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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Double Vision?

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Double Vision?

When people are suffering from double vision, they frequently need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their official diagnosis, is strabismus, also known as cross eyes.

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Cross eyes or strabismus is a condition where the eyes are not aligned to each other properly. Therefore, when a person tries to look at one object. Their eyes actually are focusing on two different points.

Therefore, the different parts of the retina are not corresponding with each other. And the results, is that a person will typically see double vision. Which can be very irritating on the eyes.

Because people headaches. And even cause their brain confusion. People can either have strabismus constantly, which makes it very difficult for them to navigate the world.

As well as learn in a classroom setting. And they can have problems doing everything from walking around. To reading, and interacting with the world. Or, they could have a particular type of strabismus that is only some of the time.

For example, they might see it is only at certain distances. Such as viewing things far away, at a medium distance. Or looking at things close up. Or, only when they are doing near work, such as reading.

When this is the problem, some parents make the assumption that the only cross eye treatment in Edmonton they can get for their child. Would be to patch their eye, which is not only embarrassing, and socially ostracizing for the child.

But also is not as effective. However, with the advancement of vision therapy, and various technologies. Cross eye treatment in Edmonton does not have to be so obvious or embarrassing.

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The first thing that parents need to keep in mind. Is that there are so many different kinds of strabismus. Each that has its own cause. And therefore, its own treatment. For example, a patient might have a problem.

With their deviant eye either pointed inwards, or outwards. And that is one type of strabismus, with one type of treatment for it. Or, their deviant eye could point upwards or downwards. And that is caused by something entirely different. And again, has a different treatment.

Or, they could have a problem, where one of their eyes is completely rotated. So that it does not look like it is crossed at all. But it leads to significant site challenges anyway.

In order to find the right cross eye treatment for each child and each strabismus. Parents should take their child to a vision therapist for an assessment.

They can find a vision therapist, by checking out optometry clinics, that also has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design, located in Edmonton, Alberta. By calling them, and saying they would like an assessment.

They can get their child assessed properly. To end up with the right diagnosis. And subsequent treatment that is going to help their child help heal their strabismus.

So that they can utilize both of their eyes properly. So that they will not struggle in a classroom, thing sports. Or even playing with their friends and family.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How is it Treated?

Double vision typically is caused by strabismus, that can be treated by cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, many parents think that strabismus, or crossties is something that their child will eventually out to grow when they age, and mature.

And while patients may claim that they are no longer seeing double after they have had their strabismus for a number of years. It actually is not because their body is healing from this eye issue.

In fact, it is incredibly important according to vision therapists. For parents to get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. If they do suspect they have strabismus.

Because over time, the brain will get tired of being confused by the double vision. And will eventually shut off vision to the deviating eye. And while that will relieve the problem of seeing double.

That is not because the problem is fixed. But because they have lost the use of that I. Which will cause them problems to do things like tracking moving objects, reading and focusing.

And with only one eye, people will have a hard time with depth perception. And can continue to make it difficult to navigate the world. When people cannot tell how far away objects are.

This is why it is so important to get the child in for proper assessment. Done by a certified vision therapist, such as those that work at vision by design optometry clinic in Edmonton, Alberta.


The exam first a business is quite lengthy. Taking anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half to complete. But the wider variety of tests, measurements and eye skills that they utilize.

Will help the vision therapist make the right diagnosis. And come up with the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. That will help them overcome their issues.

For some patients, the right treatment will simply be prescription lenses. To help them learn how to focus their eyes. And aligned them. While others are going to benefit from vision therapy.

And in half an hour sessions, anywhere between 36 to 48 weeks. Will help them train their eyes and their brain. To work in conjunction with each other, to see correctly.

And finally, some patients will need a cross eye treatment such as surgery. But surgery is typically the last resort. With vision therapists recommending trying vision therapy first.

And if vision therapy does not work. Then they will move to surgery. However, parents should not consider vision therapy a waste of time. Because even when vision therapy does not completely resolve the issue.

It will make the prognosis from surgery that much better. Therefore, all patients who undergo vision therapy first. Will have better results with the surgery, if they eventually need that in life.