Eye Doctor Edmonton | Children’s Eyes Are Affected by Computers

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Children's Eyes Are Affected by Computers

Many people are not aware the problems that are associated with computer use and their eyes according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while prolonged use of electronic devices including computers. Can significantly impact people’s eyes. More children than ever before are getting diagnosed with computer vision syndrome as well.

This is because children are using electronic devices a lot earlier in their life. Often using their parents cell phone, or tablets from an extremely young age. But as they grow, they start using computers earlier in school. With a lot of work being done on computers even at the early elementary ages.

And while in adults, they will have to spend over twelve hours a day typically in order to develop symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. The amount of time that it takes children to develop symptoms is significantly less.

On average, children only need to spend two or three hours collectively within a day to start seeing symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. This is extremely problematic. Because not only are more children being diagnosed than ever before.

But the incidences of nearsightedness and myopia is also on the rise in children. And the earlier children have problems with their eyesight. Means the more severe problems they will have with their eyesight as adults.

This is why it is extremely important that parents are aware of how damaging electronic device use can be to their children. So that they can minimize their use as much as possible. And know how often their children should be taking breaks from these devices.


The first thing that parents need to consider is what devices are considered electronic, and can cause computer vision syndrome. It is more than just a computer. Whether it is a desktop or laptop. But also includes cell phones, tablets and gaming systems. As well as television. Whether children are watching programs or movies. Or if they are playing video games.

When children are using these digital devices. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends taking breaks every twenty minutes. And while adults simply need to focus on something else 20 feet away for twenty seconds. Children should stop using the electronic device for at least 20 to 30 minutes. In order to reap the benefits of a technology break.

What this break will do, is train children’s eyes to stop focusing on close-up work that is necessary to use a computer or electronic device. So that their eyes can get used to going in between looking at things close-up and looking at things far away. Not only to avoid getting eyestrain and eye fatigue.

But so they can avoid the other symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome including fatigue, headaches and blurred vision as well. It may be very difficult for children to explain what is happening with their vision. Especially when it is not necessarily vision related like fatigue or headaches.

This is also why it is extremely important for parents to have regular checkups with Eye doctor Edmonton in their children. So that they can the on the lookout for problems as well.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Children's Eyes Are Affected by Computers

Many people think the worst thing that can happen with prolonged computer use is eyestrain says eye doctor Edmonton. But this is not true. In fact, there are many other things associated with computer use that can cause more problems than just eyestrain in both adults and children.

The key difference between computers, and other close-up work such as drawing or embroidery. Is the incorporation of blue violet light in electronic devices.

Whether it is a computer, a laptop. Or if it is something like a cell phone, or tablet. All of these electronic devices emit blue violet light. Which is the shortest wavelength out of all of the waves of light.

The shortest wavelength means that it contains the most energy. Which means the more time a child spends looking at these electronic devices, the more likely they are going to be getting fatigued looking at them. Because of all of the energy bouncing back from the device to them.

However, it is more than just fatigue that blue violet light causes. It can also suppress things like melatonin levels. Meaning children often are not able to get a good night’s sleep. Or have problems falling asleep when exposed to a lot of electronic devices. Especially before bed.

And while this can be a big problem says eye doctor Edmonton. If children are not able to get a good night sleep, it can exacerbate the computer vision syndrome. Making the symptoms even worse and more unmanageable.

And while parents cannot always eliminate electronic device use. They should consider eliminating it at least one or two hours before bedtime. So that they have their melatonin levels affected.


And since it may be very difficult for a child to tell an adult what is going on with their vision. Especially if it is resulting in spasms, fatigue or headaches. This is why parents should ensure that they keep their regular appointments with eye doctor Edmonton.

So that they can look for physical symptoms. Such as dry eyes, or accommodative spasms. That could point to computer vision syndrome in the children.

If parents find that their children do have computer vision syndrome. They will be able to engage in the best treatment for their children. So that they can reduce their risk of developing nearsightedness and myopia. That can develop into worse problems as they age.

Children can get corrective lenses that can help them see better when using electronic devices. And glasses that have lens coatings that can block blue violet light. So that when children cannot avoid using electronic devices. Such as when they are at school.

They will be able to use the lenses to help them minimize eyestrain, and other symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

Since the number of children getting diagnosed with this syndrome is on the rise. Parents need to educate themselves, and find out what is the cause. As well as what they can do to protect their children.