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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Brain Injuries Can Affect Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Brain Injuries Affect Vision

Many people who have suffered from concussions, may not realize that they can also have a damage their visual system according to eye doctor Edmonton. And the vision problems that they suffer from. Do not always have to show up immediately after the injury.

When people can understand that no matter how severe or mild their concussion is. Can cause damage to their visual system in their brain. This is very important to note. Because if they experience of wide variety of symptoms. Can mean that they need to see an eye doctor Edmonton.

Concussions affect vision, because there are many parts of the brain that deal with vision. And since a concussion is a brain injury. If the injury has affected any of the three hundred neural connections in the brain. Or thirty-two centres in the brain that deal with vision. Can impact a patient’s visual ability in a variety of ways.

For example, patients who are experiencing dizziness or nausea. May not realize that that can indicate a damage visual system. Since the visual system is required for helping people balance and move. If they are experiencing problems with their balance. Can mean that they have damaged parts of their brain that deal with that aspect of their vision.

Other symptoms that people may experience, that may not immediately point two a vision problem. Is if people have hypersensitivity to motion, they find that they are having a hard time balancing when they walk.  and symptoms such as headaches and dry eye can point to damage to their visual system.


This is in addition to all of the other symptoms that they might have according to eye doctor Edmonton. That are very obviously visual problems. Such as dry eye, blurred or double vision, and eyestrain.

Immediately following a concussion. Patients should avoid activities that can put a strain on their visual system. This is called cognitive rest. And they should avoid things like reading, sing their cell phone including texting. And doing things like watching television. As this can continue to put a strain on their visual system.

Whether they are experiencing these visual symptoms immediately following their injury. Or any day following their injury. Up to a week or ten days. Can point to damage to their visual system.

If people are worried that they have damaged parts to their visual system. Going to an eye doctor that has training in neural rehabilitation can help them get a diagnosis. This doctor will check a variety of visual efficiencies including eye tracking, I focus, motion sensitivity as well as balance.

Regardless of the severity or extent of the damage that they may have done to their visual system. Your doctor will be able to find appropriate treatments. Whether that is glasses that have specific lenses in them. That can reduce symptoms. Or if that is going through neuro- optometric rehabilitation. Which is at their pre-programmed that can help them.

Damage to the visual system following a concussion it can persist for years after an injury. Therefore, patients who find that they have any symptoms related to vision or balance following an injury. Should go to an eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Brain Injuries & Vision

Many people may not even realize that a concussion can negatively impact their visual system says eye doctor Edmonton. But ultimately, because a concussion is at brain injury. And the visual systems are located in the brain. This is often a common outcome of a concussion. Regardless of how mild or serious it is.

Even if people are not immediately symptomatic following a concussion. They can have caused damage to their visual system. That needs to be fixed through the appropriate visual therapy.

Symptoms may not show up due to the altered metabolic activity in the brain. And so anyone who has had any type of brain injury needs to be aware of what symptoms they should be watching for. So that they can see the right eye doctor.

Even people who have not necessarily been hit in the head may be suffering a concussion. Because even if they have had a blow to their body, that caused the brain to move around in their skull. Can be suffering from a concussion. Therefore, if someone has had any other type of injury. And then find that they are experiencing visual problems. Should go to an eye doctor Edmonton for a diagnosis.

Some people even believe that a person needs to lose consciousness in order for the brain injury to be considered a concussion. And this simply is not true. While concussion cases where patients do lose consciousness are some of the most severe. Mild concussions can happen, without a blow to the head, or loss of consciousness.

The more people who understand this, the more concussions can get diagnosed. And have the right treatments done for them.


Even if people are not necessarily experiencing a lot of the visual symptoms that are indicate of of a damaged visual system. If they are undergoing therapies such as physiotherapy, seeing a psychologist, or an occupational therapist. And those therapies are not progressing as well as they are supposed to.

People should think about seeing an eye doctor. To do some visual therapies in conjunction with their other therapists. Because treating the visual system of the brain. Can often make all other therapies work well.

Because vision  impacts so many other activities. When the visual system can get treatment. All other forms of treatment can often be far more effective. When patients understand this. Even if they do not suspect they had damage to their visual system. Getting treatment can help them heal better.

In fact, eye doctor Edmonton that have training in neural rehabilitation. Often work very closely with other therapists. To help treat to concussions faster, and more completely.

Understanding that a concussion is a brain injury. And that is the visual system in the brain can be affected by this. Can help ensure patients can get the right treatment, regardless of their symptoms.