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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision Following a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision Following a Concussion

If people have blurred vision immediately following concussion, eye doctor Edmonton says they may just make the assumption. That the problem is that they were rattled by the injury, and that their vision will come back soon.

And while this is something that might happen. They might also have this problem persist for a long time. However, people who do not have immediate symptoms following concussion.

Might think that they do not have any major problems caused by the concussion. Without realizing that it can take up to two weeks. For the symptoms from a concussion to develop.

This delay in symptoms. Can cause a lot of people to not get the proper diagnosis says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially when the symptoms are not immediately obvious that they are concussion symptoms.

This happens quite often when people have damaged visual systems. Because the symptoms that they can have are not obvious that they are related to a concussion. Or even related to the visual system at all.

Some of the more unusual symptoms of a concussion can include dry eyes. Because the visual system that is related to making a person blink their eyes is damaged.

They might blink their eyes less frequently. Which result in dry eyes, that they might attribute to too much computer use. Or simply living in a dry climate such as living in Alberta.

Other unusual symptoms of concussion can include light sensitivity, balance problems, dizziness and nausea. These things can be caused by damage to the visual system says eye doctor Edmonton.

It is also very important for people to understand. That some any other aspects of their bodily functions. Depend on the visual system to function correctly. Such as balancing, standing and hand eye coordination.


And if the visual system is damaged. People might end up with problems in other aspects of their body. And not realize that the problem is a visual system that needs to be healed.

This is why it is very important for people who have been in an accident whether they have had a concussion or not to see their eye doctor.

Because they have many different diagnostic tools of their disposal. That can help determine if a person has suffered from damage to their visual system or not.

Even people who may not have had any accidents in the last several years. May be suffering from damage to the visual system. Because once that brain is damaged.

Not even time will be able to repair the connections that were lost. Making it a current to get diagnosed tools done. And the appropriate vision therapy.

In order to heal their brain properly, and restore the missing connections. If people have not visited their eye doctor Edmonton in the past year. This is a great time to schedule an appointment.

And find out if they have any issues with their visual system. That can be healed. If people only go to their optometrist when they think they need a new eyeglasses prescription. They are missing an important aspect of overall eye health.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision Following a Concussion

People may experience blurred or double vision immediately following concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Or, they may end up with blurred or double vision any time after that, up to two weeks.

The reason why they might have blurred or double vision. Is because the nature of a fashion. Which is a person’s brain hitting the inside of their skull. Which can damage or break connections in their brain.

When those connections are lost or damaged, it can cause a lot of different problems to a person’s visual system. When it is blurred or double vision, the system that helps the brain see images clearly.

Is what has the lost or missing connections. However, it is very important for people to understand. That because so many different parts of a person’s body depends on the visual system to function properly.

They might have a wide variety of symptoms. That point to a damaged visual system. That they may not immediately recognize. Because it is not specifically visual in nature.

Common symptoms of a visual system damaged by concussion. Include eyestrain, blurred or double vision. Trouble focusing or holding focus, or having a difficult time reading or tracking motion or movement.

People might even end up with dry eye. Because the part of their brain that controls how fast they blink is damaged says eye doctor Edmonton. Which will result in a person not blinking as often as they should.

However, many people may not realize that dry eye is a symptom of a concussion. Even though it is immediately obvious that it is a visual problem.


But there are even more unusual symptoms. That are caused by a damaged visual system. That people may not immediately recognize. Such as balance problems. Because vision is used to help balance a person.

Dizziness and nausea, as well as light sensitivity. And ultimately, headaches can be caused by of the damaged visual system. Therefore, people might need to see their eye doctor Edmonton and not even know it.

When they have a damaged visual system. The treatment may be as simple as the cracked prescription glasses. Or tints or coating on their glasses. Such as prisons that can help balance problems.

Or tints, that can help minimize light sensitivity or motion sensitivity. A person might need to wear these glasses in order to manage their symptoms. And that is all the treatments that they require.

But for others, where the damage is much more serious. The glasses that they wear are only going to help address the symptoms. Until they can get vision therapy.

That will help fix the missing and broken connections in their brain. So that they do not have to live with symptoms anymore. Because their brain will be healed. It is very important to note that vision therapy is completely permanent.

So patients do not need to worry about coming back for vision therapy in order to ensure that the effects do not wear off. And unless they get another concussion, their vision rehabilitation will last the rest of their life.