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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Vision Be Affected by Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Vision Be Affected by Concussions

Even if people are aware that they have had a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. They may not realize that the visual symptoms that they are experiencing. Our related to that brain trauma they received.


Often, people think that the visual symptoms that they are experiencing. Our caused by getting older, caused by working on computers, or in a dry environment for an extended period of time.

And sometimes, the symptoms are seemingly unrelated to the visual system at all. That have people thinking that the issue is with a different part of their body. And it is actually a problem in the visual system in their brain.

Some common visual symptoms of a concussion can include the following period headaches, eyestrain when doing their work. As well as dry eye, that is caused by people not blinking as often as they should.

Having blurred or double vision, that tends to get better with rest, or worse with using their eyes. Or being unable to focus their eyes on something, or stay focused for any length of time.

People might find that it is difficult to read says eye doctor Edmonton. Because they cannot follow the words on the page, or they cannot follow movement. Like tracking a ball in a sporting event.

Other symptoms that are less obvious that they are caused by damage to the visual system in the brain. Include balance problems, and nausea, that are especially triggered by motion.

As well as having light sensitivity. Either in artificial light. Or even in sunlight. And these less obvious symptoms. Often have people thinking that the problem is with their inner ear, or other parts of their brain.


This is why it is extremely important for all patients who have had a concussion. Get an assessment done by an eye doctor Edmonton. Who will be able to look at the visual system in the patient.

And determine if it is been damaged, and if so how much. So that they can come up with a treatment plan for the patient. There can be a wide variety of treatment options based on what they find.

For some people, the solution is as simple as getting a certain prescription in their glasses. Or getting a tint put on their glasses that can fix balance, or hypersensitivity to light or motion.

However, for more extensive damage. Such as if the connections in the brain relating to the visual system have been damaged significantly. Include a visual rehabilitation program.

That can be described as physiotherapy for a person’s eyes. This uses a variety of techniques. To actually fix the broken connection in the brain. The reason why it minimizes a person’s symptoms.

Is because it actually heals the brain, so that a person does not have symptoms anymore. Because they no longer have that injury in their brain.

While this process can take several months or even longer. It is absolutely permanent, and will last for the rest of a patient’s life. So it is very important that they get prompt treatment.

After a concussion, it is very important that all can question patients see an optometrist. In order to get the treatment they need.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Vision Be Affected by Concussions

Many people who are experiencing visual problems says eye doctor Edmonton. May think that the issue is that they need a new glasses prescription. When the problem is actually that they have suffered a concussion.

More people are walking around with concussion damage. Then who actually realize this. Because people often think that concussions are caused by being hit in their head.

When this is not exactly true. While a lot of concussions are caused by trauma to the head. Such as heading the ball in soccer, being in a car accident that hits their head on the windshield.

Or falling to the ground, and having their head hit the ground. This is not necessary in order to have a concussion. Because what a concussion is, is when the brain hits the inside of the skull.

That can happen when the head is travelling at a certain speed, and suddenly stops. Or quickly changes direction. And the brain, that is suspended in brain fluid. Does not travel at the same speed as the head.

Therefore, people who have been in a car accident and had whiplash. And did not hit their head on anything. Could very well be suffering from a concussion.

As well as anyone who has been injured in a sporting event. Who may not have had their head hit, but it caused their brain to hit the inside of their skull. Can also suffer from a concussion.

This will cause people to have a wide variety of symptoms. That they do not immediately connect with an injury that they have had. Or even think that the symptoms that they have are related to their eyes at all.


However, patients need to know. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain that are related to vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain related to vision.

So any kind of playing damage that they have. Has an extremely high likelihood of affecting part of their visual system. Because of the large part vision plays in so many other brain functions.

In fact, some patients only realize that they have a problem says eye doctor Edmonton. When they are not healing from an injury with their physiotherapist as quickly as they think the patient should.

And that is because there is damage to the visual system. That needs to get fixed. Before they can heal the rest of their body, because of how the visual system affects that system.

These patients, neuro optometric rehabilitation is extremely helpful. Because it retrains the brain. And fixes the broken connections affecting the visual system in a patient’s body.

This is often called physiotherapy for patients eyes. And can be extremely beneficial. At fixing problems that patients are suffering from. Related to brain damage caused by concussion.

If any patients are concerned that they are experiencing visual problems related to a concussion. They should make an up meant with their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get the assessment they need. For diagnosis that can help them heal.