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Cross Eye Treatment | What Are Vision Syndromes

Cross Eye Treatment | What Are Vision Syndromes

Parents often know when to get their child a cross eye treatment. Because this vision syndrome is easy to see. However, not all vision syndromes are this obvious.

With the one in four Canadian children having a vision syndrome, however going undiagnosed. Because it is not as obvious as many people think.

And when people have a vision syndrome. They have a difficult time processing the visual information that they come across. And since we live in such a visually the world is such a visually oriented place.

It can be very difficult for children to be successful in the world. Especially when it comes to reading, studying, and even navigating the world without being able to use their eyes effectively.

In fact, a visual syndrome can often include when people’s eyes do not work as a team together. Whether they have across I, which requires cross eye treatment.

Or they have a lazy eye, or some other ocular motor dysfunction. Not being able to focus on an object. Can make doing many things difficult. Including reading, or playing sports.

How several different ocular motor dysfunctions can present themselves. Is being unable to move from one object that they are looking at, to another object successfully.

This is called saccades or saccadic eye movement. And this often presents in children, who are having a hard time reading. And when their teacher or their parent asks them to read a passage out loud.

Because they have a hard time moving from one word to the next word, they will struggle with reading a passage successfully. Often reading various words on the page, instead of reading the next word in line.


Therefore, when parents or teachers see this, that can be a good indication to get them to a visual therapist for an assessment. However, this is just one of many different ocular motor dysfunctions.

A patient may also have a difficult time with what is called a pursuit eye movement. Which means they have a hard time keeping their eyes steady on a moving target.

This is extremely easy to think of in terms of playing sports. How children who have a difficult time with pursuit eye movement. May not be able to follow up ball that is in play.

Such as seeing where a soccer ball is, and what the child should be doing in response to that. Including if the soccer ball is coming straight towards them. They may not know that they should get ready to kick it.

However, a pursuit eye movement is also used in reading. When children are reading a line of text. And they get to the end of the line, and they need to move to the next line down and over to the other side of the page.

When this is difficult, and they have a hard time with their pursuit eye movement. They might read the same text over multiple times. Or read the line of text above the one that they were just on.

And these are some great indications that parents or teachers should look into not just a cross eye treatment. But the right assessment and treatment of a variety of ocular motor dysfunctions.

Cross Eye Treatment | What Are Vision Syndromes?

Vision syndrome is a phrase used to describe when people have a hard time using their eyes, and might require cross eye treatment, lazy eye treatment or other visual therapy programs.

However, getting that diagnosed is the difficult part. Especially if parents are not regularly taking their child to an optometrist for a regular examination.

Some people make the assumption that they only need to go to an optometrist. If they have a hard time seeing. However, children may have a hard time indicating that they are struggling.

Because how they see things, is there reality. And just because they can see clearly. Does not mean they do not suffer from vision syndrome. That needs the right treatment.

And while many parents can see very easily, if their child needs a cross eye treatment. Most ocular motor dysfunctions are actually impossible to tell. Just by looking at a person.

Which is why they are extremely often under diagnosed. Which is why a regular I examination is so important. In fact, it is recommended that parents take their child to vision by design.

Because during their regular routine eye exams for children. They will ensure that they do some preliminary checks to see if it is likely that the child has any ocular motor issues.

If their initial assessment indicates. That they may have trouble with their ocular motor, or that they may have a vision syndrome. The visual therapist will ask the parent to bring the child back.


At another appointments, when they have more time. The visual therapist will be able to conduct more comprehensive tests. In order to test their ocular motor.

Doing this visual efficiency examination. The vision therapist will test for things like I teaming ability, and focusing ability. To see if they are struggling to focus or follow objects.

But also, conduct an in-depth assessment of the patient’s ocular motor skills. To see if there is a problem with the muscles, that are leading to the problems that they are having.

Once they have finished the examination. Not only will they have enough information to make a diagnosis. But they will also be able to discuss treatment options with parents.

Luckily, and vision by design, the vision therapy program happens on site. And uses a computer program. To help train children how to use their eyes effectively.

And when they start going through vision therapy. The children will start to see results right away. And parents as well as teachers will notice dramatic changes in the child.

Including increased reading speed, increased reading comprehension. And that children no longer put off doing homework. And read for fun. As well as seem more coordinated, and enjoy playing sports more.

With how important vision is to success in this world. Whether parents get their child in for a cross eye treatment. Or a different vision therapy program. This can help the child see and be a success.