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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions Following Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions Following Concussions

People still do not know a lot about concussions, which can end up with people living with symptoms for longer than they should says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially when it comes to the visual system.

In fact, many patients have lots of questions about their concussion. Because they are not sure of why they are having certain symptoms. Or what the cause of those symptoms are.

One of the first questions that eye doctors get from patients have had a concussion. Is what are some causes of a concussion? This is extremely important, because many people assume it is a head injury.

However, it is not necessarily a head injury. And while some concussions can happen after head injury. That only makes up a very small percentage of all concussions.

Anything that causes the head to move so fast, that the brain jostled around in the skull. Where it will hit the inside of the skull. Is considered a concussion.

This is very common in sports, especially if a player gets tackled to the ground, even if they did not hit their head. Or hockey players that receive the body checked into the boards. Even if their head was not hit.

It is very common in vehicle accidents. Such as when a car gets rear-ended. Even if people may not have hit their head in the process. The whiplash that they get, can be enough force to cause a concussion.

The next question that people have for eye doctor Edmonton. When understanding their concussion. Our what are some common visual symptoms of a concussion?


This is extremely important, because while some visual symptoms of a concussion are very obvious. Such as eyestrain, blurred and double vision. Some symptoms are not very obvious.

Such as dry eye, headaches, light sensitivity and balance problems. People often report feeling motion sick, triggered by visual or physical motion that they either see or experience.

What is even more difficult to understand. Is that these symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately following the event. Or two weeks later.

The third question that people often have following a concussion. Is what is Nero optometric rehabilitation? This is a type of vision therapy program, that retrains the brain.

And what it does, is fixes and strengthens brain connections related to vision. Since there are over three hundred connections in the brain that deals with vision in some way.

This visual therapy program. Can fix any of the connections that have been damaged, and strengthen them. So that symptoms can be reduced. Or completely eliminated with ongoing therapy.

Anytime a person has experienced a concussion. It becomes very important for them to see their eye doctor Edmonton is a part of their treatment.

The reason why, is because since there are so many connections in the brain dealing with vision. Chances are quite high that they have damaged at least some of those connections.

So getting a proper assessment, and treatment. Can help ensure that people are minimizing or eliminating the symptoms related to a damaged visual system. Following a concussion.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions Following Concussions

Many people may not realize that they have suffered from a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Which can be very difficult to end up with the right diagnosis.

And especially when they are suffering from symptoms of a damaged visual system. It can be extremely difficult to connect back to their concussion. Especially if that concussion was very mild.

Here are some of the most common questions, that eye doctor receives. When they hear from patients who have had concussions resulting in damaged visual systems.

The first question is, how does vision therapy help concussion symptoms? This is extremely important to note, because while there are three hundred connections in the brain dealing with vision.

And thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision in some way. There are many connections that can be damaged, or completely broken that are causing a wide variety of symptoms.

The visual therapy system helps heal those connections, reconnecting them. And strengthening them in the brain. So that people are not experiencing symptoms, because the cause of those symptoms no longer exists.

The next question that eye doctor Edmonton often gets. Is what is the first step in vision therapy? Ultimately, it is very important that all patients start out with the right diagnosis.

Which comes with the right assessment. During a standard eye exam, eye doctor is often able to see that there are enough problems that are likely attributed to a damaged visual system.


Therefore, even if a patient has not been referred to the optometrist by a doctor following their concussion. Even if they have had a concussion, a routine eye exam can point to enough symptoms to investigate.

This can cause the optometrist to book the patient in for a proper assessment, which can be anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Because it utilizes a wide variety of tests, to determine what is going on with the symptoms.

The assessment looks at the muscles, to see how they are working. Seeing if there is trauma to the tissue. As well as assessing the connections in the brain. Not only will this help come up with the right diagnosis.

But this can also help the eye doctor come up with the right treatment process for the patient. Which can be as a simple as prescription glasses. Or glasses with a coating on the lens, to minimize symptoms.

Or, the optometrist could recommend vision therapy rehabilitation, and how many sessions they think it will take to heal the brain. Whether there visual therapy sessions take a few weeks, or a few months.

The visual therapy is a completely safe and permanent way to heal the damage from the concussion. Therefore, the reason why people can get rid of their symptoms. Is because the damage that causes those symptoms will be healed.

It is very important for patients who have suffered a concussion, to get the right treatment for all of their problems. And since most concussions will end up with some part of the vision system damage.

Concussion patients should ensure that they see their eye doctor Edmonton on a regular basis. To get the right diagnosis to help them heal.