Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Will Cross Eyes Correct Themselves

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Will Cross Eyes Correct Themselves

Often, it is the parent or teacher that notice that a child might need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their eyes are not aligned. That is, they are not pointed in they same direction.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

This can happen all of the time, or only when the child is doing certain visual activities. Such as focusing close up, focusing far away. Or when they are doing visually demanding tasks.

Such as reading, or working on their fine motor skills. One thing that many parents make the assumption of. Is that if they leave their child, there cross eyes will eventually correct all on their own.

This is not true. And in fact, if it is left for any length of time. What will happen, is that the brain will eventually turn off the image. To the deviating eye. In order to no longer be confused.

About the conflicting information is receiving. The reason why the brain is receiving confusing information. Is because when the eyes are not aligned, they are not looking at the same point of an image.

Which means different things are projected on different parts of the retina. And the result to the patient, is double vision. Therefore, when the brain is confused for long enough about this conflicting information.

It turns off the image to that eye. The result, is that the child is no longer seeing double. But that is not because the problem is solved. In fact, the child will lose certain visual abilities because of it.


Such as losing their depth perception, and losing the ability to track moving objects. As one example of the problems that will happen. When a child does not get the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they need.

Therefore, finding a vision therapist timely. Is extremely important. And while all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which makes finding one difficult at times.

In the Edmonton area, people can simply call vision by design. Not only is it a full-service optometrist clinic on the West End. But they also have several vision therapists on staff.

That can test, and treats strabismus in patients. Using a variety of methods, from prescription glasses. To vision therapy and ultimately, surgery if the first two methods are not effective at resolving the symptoms completely.

If patients are not in the Edmonton area. All people have to do, is go to the Canadian optometry website. And there will be a list of vision therapists that they can see. Organized by province.

When parents, or teachers notice that the child’s eyes are not aligned. It is important that they find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for the child quickly. So that they can help them see clearly.

Stop struggling, and avoid the risk. That they might lose vision to one I, because the brain is trying to keep things less confusing for them. Doing this, can help the child see clearly, sooner.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Will Cross Eyes Correct Themselves

Often, parents might notice that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their eyes are not aligned. But wait, thinking that their child might outgrow these symptoms when they get older.

And some people might have already tried this method. And noticed that their child no longer complained of seeing double. But that is not because they outgrew the condition of strabismus.

Which is the clinical name for cross eyes. It is simply because over time, in order to stop being confused. But the conflicting visual information it is receiving from the eyes. The brain turns off image to the deviating eye.

This is a problem for many reasons. Including the fact that they will lose vision to that eye permanently. But also, because of that. They will lose different visual skills. Including tracking moving objects.

And losing depth perception, which will cause a problem for them if they are playing sports. Navigating through their visual environment. Even driving, can become a challenge. Because of that loss.

Therefore, getting the right treatment quickly. Is very important. The first step, to getting the right treatment is undergoing a very thorough examination. Unlike a standard visual exam.

A vision therapist is going to need approximately 60 to 90 minutes. In order to do all of the tests and exercises. That will help them find out exactly what is going on with the patient’s eyes.


As well as figure out what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help them get full symptom resolution. The easiest treatment that patients might end up with.

Includes getting prescription lenses. That often have a coating on them, such as a tint or prisms. That can resolve the symptoms. Because they help the eyes align simply by wearing the glasses.

However, the most common cross eye treatment in Edmonton for strabismus. Is vision therapy. Vision therapy consists of a therapist, guiding the child through specific vision exercises.

Designed to help the patient learn how to align their eyes. And use them together. The first type of exercises that they will be doing. Includes peripheral awareness activities and body awareness exercises.

Often, if a patient has strabismus. They have never seen clearly. Which means they often have a very difficult time. Understanding where their body is, in relation to the world. And have often appeared clumsy because of it.

So once they learn where their body is. They can understand directions, such as look straightforward. Because they will start to understand how to align themselves in the world. When patients undergo vision therapy.

They should be prepared for forty minute sessions, once a week. And for sessions to last anywhere between 6 to 12 months. In order to completely resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

When patients are ready to get started, all they have to do is pick up the phone and call vision by design in Edmonton. They will be able to get into one of the available timeslots with a vision therapist. And find out how they can help their child see clearly moving forward.