Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

Since not just computer but electronic device use is on the increase says eye doctor Edmonton. So are symptoms of using electronic devices is on the rise as well. And while studies have shown that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes that are associated with computer use.

Recent studies conducted by the Alberta Optometry Association indicates that these numbers are most likely far too low and that the actual numbers are higher. And it is not just computer users that are being affected anymore. Especially with the prevalence of electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

However, people can suffer from computer vision syndrome if they are watching television or playing video games as well. Meaning that computer users are not the only ones who suffer from this. And it is completely likely that people can suffer from computer vision syndrome without ever spending any time on the computer.

The people who are most likely affected are people who are spending upwards of 10 to 12 hours or more every single day on electronic devices. If people need to be on a computer or electronic device for work says eye doctor Edmonton. They are often at this threshold even before taking into account their after work activities.

If people have hobbies such as watching television, playing video games, or even reading on electronic readers. They can easily be over the minimum number of hours at which people start experiencing symptoms.

However people also need to be aware that this threshold is much lower for children. And kids who are spending two or three hours a day on electronic devices can develop computer vision syndrome as well.


And although the easy solution would be to get people to stop using electronic devices outside of work. Or having children banned from using them at all. This is not helpful. Because most schools now require children to have a portion of their curriculum being taught on computers. Making it not possible to keep children from electronic devices completely.

This is why it is incredibly important for everyone to know how often they need to take breaks, and how long those brakes needs to be. Optometrists recommend that adults take a break from the computer usage every twenty minutes for at least twenty seconds.

However, it is not effective if they take a break from their computer and use a tablet or cell phone. Or starts doing something such as writing a list. The rake that they take needs to include focusing their eyes on something far away for the duration of their break.

In children, that break needs to be even longer. And experts recommend that for every twenty minutes of computer work. That children do completely different activity for at least the same amount of time.

Computer vision syndrome is starting to affect most of the population. And eye doctor Edmonton says they see cases on a daily basis. Making prevention just as important as treatment.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

Computer vision syndrome is a name given to a collection of symptoms according to eye doctor Edmonton. That can present in a variety of different ways depending on the person suffering from the syndrome.

They may have some or all of these symptoms. And what makes diagnosis particularly frustrating. Is that not all of the symptoms are things that people automatically associate with vision.

They could have eyestrain, double vision, or dry eyes. But also the symptoms can present as fatigue or headaches. That do not always make people think that they will have computer vision syndrome.

And one of the more troubling symptoms that people can develop our spasms of their accommodative system from close-up work.

What makes computer vision syndrome even worse, is because the use of electronic devices mean that they are also getting a barrage of blue violet light that gets emitted from their computer and electronic devices. That contributes to eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome.

And although the recommendation is to take frequent breaks. Treatment often is necessary. Because it can be very difficult for people to avoid the reason why they have computer vision syndrome in the first place.


Treatment includes getting a prescription lenses that are designed for computer use. To help the I focus better. So that the eyes can have less strain at the end of the day.

These lenses can be made for contact lens wearers as well. So no matter if they wear glasses or contacts, can find a lens that is right for them in minimizing their eyestrain.

Eye doctor Edmonton can also prescribe a variety of lens coatings that can help symptoms as well. From a blue violet light blocking coding. To coatings that can make the glasses antireflective. To minimize lens flashes. Can help take the strain off of people’s eyes. And minimize or eliminate symptoms.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton often recommends lubricating eyedrops. Because not only can computer vision syndrome cause dry eyes. But also, if people already have dry eyes. Or live in a dry climate such as Alberta. That can bring on a wide variety of symptoms as well. Making eyedrops an extremely important tool in minimizing the symptoms.

If people want to know if they have computer vision syndrome. They should make an appointment at their optometrist. And let them know that they are worried about this syndrome.

Even though there is no specific diagnostic test, by giving the patient’s history, and explaining the exposure to computers and other digital devices in a day. Can help the optometrist look for computer vision syndrome symptoms in the eye itself. Such as dry eye, or spasms. That can point conclusively to computer vision syndrome.

By knowing that the symptoms that they are having could potentially be helped. Can empower people to get the right diagnosis. And ultimately the best treatment to ensure that they can stop having problems at work and away from work as well.