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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Balance Problems After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Balance Problems After a Concussion

While balance problems are normal after a head injury says eye doctor Edmonton. I concussion does not necessarily happen after head trauma. And the symptoms can take up to two weeks to surface.

Many people may have a difficult time understanding the symptoms that they are experiencing two weeks after an incident. Could be related to a concussion. Especially if that injury was very mild.

However, the nature of a concussion. Is that the brain will hit the inside of a person’s skull. Can end up damaging different parts of a person’s brain. And have very different outcomes for each person.

Depending on what part of their brain pit their skull, different parts of a person’s body might be affected. However, eye doctor says often some part of the visual system will be damaged.

And the reason why, is because any different parts of a person’s brain deals with vision. From hand eye coordination, to balancing while standing or sitting. And even walking and running.

In fact, there are over three hundred connections in the brain related to vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that he was vision. Which is why it is very common to have visual symptoms following a concussion.

This is why it is very important for people to know what symptoms to be aware of. Whether they know that they have had a concussion. Or they have just been in a mild injury.

Because even if they have fallen, and did not even hit their head. Their brain could have gotten jostled around in their skull enough. To have caused damage. That have resulted in a variety of symptoms.


Some of the symptoms that eye doctor Edmonton says people should be aware of. Include eyestrain, word or double vision. Having a difficult time focusing.

And while these are very obviously problems with the visual system. There are other, less obvious problems that people need to be aware of.

For example, people can end up with a light sensitivity. Or they can end up being dizzy and nauseous, especially when triggered by motion. When people were not sensitive to motion before.

People can also experience balance problems, that they might not connected to their concussion. But are all part of the visual system that has been damaged.

This is why it is very important for anyone who has been injured or has had a concussion. Needs to see their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get the right diagnosis.

However, it is important that people do not see their optometrist to quickly after a concussion. Since it can take two weeks for the symptoms to surface.

So if people get a complete checkup only a few days after their incident. They might have several things get missed. And then all additional symptoms could be overlooked.

If they do have problems related to damaged visual system. There optometrist will be able to recommend what treatment a patient should undergo. In order to minimize or completely eliminate their symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Balance Problems After a Concussion

Many people might think balance problems immediately following a concussion is caused by the pain says eye doctor Edmonton. But this is not the case, it is because their visual system has been damaged.

And because the visual system is important part of balancing, as well as standing and walking. This is why people end up having balancing problems, or are dizzy and nauseous.

These symptoms might indicate that people should undergo their role optometric rehabilitation. Which is a specific type of vision therapy program. That retrains a patient’s brain.

And fixes the connections that are broken, and are causing the visual symptoms that they are experiencing. There are three hundred connections that could be damaged.

And this ocular therapy identifies which ones are broken, in order to fix them all. Eye doctor says this therapy not only is extremely effective.

But it is completely permanent. So patients do not need to worry about the effects of wearing off ever. Or having to go back for additional treatments as they age. Because this will last their lifetime.

The only thing that eye doctor recommends. Is if a patient has had one concussion. That they take lots of precautions moving forward. To avoid getting another concussion.

Because all future concussions can cause even more damage than the first one. Which can require a patient to undergo the vision therapy process all over again.


Or might require a patient to have even more intense visual therapy. Because the damage to their brain might be more severe.

Patients can also work with their eye doctor Edmonton in conjunction with their physiotherapist. To have a full body approach. At healing all the parts of their brain that have lost or damaged connections.

The ocular therapy might take several weeks or several months. But when used in conjunction with their physiotherapy. They will find that healing takes much less time.

And that their physiotherapy sessions can be far more beneficial than they once were. Because they need to heal all parts of their brain at the same rate according to eye doctor Edmonton.

If people have had a concussion, or maybe they do not realize that they have had a concussion. What had an injury. And are experiencing some symptoms such as dry eye, headaches and eyestrain.

Or are experiencing blurred or double vision at some point in the day. This can point to a damaged visual system. And they can eliminate symptoms completely with the right therapy.

However, if patients have any questions about their concussion or injury. They can always make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton for a standard exam.

And during that standard exam, there optometrist should be able to tell if they are likely suffering from any vision system damage. And if they believe a person is suffering from this kind of brain damage.

They can schedule a longer appointment. In order to have all of the right diagnostic tools used. An appointment that will take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. To determine exactly what patients symptoms are caused by.