Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Computers Bad for Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Computers Bad for Eyes

Many people think that the reason why eye doctor Edmonton says computers are bad for eyesight is because of eyestrain. All of the variety of symptoms that can show up that are caused by prolonged computer use. Are referred to as computer vision syndrome.

But there are actually more reasons than that. This syndrome is more than just eyestrain. But eyestrain is one of the symptoms that people can experience from this syndrome. In addition to eyestrain, people often complain about blurred vision or double vision.

However, people might assume that the blurred vision would be caused by focusing so hard and for so long. That eventually they will start seeing double or they will start seeing blurs. This is not actually the case.

When people start experiencing blurry or double vision when associated with computer vision syndrome. This will be after they are done spending time on a computer or electronic device. And they go onto a different activity. They will find that it is difficult to focus.

The most common example of this period is if people have spent 8 to 10 hours on their computer at work. But then when they go to drive home, they cannot focus on the road.

The reason why this happens says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because people have been focusing their eyes for so long. and that they have not taken enough breaks. That it is hard for their eyes to stop focusing up close. Which makes it hard for them to see things like the road in front of them.


Another symptom that people often get from computer vision syndrome include fatigue, and headaches. As well, the headaches can often come because of your blurred vision that they are getting.

With the most severe cases, eye doctor Edmonton says people can experience spasms in their eyes of the accommodative system.

In some cases, a symptom can be dry eyes. Which include redness, burning, stinging or itchy eyes. And excessive tearing in their eyes. And this is often caused because people tend to blink infrequently when they are on electronic devices which leads to dry eyes.

However, who are in dry climates report increased instances of computer vision syndrome according to the Alberta optometry Association. Therefore, dry eyes can not only be a symptom of computer vision syndrome. But it can also be a cause as well.

When people start experiencing some of these symptoms, if they are not already taking ample breaks from their electronic devices. They should start doing that immediately. For adults, this means for every twenty minutes that they are on their computer. They need to look away for twenty seconds, for something that is more than 20 feet away from them.

If taking breaks does not improve their symptoms. Then people should think about minimizing as much as possible. The time that they are spending on electronic devices. This may be extremely difficult to do at work. But away from work, people can eliminate or minimize how much time they spend on electronic devices at home. To ensure that they can enjoy their vision for years.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Are Computers Bad for Eyes

The instances of computer vision syndrome is on the rise says eye doctor Edmonton. And this is primarily because more people than ever before are using computers and electronic devices.

In fact while it has been reported that 50 to 90% of all computer users suffer from vision syndromes associated with computers and electronic devices. The Alberta optometry Association has conducted studies that suggest that this number is extremely low.

And the same study says that out of all of the people who have been diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. 75% of all patients report having symptoms on the daily basis.

And while this condition typically had only affected adults up until recently. The most patients that are currently being diagnosed with it are in fact children. This is as kids start using more electronic devices than ever before. And start using them younger and younger.

In addition to that, it takes an adult 10 to 12 hours of prolonged computer or electronic use. In order to start developing symptoms. But children on the other hand only needs to have 2 to 3 hours of total computer use in a single day. In order to start developing symptoms.

This is why it is incredibly important for children as well as adults to take breaks from their computers and electronic devices at least every twenty minutes. And while adults can take a twenty second break.


Eye doctor Edmonton recommends children taking a twenty minute break. And getting onto a completely different activity before going back to computers if they need to.

If people are still suffering from symptoms of computer vision syndrome. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to find what prescriptions can be used to minimize their symptoms.

Whether people have contact lenses, glasses or they do not use anything at all. They can get a prescription for lenses that can help. For contact lens wearers. This means getting a contact lens that has a field of vision designed for focusing on computer work.

For people who already wear glasses. It means getting them progressives. That can help a their eyes while on a computer or electronic device.

And for people who have not ever worn glasses before. They can get a prescription for computer glasses. Which are extremely similar to reading glasses in function. But are designed specifically for computer use. That can help minimize eyestrain.

All of these glasses can come with a variety of lens coatings. That can help minimize eyestrain and I fatigue. Such as a lens coating that can minimize reflection.

When people are at an electronic device all day long, the light bouncing off of their lenses can cause additional eyestrain and fatigue. This lens coating stops it from happening.

They can also get a lens coating that can block blue violet light. They can also minimize fatigue and eyestrain. While also ensuring that people do not have their sleep cycles interrupted. Meaning that they will also be able to get a good night sleep. Which will help them focus on the task at hand in the next day.