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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Headaches After a Concussion Normal

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Headaches After a Concussion Normal

Sometimes, if a concussion is serious enough, people will get symptoms immediately says eye doctor Edmonton. However, the majority of concussions not present this way.

People can develop a wide variety of symptoms. Anywhere between immediately after a concussion, up to two weeks later. This can make it very difficult for people to understand what their symptoms are caused by.

Especially when the symptoms are ambiguous. Such as having a damaged visual system. Because the symptoms are not always obvious, as to what is causing them.

While many people think that headaches that they get following a concussion. Is because their brain has been injured, and needs to heal. But there could be many different causes of the headache.

Including a person getting their visual system damaged, and not even know it. Especially if they are not experiencing any ocular disturbances at the same time.

It is is why it is very important for concussion patients to go see their eye doctor Edmonton. So that they can get a proper diagnosis. They will be able to tell during a standard exam if they should do any further diagnostic tests.

People might find that if they have been in an accident, and are going to a physiotherapist. They are not progressing in their treatment as fast as they should. Or that they are not healing the way there physiotherapist anticipates.

The reason why that might be the case. Is because it can be difficult to heal the rest of the body. If a person’s visual system is also damaged.

The reason why, is because the visual system is used in so many different body functions. Such as balancing to stand up, and walking. So if those of the reasons a person is at their physiotherapist.


Might find that they are not going to be able to fully heal. Until they get their visual system healed as well. However, most physiotherapists will work with optometrists.

To come up with a unified treatment plan. That can help heal all parts of a patient’s brain. So that they can make a full recovery from their concussion.

The therapy that they will undergo with their eye doctor Edmonton. Is called neuro- optometric rehabilitation. Also referred to as physiotherapy for their eyes.

What this therapy does, is it read trains the brain to fix and strengthen connections. That have been lost during a concussion. Not only is this therapy effective. That it is also completely permanent.

Once a person completes their therapy, whether that takes several weeks or several months. People can expect a full recovery, with no need to return for the rest of their life.

However, it is incredibly important to take steps to prevent another concussion. Because once a person suffers one concussion.

All future concussions have a more damaging effect to the brain. Therefore, even if a person is able to fully recover from a brain injury. They need to be very careful about not getting another one.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Headaches After a Concussion Normal

While many people might understand that it is normal to have a headache after concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. They might not know, is that this is a sign of a damaged visual system.

Some people might make the assumption. That only if they have obvious eye problems. Such as double or blurred vision. That they suffered damage to their visual system.

However, the reality of the situation. Is that many different symptoms that point to a damaged visual system. Are less obvious than many people think.

The reason why, is because there are over three hundred connections in the brain dealing with vision. And over thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision in some way.

That means that there are a significant amount of symptoms that might be present that point to a damaged visual system. That appear at least to the patient. That something else is the cause.

An example of this would be a patient having balance issues following a concussion. Which might make them think that they have an inner ear problem.

Or, a person might have dizziness or nausea. Especially in a moving vehicle. Even if they have never been motion sick before. And simply write that off as a symptom of getting older instead.

However, because there are so many different visual system connections throughout the brain. No matter how a person gets a concussion. Whether it is the front of the brain or the back that gets hit.


Or either side of the brain that sustains damage. Chances are very great that the area of the brain has some visual systems that are likely damaged.

This is why all patients who have had a concussion should visit their eye doctor. So that they can get checked out, to verify that they do not have any damage to their visual system.

And if they do, they can find out what they need to do to heal that part of their brain. Because the missed or damaged connections that are the cause of the damage. Will not heal over time.

Therefore, if people have suffered from a concussion five, ten or even twenty years ago. They may still be dealing with the symptoms and not even know it.

Therefore, people should make it routine to visit their eye doctor Edmonton. Because even if they have not had an injury recently. They can always get assessed for visual system damage.

That will allow them to start the right therapy. To fix those damaged or broken connections. To help them heal their brain, and eliminate the symptoms that they have been living with for years.

Whether the symptoms are trouble focusing or reading. Balance issues, light sensitivity, or dizziness and nausea. The symptoms can not only get fixed. But optometric rehabilitation is permanent as well.

Even if people want to know more information about optometric rehabilitation. They should make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to find out what they need to know about their visual system.