Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Children Get Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Children Get Computer Vision Syndrome

Instances of computer vision syndrome is on the rise says eye doctor Edmonton. And while the number is actually on the rise in adults in the dry climate of Alberta. The Alberta optometry Association has found that the numbers are also on the rise in children. As they spend more time on digital devices themselves.

Children are spending more time on computers while at school, some upwards of 3 to 4 hours each day. And then come home and need to do homework. After homework, a lot of hobbies that children have include spending more time on digital devices. Such as watching television or playing video games.

And while adults typically will need to spend 10 to 12 hours a day on computers in order to develop computer vision syndrome. The amount of time that children need to spend on digital devices to get this diagnosis. Is significantly lower, and can be only 2 to 3 hours per day.

The obvious solution would be to keep children from spending so much time on digital devices. But this is not always practical says eye doctor Edmonton. As children are spending time on digital devices at school.

Therefore, elimination is not possible, however taking breaks can be very effective in minimizing symptoms. The recommendation for children is for every twenty or thirty minutes that they spend on any digital device. That they spend the same amount of time away from doing close-up work.

Ideally, the time that children spend away from their digital device should be spent outside, to minimize the ability for them to look at anything close-up to give their eyes a break.


At home, this can be a lot easier to manage. Because parents can monitor how much time with their children are spending on computers and on TV. And redirects them onto different activities when they have spent 20 to 30 minutes on devices in the home.

At school it can be more difficult to manage. But if children have developed symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Parents can talk to the teacher about what they can do in the classroom to demise prolonged exposure to computer work. And even doing near work, that can exacerbate symptoms.

If people think that their children are suffering from computer vision syndrome. They often are complaining about dry eyes, they might have fatigued. Or even complain that are having a hard time seeing. Especially far away.

If children are using computers or electronic devices for of prolonged period of time. What will happen is when they stop using those devices, their eyes cannot unfocused quickly, causing them to have blurred or double vision. By taking children to eye doctor Edmonton they can get proper diagnosis.

Despite the fact that there is no specific diagnostic test, the optometrists will be able to ask questions about how much time children are spending on digital devices. But also look for physical symptoms when they do the routine eye exam.

When people find out how easy it is for children to get computer vision syndrome. Parents can then start to monitor and minimize exposure. As well as helping their children take the brakes they need in order to minimize their symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Children Get Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a name for a wide variety of symptoms that both children and adults can get according to eye doctor Edmonton.

There are physical symptoms that include having dry eyes, that include itching, burning and stinging. As well as having excessive tearing, and red eyes. Children might complain about this, or can be seen often rubbing their eyes.

Some non-physical symptoms include eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. As well as things like blurry and double vision. This is caused by children who are focusing for prolonged periods of time on digital devices. And when they stop using those digital devices, can find that they have trouble seeing.

In fact, the Alberta optometry Association finds that the number of children being diked note with computer vision syndrome is on the rise. And starting to affect children at a younger and younger age.

Not only is computer vision syndrome caused by prolonged use to computers and electronic devices such as tablets and cell phones. But the blue light that is emitted from computers and electronic devices can also contribute to the symptoms that make up computer vision syndrome.

And one of the most distressing things about computer vision syndrome. Is the younger children are being diagnosed with this condition. And the worst prognosis they are going to have for their vision in the future.


Eye doctor Edmonton says the instances of nearsightedness in myopia is on the rise in children. And children who are diagnosed as having nearsightedness at a young age. Often will have that nearsightedness develop severely into adulthood. Causing them significant problems in being able to see properly.

And while taking breaks is very important. The best suggestion for children is for every 20 to 30 minutes on a digital device. That they do something that has them focusing on objects 20 feet away. Ideally going outside to play.

There is also a wide variety of things that parents can do that can help minimize symptoms in their children. Including having them use computer glasses when they are on electronic devices. Not only help children focus their eyes so that they are less likely to get eyestrain.

But eyeglasses that are designed for computer use. Also have blue violet light blockers on them. That can minimize symptoms as well. But also can help children fall asleep faster at night. Since blue violet light interrupts the sleep cycle.

The more people know about computer vision syndrome, the more that they can help their children avoid the consequences associated with this syndrome. And the more likely that they will be able to avoid eyestrain as children. So that they can have better and improved vision as adults.

If anyone has any concerns that they or their children are suffering from the effects of computer vision syndrome. They should contact eye doctor Edmonton in order to go for a routine exam that can help diagnose and treat this problem.