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Cross Eye Treatment | What Is Vision Syndrome?

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is Vision Syndrome?

Many parents may equate vision syndrome, to needing a cross eye treatment. Or getting their child patched for lazy eyes. However, vision syndrome refers to problems with a the ocular motor function.

And when people have in ocular motor dysfunction or a vision syndrome. It will manifest in several different ways. And often, children who have a vision syndrome. Often struggle in school.

And unlike a cross eye treatment. This is an ocular motor dysfunction that is very easy to see visually. That the child needs help. But most ocular motor dysfunctions are not this obvious.

In fact, it is extremely undiagnosed. With 25% of children who have a vision syndrome not knowing they have a problem. And yet are struggling in school unnecessarily.

In ocular motor dysfunction is when people have a hard time using the muscles in their eyes. To focus, track objects. And process visual information.

Therefore, children in school often have an extremely hard time reading for a number of different reasons. Whether they have difficulty with their cicada comply motion. Their pursuit eye movement.

Or if they have trouble focusing on a solid target. Or if that target starts to move. They not only have trouble with reading. But they also have trouble with sports. And may seem uncoordinated, or disinterested.

When it simply is a matter of having a hard time understanding the visual information. Because their eyes are not working the way other children’s eyes are working.

Therefore, when parents or teachers notice that the child is struggling in reading, comprehension. Or with their hand eye coordination, and in sports.


This is a good indication that they should get their child to a visual therapist. Or take them to an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as it vision by design.

In fact, when parents take their children to vision by design, they ensure that all children get a basic test for ocular motor dysfunctions. Because if they appear to have difficulty.

They will let the parents know that they want them to bring the child in for a longer, and more comprehensive test. And during this visual efficiency exam.

The visual therapist is going to be able to look at things like the child’s I teaming ability, as well as their focusing ability. And evaluate their ocular motor skills.

Once this comprehensive exam is done. Not only will they have a diagnosis on which ocular motor dysfunctions a child has. Because typically if they have one, they have at least another one.

Which means even if a parent knows they need to get their child a cross eye treatment. They might have other vision syndromes that need to be treated as well.

And the visual therapist will come up with a customized treatment plan. For a vision therapy program that they can do right in their very office. Help children learn how to control their eyes better.

After only a few sessions, parents and teachers will notice a dramatic Change in their child. Including increased reading speed and comprehension. And being more confident in theirs ruling.

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is Vision Syndrome?

Some parents think that vision syndrome simply means a child has lazy eye or cross eye, that needs a cross eye treatment. However it is much more complicated than that.

And even if they did correctly realize that their child needed a cross eye treatment. They might have other ocular motor dysfunctions that need additional help.

Often, children struggle in school when they have an ocular motor dysfunction. Because their eyes may not be working as a team. Such as when they have a lazy eye, or need a cross eye treatment.

And by helping the eyes work together, not only can they get rid of their lazy eye or cross eye. They could also learn how to read, focus and process visual information more successfully.

And while many parents are familiar with lazy eye or cross eye. There are other ocular motor dysfunctions that they should be aware of. A common one that comes up when children have a hard time reading.

Is called a saccades, or a saccadic eye motion. And this refers to the ability to move from looking at one object to another. Since reading is a series of looking at several objects very quickly.

In order to read and understand a sentence, paragraph or a book. If a child has difficulty with their saccadic eye motion. It will results in them reading words that are scattered throughout the page.

Instead of in the line that they should be. Because they have a hard time aching their eyes go where they know the eyes should be going. This is one treatment that they can get with the visual therapist.


However, children might also have a pursuit eye movement problem. And while that is commonly discovered when they are playing sports. Because they cannot follow the motion of a ball.

Or follow the motion of other players. Because they cannot focus on a moving object. It also impacts their ability to read. As they need to follow the line of text. And then moved to the next line of text and read it completely and accurately as well.

They may end up reading the same line multiple times. Or read to the line above where they are leaving off. Instead of line below them.

Therefore, when children have a number of ocular motor dysfunctions. If teachers or parents suspect that they have an issue. They can simply and privately ask the child to read a passage out loud.

And based on the trouble that the child has, and what words they read next. It will indicate that they have a likely ocular motor dysfunction. That they should get an assessment by professional done.

The vision therapist has many different tests that they utilize. In order to understand exactly what is going on with the patients eyes, and their ocular motor function.

And after a complete and comprehensive examination by a vision therapist. They will be able to make the right diagnosis. That can help the child get the treatment they need to overcome their challenges.