroughly and effectively. It can start to minimize how future concussions can affect them. And allow them to get back to all of their regular activities, without having any additional symptoms.