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Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Treatments

Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Treatments

When parents are seeking a cross eye treatment for their child. Or they suspect their child has another ocular motor dysfunction. Getting the right diagnosis is the first step to the right treatment.

In order for children to be able to successfully navigate the world. They need to ensure that their eyes are working together, as a team. In order to do things like focus, process visual information.

As well as do things like track moving objects, move their eyes from one object to the other. So that they can read, learn and play as well. And if they are struggling with these things, parents should find answers.

Chances are that if their child is struggling in these areas. They have ocular motor dysfunction. And whether they need a cross eye treatment or something else. Depends on getting diagnosed.

And while it can be very overwhelming for parents to try and find a visual therapist. In order to take their child to. If they suspect their child has an ocular motor dysfunction, or vision syndrome.

This is why it is very beneficial for parents to take their children to vision by design. Because not only is this an optometrist clinic. That does eye testing, and help people pick out the right eyeglass frames.

They also have visual therapists on staff. And do testing for ocular motor dysfunctions. As well as do the treatment for these dysfunctions on site as well.

The treatment is through using a customized program. Based on each child’s individual needs and struggles that they are having. That trains them how to use their eyes together.


And how to control where their eyes are pointing. So that they can start to focus, first on stationary objects. And then learning how to follow objects, and move from looking at one object to another.

The use a variety of computer programs. That the child plays games, he using their eyes. That can help them gain this control. And progress where they might be struggling before.

The best part about this type of training, is that they do not have to use corrective lenses, or eye patches for their cross eye treatment. Because the program that visual therapists use, does not need these devices.

In fact, it is very important for parents to understand that many children are undiagnosed with ocular motor dysfunction. And that if they have one ocular motor dysfunction. Chances are they have another one as well.

The problems that are most common include saccadic eye movement trouble. Which means children will have difficulty looking from one object to the other. Such as going from one word to another when they read.

They also can have trouble with their pursuit eye movement. Which means their eyes need to be able to stay steady, on a moving target. Or they need to be able to follow a stationary line a certain distance.

Therefore, understanding the most common ocular motor dysfunctions. Can help parents identify when they should get their child to a visual therapist for treatment.

Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Treatments

While many parents may not recognize if their child as an ocular motor this function, they may see that their child needs a cross eye treatment. However, if this is something that their child struggles with.

They should bring their child in for a full assessment to be done by a visual therapist. Because when a child has one ocular motor dysfunction. They typically will have another one that goes undiagnosed.

In fact, according to a recent study. 25% of all children in Canada have an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That requires help beyond needing corrective lenses, or glasses to fix.

Therefore, the right diagnosis can make all of the difference. Even if a parent already knows that their child needs a cross eye treatment. That way, they can get the diagnosis that can help them get complete treatment.

By making a routine eye exam appointment at vision by design. Parents will get the assurance that they will do some routine tests, or several common ocular dysfunctions.

If the child seems to have difficulty with these routine exams. Then the vision therapist will make the recommendation to the parents. To bring them back to a different appointment.

So that they can use them further and more comprehensive tests. In a visual efficiency exam. They will be able to look for other ocular dysfunctions, including an assessment of their ocular motor skills.

That will help the visual therapist formulate the right diagnosis. And come up with treatment options for the parents. If the child does need visual therapy.

Parents can be assured that they do not have to go anywhere else for treatment. And they can instead come back to vision by design, for regular appointments with the visual therapist.


And where parents might have a child that is struggling in school. Once to avoid school, and hates doing their homework. As well as knowing that there child’s grades are suffering.

With only a few vision therapy sessions complete. Parents should already see some changes in their child. Including a renewed interest in school, and completing homework in a more timely fashion.

As well as increased reading speed and reading comprehension. And renewed interest in playing sports. All this is because they are learning how to use their eyes more effectively.

So that they can read, study and learn. As well as play sports easier. So they have a lot more enjoyment in doing them. And soon, parents will see that there child’s grades will start to increase.

Because so much of the world is visual. Children need both of their eyes to function properly in order to process visual information. And whether they need a cross eye treatment, or something else.

Getting the right diagnosis from a visual therapist. Can be a first step in getting the help they need. To be able to use their eyes, and be able to navigate the visual world around them.