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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussion Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussion Symptoms

People may not realize, but visual symptoms can happen after a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. And whether this happens immediately after the event. Such as having blurred or double vision immediately following an accident.

Or whether the symptoms are a little bit more vague, and happen two weeks after an injury. Such as being sensitive to light, or feeling nauseous. People may not realize that these are related to their concussion.

They may not even realize that they are connected to their visual system be damaged at all. Which can cause people to not get the right treatment. For concussion injuries.

However, since there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision in some way.

It is very important for people to understand. That if they have a concussion, since there are so many different parts of the brain that deal with vision. The should see their eye doctor Edmonton.

There I doctor Edmonton will be able to do a preliminary examination. In order to determine if the likely have visual system damage. From a concussion. And if so, they can schedule another appointment.

Which will take approximately 1 to 3 hours. Where they can do a wide variety of tests. Such as testing the eye muscles, testing their ability to focus, and track objects.

As well as looking directly at the tissue. In order to determine if there is any damage to their visual system. And what most beneficial treatment will be for these issues.

There eye doctor Edmonton will likely ask them a wide variety of questions. About the different symptoms that they might be experiencing. That people may not even realize are related to their concussion.


While some symptoms can be quite obvious, like eyestrain, blurred or double vision. Or difficult the focusing their eyes or staying focused.

Other symptoms are far less obvious. And can include things like headaches, dry eye, nauseous and dizziness. As well as having light sensitivity and balance problems.

Especially because it can take up to two weeks for these problems to surface. If a person has what they have considered a relatively mild concussion.

But then two weeks later start feeling nauseous and having dry eyes. They may not immediately connect those issues with damage to their visual system. Caused by a concussion that they figured was very mild at the time.

This is why it is very important for them to come see their eye doctor. Because they are the specialists, that know what they are looking for. Especially following a traumatic event to the brain.

They can implement a neural optometry rehabilitation system. Also known as physiotherapy for the eyes. To actually help prepare the connections in the brain that had been damaged by the concussion.

That can eliminate symptoms, because the problem has been effectively healed. Even if people have not experienced concussion at all. They might want to going can make their optometrist. To see if this could be causing some of the issues that they have been experiencing.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussion Symptoms

It is very important for everyone to recognize symptoms of concussions says eye doctor Edmonton. Because not all concussions are obvious, or are caused by a hit to the head.

In fact, accidents where people receive to the head. Only make up a very small percentage of all concussion patients. Therefore, there are many people walking around with concussion injuries. Do not know that they have had a concussion.

What causes I concussion, is any time someone suddenly stops moving food been moving fast. Which would cause their brain to continue moving in the brain fluid. and hit the brain on the inside of their skull.

Or, if they suddenly switch directions quickly. The brain can continue moving in the direction their head used to be travelling. And could cause the brain to get injured that way as well.

Therefore, if a person is in a car accident, and experiences whiplash. Even if they do not their head. They could very well suffer from a concussion very easily says eye doctor Edmonton.

Even minor accident, such as a person falling off a stepstool in their kitchen. Might result in a concussion, because although they might not have hit their head on the floor. The jolt was enough to cause their brain to hit the inside of their skull.

When this happens, the injury to the brain could cause connections in the brain to stop working. And when those connections in the brain are related to the visual system.


People can end up with a wide variety of visual symptoms. Some common symptoms in the visual system following a concussion. Include headaches, eyestrain and dry eyes. As well as a blurred or double vision that might come and go.

However, there are some less common visual system problems. That people might not immediately connect to a concussion. These can include balance problems, dizziness and nausea. As well as light sensitivity.

Therefore, it is even more important to visit their eye doctor Edmonton. For their annual checkup. So that they can monitor for a wide variety of visual problems. That people may not even be aware they are at risk for.

If their brain does have some damage, caused by damaged or missing connections to the brain. They can undergo some optometric rehabilitation. That can help repair and reconnect those connections.

So that not only are they minimizing the symptoms that they are having. But those symptoms are gone, because the brain is effectively healed. What is even more beneficial says eye doctor Edmonton.

Is that vision therapy is absolutely permanent. So that when people undergo this vision therapy. They do not have to worry about the effects wearing off. Or having to go through it again.

Therefore, by seeing their optometrist on a regular basis. Can help ensure that their eyes, as well as their entire visual system is healthy. And if not, they will be able to help patients find a treatment that can help them see their very best.