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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussion and Your Vision System

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussion & The Vision System

Many people may not realize, that having a concussion can impact their visual system requiring them to see an eye doctor Edmonton. In fact, there are 3.8 million people who sever from concussions every year. And many of these people end up having visual problems stemming from this brain injury.
A concussion is a type of mild brain injury. And the reason why patients tend to have visual problems following a concussion. Is because there are so many visual systems within the brain itself. There are three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. As well as thirty-two centres in the brain that deals with vision.
People may or may not experience visual problems immediately following a concussion. They may experience symptoms anywhere between immediately following the injury. Up to 7 to 10 days after the injury.
These visual problems can include dry eye, eyestrain, headaches, double vision, balance issues. As well as things like having a hypersensitivity to motion, including dizziness or nausea. People who are experiencing visual symptoms following a concussion should seek an evaluation by an optometrist with training in neural rehabilitation.
This eye doctor Edmonton will be able to assess each patient, to check their visual system to see if there is any damage to it. And can test many visual efficiencies. Including IT tracking, eye focus, motion sensitivity and balance.


Within the first twenty-four hours following a concussion. It is very  important for the patient to get cognitive rest. Which means they need to avoid activities such as reading and cell phone use. In order to give their brain arrest. And while they require some physical rest. This does not necessarily mean addressed. And within 24 to 48 hours, it is recommended for patients to get back to their physical activity.
If people are still it is very insane visual symptoms 1 to 3 months after the concussion. They should work with an optometrist as well as other rehabilitation doctors in order to heal their brain injury from a collaborative approach. They may need to work with a physiotherapist, psychologist or an occupational therapist for example.
There are many treatments that are available if issues are found with the patient’s visual system. Eye doctor Edmonton may prescribe glasses with a variety of tenants on them. That will be able to affect the patient’s visual processing. This often has an immediate impact on reducing their symptoms.
Also, prescribing glasses with yoke prisms can impact a patient’s balance. They will also engage in neuro- optometric rehabilitation. Which is a vision therapy program designed to take a patient through various visual activities. That are designed to improve the efficiency of the visual systems.
Patients who have suffered from a concussion need to understand that no matter what their visual symptoms are. Or how severe they think they might be. Working with an optometrist who is trained in this area can help the patient not only reduce their symptoms. But also help rehabilitates their vision system. So that they can be symptom-free.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions & The Visual System

Concussions are brain injuries according to eye doctor Edmonton. That can happen from a wide variety of injuries. That does not necessarily have to include a blow to the head. And regardless how serious or mild the concussion is. Can impact a patient’s visual systems.
If a patient is not immediately experiencing symptoms following their concussion. This does not mean that they will not develop symptoms later on. In fact, 15% of all patients who have experienced a mild traumatic brain injury. Have symptoms that show up after a week. And can persist for longer than a year.
People should realize that they might have a concussion even if they have not been hit in the head. Any injury that they experience that can cause a brain to move around inside the head. Can actually cause a concussion to the patient.
And while concussions do not always show up on brain imaging. This means that if patients have had a scan and it has proven to be normal, does not mean that a patient does not have a concussion.
It is very important that if a patient experiences any visual changes after concussion. From anywhere between immediately following the event. Up to several months later. They should see an eye doctor Edmonton that is trained in neuro- rehabilitation.
Even if their brain scans showed up as normal, the optometrist will be able to check to see if there was any damage done to the patient’s visual system.


Patients who are experiencing visual problems following a concussion can often find it very helpful to modify some of their activities. Such as enlarging the font that they are reading to make it easier to read. And taking more breaks in between reading. And only reading for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time.
Concussion patients should also limit time that they spend on their digital devices. And when they are on their cell phones, tablets or computers. Should decrease the devices brightness as well.
If patients are experiencing severe symptoms. And have not found a lot of relief from a variety of other treatments. They find that seeing an eye doctor Edmonton in conjunction with other therapists can be very helpful.
In fact, because the visual system is used in so many other activities. Receiving visual therapy at the same time as other therapies can actually lead to more success in overall treatment of the concussion. Therefore, a patient should consider a collaborative approach to treating their concussion. And having a visual therapist involved in the entire healing process.
Even if people believe that their symptoms are too severe to do vision therapy. The vision rehabilitation can be modified for their level of ability. Increasing the difficulty, as the patient’s brain starts to heal. And their ability gets better.
Regardless of the nature of a patient’s brain injury. If they are experiencing any visual problems. Or find that their other therapies are not as effective as they were predicted to be. Working with an eye doctor Edmonton can help the overall success of the treatment. And help a patient to get back to normal.