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Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndromes and Treatments

Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndromes and Treatments

It is very important for parents to understand that ocular motor dysfunction whether they need to send their child for a cross eye treatment. Or something else, can have a huge impact on their child’s life.

People need their eyes to focus, as well as work as a team. In order to look at objects, process visual information. Read and understand, as well as play sports.

Therefore, if they have an ocular motor dysfunction, or vision syndrome. They may be struggling in school, and not really know why. Therefore, parents and teachers need to be very aware of what to look for.

Often, children will not like reading. Because they have a hard time focusing on words. Or moving their eyes from one word to the next. Which can impact not just their enjoyment with reading.

But it can also impact their ability to read and understand other subjects. Such as what they are learning in school. No matter what the subject is.

They can have a difficult time called a saccadic eye movement. Which means reading from one word to the next in a line. Can be very difficult for a child to do.

And if they do read a passage. They may lack an understanding of what is saying. Because they have a hard time reading each word. And when they are learning another subject, this can be very difficult.

In fact, a saccadic eye movement is needed in order to copy notes from a whiteboard in school. They have to look at the whiteboard, read what it says.

Then move their eyes to their own paper, and write down what was written on the whiteboard. This can be almost impossible if a child has difficulty with their saccadic eye movement.

In fact, vision syndromes and ocular motor dysfunctions are there he undiagnosed. And while parents might know that their child needs a cross eye treatment. Because of how their child looks.


Most ocular motor dysfunctions or vision syndromes. Are less obvious. And that is why they go undiagnosed. And even when a child struggles in school.

They might have people thinking that they are lazy, they are not studying hard enough. When the fact is. That the child is having a hard time adding their eyes to work together.

And have a hard time focusing, reading. And processing of visual information. Therefore, it is very important that teachers and parents are very aware of how these visual syndromes appear.

And in addition to having a difficult time with saccadic eye movement. Children might have a hard time called a pursuit eye movement. Which is following a line, or a moving object.

It is often discovered when a child is struggling playing sports. But a pursuit eye movement is also used in reading. In order to follow from one line to the next.

And finally, children can also struggle with focusing on a target whether it is moving or stationary. Which can play a huge role in having a hard time processing visual information.

The sooner parents can discover if their child needs a cross eye treatment or another visual therapy. The sooner that child will get the help they need, to learn how to use their eyes effectively.

Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndromes and Treatments

While some vision syndromes are easy to spot, and get help for such as cross eye treatment. Most ocular motor dysfunctions are not that obvious.

Which is why it is extremely important that parents are bringing their children regularly for a routine eye exam at vision by design. Not only is this a great optometrists clinic.

Where people can get their eyes checked to see if they need corrective lenses. And place were they can choose the right eyeglasses for their face.

But also, it is a great place to get there ocular motor dysfunctions diagnosed. The reason why, is because vision by design has visual therapists on staff. And for every regular eye exam they have with the child.

They will check a number of ocular motor issues. To see if the child is showing any signs of the vision syndrome. And if they do, they can recommend a more comprehensive examination with the child.

This more comprehensive exam. Will take longer, because they will test using a number of modalities for a number of different visual efficiencies. That will help them understand what is going on with their vision system.

They will be able to check things like I teaming ability, ability to focus on stationary objects as well as doing objects. And look in depth at the patients ocular motor skills.

At the end of this examination. They will be able to make a diagnosis of what is going on with the child. And make a recommendation on what the best treatments they should go for will be.

The vision therapy program that they will be using. Will be customize for each child. And their specific vision syndrome. As well as how severe their problem is.


That will help train them how to use their eyes effectively. Including how to use their eyes as a team. Focusing, and tracking. Through a course of computer games, that they control with their eyes.

Whether they need a cross eye treatment, or something for their other ocular motor dysfunctions. Such as saccadic eye motion, pursuit eye movement or something else.

They are going to be able to get the customized treatment they need. To help their eyes heal effectively. Parents are often anxious to know how quickly they will see results from their child going through the vision therapy program.

And they will be very relieved to know. That they will see dramatic changes relatively quickly. Including their child enjoying reading, and having an increased interest in sports.

Because they will be able to read more effectively. As well as follow the ball, and gameplay during sports. And as the child progresses and improves. Not only will they gain confidence.

But doing better in school will also help them feel great about themselves. So parents should look for positive changes in their child. As they go through the vision therapy program whether they need cross eye treatments or other therapy.