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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Children Have Crossed Eyes

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Children Have Crossed Eyes

Often, people who see children with cross eyes think it is just a cosmetic problem, but it requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Not only to fix how they look. But more importantly, to fix how they see the world around them.

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Cross eyes is also called strabismus. And is a condition where both eyes are not aligned to each other. Which means when they look at a single object, or word. Their eyes are focused on different parts of the surrounding area.

Therefore, the images that are being sent to the retina. Are not corresponding to each other. And the brain is not sure how to interpret that. And the end result, is a person seeing double vision.

There are many different types of the strabismus. Some, because children only to see double vision when they are viewing things far away, at a distance. While another type of strabismus affects children.

When they are doing close up, or near work. Such as reading, writing. Or other activities, such as colouring, cutting and pasting for example. However, other forms of strabismus.

Because the child to see everything double, both close up and far away. And that can be very frustrating, for many different reasons. However, when they have strabismus that is constant.

Parents can visually see that the child is having problems. Because their eyes will not be aligned properly. And while this means they might be able to get them to a vision therapist for an assessment.

So they can find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Those that have strabismus only intermittently. They have more problems getting an assessment, and therefore a diagnosis that can help them.


In fact, since most of the learning that takes place in a classroom is visually based. Those that have intermittent strabismus may struggle significantly. Whether it is trying to see the teacher the front of the room.

Or read the information being written on a board on the wall. Or whether they are struggling to see things close up, and it affects their reading and writing. Teachers often noticed the struggle.

But attributed to potentially being ADD or ADHD. Because children who have strabismus. Often are not paying attention, because of the eye irritation and brain fatigue that they are experiencing.

Therefore, it is very important that if parents have been told. That a teacher suspects that they might have ADD or ADHD. They should also get a visual assessment done. In order to rule out that as a potential problem.

They can call an optometrist clinic that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design in Edmonton. And explain that they would like a vision exam, to rule out ADD or ADHD.

The assessment will likely take one or one and half hours. But after the assessment is over. The vision therapist is going to be able to have a clear understanding if the child does have a vision problem. And if they need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To help them succeed in a classroom.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Some Children Have Crossed Eyes

It can be very frustrating for children who have strabismus, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, they are not going to say that they have a problem. Because what they are experiencing has been there version of normal their entire life.

However, when they have a strabismus. They will be seeing double vision, either on a full-time basis. Or they will be seeing double vision only sometimes, either when they are doing things up close or far away.

This is because there are many different types of strabismus. Each with its own cause. And therefore, requiring its own cross eye treatment in Edmonton in order to fix.

Whether someone has a deviating eye that points inwards, or outwards. Or, there deviating eye could point upwards or downwards. And in some extreme cases, the eye is actually rotated.

Different cross eye treatment that patients can utilize. Could be prescription lenses. That will train the patients eyes how to align, and focus. Or, lenses that have prisms in them.

However, one of the most common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Would be vision therapy, which is led by an accredited vision therapist. During these sessions, they will take the patient through a number of exercises.

And these exercises, will be designed to help the child learn how to focus their eyes. How to see things in their periphery, and even understand where their body is in space. Especially because children who had strabismus over life.


They have a hard time understanding exactly where their body is. Because they see double all of the time. They have no idea how much room their body takes up. Or how to tell spatially where things are.

Vision therapy will take approximately half an hour once every week. However, in order for this to be as effective as it should be. Parents and the children must be prepared to do homework on a regular basis.

This homework requires going through their own exercises at home. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes, five days a week. If they do not do this homework. The vision therapy is still going to be effective.

It will just require more sessions. And since a patient has already likely been told that it will take. 36 to 48 weeks long. Lengthening that, is often something that most want to avoid.

And in some extreme cases, the cross I treatment in Edmonton will need to be surgery. In order to get that I back into alignment. And if this is the case.

Going through vision therapy first. Is going to help the child strengthen their eye muscles. So that surgery is going to be more effective. And they will heal from it much more quickly.

When children have a strabismus, they may be struggling without people knowing. But getting the right assessment can be extremely beneficial to help children succeed.