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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Dry Eyes A Sign of Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Dry Eyes A Sign of Concussion

Many people may not realize that they have had a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially if they had never had a head injury. Because many people assume that concussions unrelated to being hit in the head.

When in fact, people can suffer concussion without being hit in the head. And these types of injuries make up the vast majority of concussions overall.

How concussion happens, is when a person is in motion, and suddenly stops. And the brain which is suspended in brain fluid is carried forward by the momentum. And the only reason why the brain stops.

Which is because it hits the inside of a person’s skull, causing the damage to the brain. That results in a concussion. Or, it could be if a person suddenly changes directions as well.

This can happen person gets hit in the head or not. So if a person trips and falls on the ground, even if they did not hit their head. They might end up with a mild concussion.

Or, if someone is in a car accident and ends up getting whiplash. If they have not hit their head car accident, the whiplash alone could be the cause of their concussion.

Therefore, people need to understand what the symptoms of a concussion are. So that if they have had an accident. Even if they did not get hit in the head during that accident.

Then they will know when they should see a doctor, because they are dealing with symptoms of a concussion. When it comes to the visual system, people need to know what the symptoms are.

The reason why people need to be aware of the symptoms of a damaged visual system. Is because they are so varied. And not obvious symptoms of a concussion.

Eye doctor Edmonton says people might headaches, eyestrain or blurred and double vision. But also, might end up having dry eye, because their brain is not telling their eyes to blink as often as they need to.

And people might have trouble focusing, or have a problem galaxy. As well as being dizzy, nauseous are sensitive to light. All of these can also point to a damaged visual system.


The reason why people will often end up with a damaged visual system. Is because the visual system affects so many different parts of a person’s brain.

Because vision is used in many different body functions. From communication, hand eye coordination, balance and even walking. Require use of the visual system in some fashion.

Since the visual system is related to so many different body functions. The connections in the brain that relate to the visual system could be located anywhere.

And because a concussion can happen at the front, back or either side of a person’s brain. Chances are very high that some part of the visual system will be affected. No matter how a person was injured. Or how serious the concussion.

This is why it is very important for people to go see their eye doctor Edmonton after any accident. Whether they know they have had a concussion or not. Because during standard examination.

They will be able to see if there are signs of a damaged visual system. And if they do have signs of a damaged visual system. There I doctor Edmonton will be able to bring them in for some more diagnostic tests.

It will be able to help the optometrist understand. What the right course of treatment should be. To fix the damaged parts of the brain. To fix not just the visual systems of the brain.

But to fix all aspects of a person’s brain that is not working. That could be related to visual as well.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Dry Eyes A Sign of Concussion

Even though many symptoms of a concussion might happen immediately after the event says eye doctor Edmonton. This is not always the case. And symptoms can take up to two weeks to develop.

When the symptoms take so long to surface. Many people may not relate to the symptoms that they have back to the injury. Especially if it was not a very traumatic injury in the first place.

Coupled with the fact that many visual systems can get damaged. Resulting in some unusual symptoms. That are not immediately obvious. Can make it very difficult for people to diagnose.

For example, dry eye can be a symptom of a damaged visual system. From someone getting a concussion. Because the part of their brain that is damaged, is the part that tells their eyes to blink.

Therefore, they do not blink as often as they should. And end up with dry eye. Although they might not think that it is a symptom of their concussion.

This is why it is incredibly important that anyone who has had any head injury or concussion. To make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton. Because they will be able to determine if there is likely damage to their visual system.

They have a number of tools at their disposal, to allow them to not just check the all you muscles, and tissue. But to test how well people can see and focus. And what a likely treatment plan should be.


For some patients, a treatment that can be effective is it simply a prescription lens. That can minimize or eliminate the symptoms that they are experiencing.

Often, the lenses need to have a coating on them. Such as prisms, in order to minimize problems with balancing. Or a dark tint, that can minimize hypersensitivity to light or motion.

And for other patients. Those glasses are simply something that they need to wear. As they undergo vision therapy. Before it starts minimizing the symptoms for the patient.

Luckily however, vision therapy is a permanent fix. As it actually restores the brains connections. Which heals the brain itself. And causes the reason why people have symptoms to go away.

While vision therapy can take several weeks or months. Patients who undergo this type of physiotherapy for their eyes. Will find that the effects are long-lasting.

Unless they have another accident, or have another concussion. The effects of their vision therapy will last for the rest of their life.

This is why it is very important that any time someone gets injured. They should see their eye doctor Edmonton. So that they can get the treatment that they need. To eliminate symptoms, and have a healthy life.