Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What To Do If You Suspect Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What To Do If You Suspect Strabismus

Often, parents can tell very easily that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they can see, that their child’s eyes are not aligned properly. They may also notice that their child is having difficulty.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Either navigating through the world, appearing clumsy. Or having difficulty, in school. Or completing other visual tasks. They may avoid reading, or avoid sports.

And this is all due to the problems, associated with strabismus. What strabismus is, is the clinical name of cross eyes. And what is going on with the person with this condition.

Is that their eyes are not aligned with each other. Therefore, when they look at an object, or a piece of text that they are reading for example. They are not looking at the same point with both eyes on the object.

The result, is that the image lands differently on each retina. Giving the brain conflicting and confusing information. About what they are looking at. The result is often double vision.

And the brain will only live in this state of confusion for so long. Before it eventually turns off vision to the deviating eye. So that it no longer is receiving this confusing information.

The problem with that, is that while the child is no longer seeing double vision. They also have lost vision in that eye. Along with other visual skills that they need. Such as depth perception, eye tracking and focusing.


Some parents might think that the problem corrects itself. Because eventually, the child stops complaining of double vision. But when they let this issue go so far without finding a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The issue will be that much more difficult. If not impossible to fix. Therefore, if parents suspect. Or their child’s teacher suspects. That they have cross eyes, also known as strabismus.

Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly. Is of paramount importance. However, parents are not able. To simply take their child to their family optometrist. And ask for a vision exam.

Because while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have the education. To become vision therapists. Therefore, they will need to find a certified vision therapist in their area.

They can go to the Canadian optometrists website. In order to find one in their province. However, people in Edmonton are extremely lucky. Because all they have to do, is call vision by design.

Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also diagnose strabismus. And offer many different treatment. Therefore, no matter what kind of strabismus the child has.

Or what level of severity, there are many different options. From prescription lenses, to vision therapy. And even surgery, in difficult cases. Parents will know that they have someone on their side.

Who will help their child overcome their difficulties. So that they no longer struggle, to learn in school. And to navigate the world that they live in.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What To Do If You Suspect Strabismus

When a child has strabismus, it is imperative that parents find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is a vision syndrome, that is not going to go away as the child ages.

There are many different types of strabismus. Each with its own causes, and subsequent cross eye treatment. For some patients, they only have difficulty, when they are focusing on something far away.

Or they are only having a hard time. Focusing on things close up. Or only during difficult tasks. Such as reading, or eye tracking. Other patients simply see double all of the time.

And not only does this make things difficult in a classroom setting. Making it very difficult for patients to learn. But also, when a person is suffering from strabismus on a consistent basis.

They typically will appear very clumsy. And have a hard time understanding where their body is, in their environment. Because they never know where objects are because of the double vision.

The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. Will depend greatly on what type they have. But also, because their eyes might not be aligned in quite the same way as other patients.

For example, they might have eyes that turn inwards, or outwards. Turned up or down. And in some severe cases, and eye can even be rotated. Making it even more difficult to see, and treat.


Ultimately, getting a thorough assessment done by a vision therapist. Is the only way that people are going to be able to find out what kind of strabismus a patient has.

And consequently, what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton should be. While there are options such as prescription lenses. And surgery, the most common treatment is vision therapy.

This is where the vision therapist will lead the patient through visual exercises. Such as peripheral awareness. And body awareness to start, to start teaching their eyes how to align.

And start training their brain, how to process the visual information. From both retinas at the same time. Parents should prepare for this cross eye treatment to last approximately 36 to 48 sessions.

Or six months, to a year. For full symptom resolution. While it is not a quick fix, it is one of the most effective fixes. That not just improves binocular the, but also improve appearance as well.

The best thing about this cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is that the vision therapist will be able to increase the difficulty level. As the patient Masters each task. So that no matter how quickly or slowly they are going through the treatment.

They will be able to have the right amount of difficulty for what they can do at the time. As well, there will be many different home exercises for patients to work on. In order to ensure the time with their vision therapist.

Is as beneficial as possible. Additionally, patients should expect for 15 to 30 minutes. Of homework of self guided exercises five days a week. To ensure that they get the most out of their vision therapy.