Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Strabismus Affects

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Strabismus Affects

Children who have been diagnosed with strabismus will require a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. The worst thing that a parent can do, is delay this treatment.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Cross eye syndrome, or strabismus as it is known medically. Is a condition where the eyes are not aligned. And people with this condition, end up looking at two different points.

This affects their vision significantly. Because it sends conflicting information. To the brain, about what they are looking at. For example, if a child is trying to focus on a word. They will look at one part of the word.

With one eye, and another part of the word. Or even perhaps a different word altogether. With their second. Which means they often see a blurred image. Or, they can see double vision.

It is very difficult for a child. With strabismus, to read, but also. To navigate through their world. Often appearing clumsy. As they are unable to move out of the way. Of chairs, and tables.

They will tend to avoid reading. And avoid playing on the playground, or sports. Because of the difficulties that they have. Children who have strabismus, can look outwardly, like they have crossed eyes.

With one eye turning in or out. One eye turned up or down. Or an eye that is completely rotated. However, parents should keep in mind. That this is not always the case. Some patients are not obviously cross eyed.


To look at them, while some people, are only cross eyed. When they are looking at objects either up close. Or instead, looking at objects far away. There are several different types of the strabismus. And each have its own cause.

The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That will work for each individual patient. Will depend on what type of strabismus they have. As well as how severe they are strabismus is.

Treatments can range from prescription glasses. Or lenses, that have prisms in them. And that alone, can often correct the eyes. And help them work as a team. To no longer struggle to see visually.

Often, patients will need vision therapy. Either on its own, or in addition to their glasses. Vision therapy is very similar to physical therapy. But instead of working out the body and its muscles. The vision therapist will take the patient.

Through a series of exercises. Designed to help the eyes work together as a team. And to strengthen the eye muscles. So that people can master a variety of visual skills. Such as tracking moving objects, and reading.

Parents who find out, that their child may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Should not delay in getting help for their child. Simply because if help is not found. And the child does not get this problem corrected.

The brain, confused when it gets a variety. Of difficult images to process. Such as blurred images. Or double vision. Will try to fix the problem. By turning off vision to one of the eyes. Parents can find the help their child needs. By calling Vision by Design in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Does Strabismus Affects

Many children need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have a vision syndrome called strabismus. Strabismus is the medical name for cross eye syndrome. And there are many reasons to treat this problem.

First of all, patients with strabismus. Typically struggle. Not only reading. But also, navigating the world around them. Children can appear clumsy. Because they are unable. To see objects that might trip them up.

Such as where a chair is located in a house. Or, walking around desks in a classroom. Strabismus happens when one of the eyes, or both of the eyes are turned. Giving the child a blurred vision.

Or, giving them double vision in some cases. Some children only have problems. When they are looking at things close up. Or only when they are looking at things far away. And the most severe cases.

Our having a hard time seeing the world. Almost all of the time. Vision therapy is going to work wonders. To help the child overcome their struggles. Vision therapy is like physical therapy.

But instead of working out the muscles in their arms and legs for example. The vision therapist will take the child. Through a variety of exercises. That will teach them, how to use their eyes like a team.

So they can focus on objects together. But also, once they mastered that skill. They will learn how to use their eyes. In order to complete difficult visual skills. Such as following moving objects with their eyes.


And focusing on one word to the next, as they read an entire sentence. Vision therapy is going to be very effective. In not only improving their visual skills. But improving the alignment of the eyes.

So that they no longer look crossed. But also, improves their binocular ready and their visual skills as well. The entire goal of vision therapy. Will be to help the child master all of the visual skills they need to utilize.

The first few weeks of visual therapy. Will involve peripheral awareness activities. Bonnie awareness, because many children. Who have strabismus, do not know how much room. Their body takes up in the world.

Simply because they have been unable. To see the world clearly before. They do not know how to point their eyes straight. And after the first few weeks. Of their cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

They are more able to use their eyes as a team. And can start on difficult activities. Like eye tracking and focusing. One of the most important things. That parents should keep in mind. Is that the difficulty of the activities.

Will depend greatly, on a number of factors. Including how significant their strabismus is. They can always adjust the difficulty of the tasks. To suit each individual patient. So no matter how mild.

Or how great their strabismus is. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton is going to be specifically tailored. For each patient. Call Vision by Design in Edmonton to speak to a Vision therapist today.