Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Causes Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Causes Strabismus

Most commonly, people are born with strabismus, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. When it becomes apparent, that the child is having problems seeing, and navigating their world.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

While it is at times, very easy. To see that something is creating a problem for the child. When they are very young. Especially when their strabismus, affects their vision all of the time.

However, sometimes the child is going to school. Before the teacher realizes that they are struggling to do things like read, or participate in gym because of their strabismus.

Strabismus is a condition, where the eyes are not aligned together. Therefore, when they look at an object, either up close or far away. Or when they are trying to read a line of text.

Their eyes are not focusing on the same point as each other. And that puts a different image on each of their retinas. And when that information is sent to their brain. The brain is very confused about the information it receives.

Which is why people often see double vision. When they have strabismus. Because it is a problem with the alignment of their eyes. It is often very easy to see. Simply by looking at a person’s face.

That their eyes are not aligned. Giving it the name, cross eyes. However, whether it is very easy to see visually. Or not, when a person has strabismus. They need the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.


One of the first options for cross eye treatment in Edmonton is prescription lenses. This does not work for everybody. But in patients that it does work for. They can utilize prescription lenses.

Sometimes with a tint on the lens. Or, with a coating that puts a prism on the lens. And these coatings, will help people learn how to align their eyes well. And once their eyes are in alignment with each other.

It is much easier to train the brain, how to use the information from both retinas at the same time. So that a person is no longer seeing double anymore. However, this is not the only treatment available.

Another treatment in for strabismus that patients might try. Is vision therapy. This is when a vision therapist leads the patient. Through specific exercises. Designed to not only teach the patient how to align their eyes.

But helps the brain learn how to use the information it receives. From both retinas at the same time as well. While this is an effective treatment for all patients to utilize. It is not an overnight solution.

Taking approximately six months to a year. In order to eliminate symptoms. However, if symptoms cannot be eliminated this way. Surgery is the next treatment option.

Surgery will physically align the eyes back to where they should be. So that a patient is more likely to be able to train their eyes how to work together. While training their brain how to use the information they receive.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are Causes Of Strabismus

When a patient has strabismus, regardless of what causes it they need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. While many people are born with this vision syndrome.

Such as if they have cerebral palsy, or if they were born with congenital defect. That is affecting their eye alignment. But also, people can develop this condition. Such as through a traumatic brain injury.

Regardless of what is causing their strabismus. It is important that they find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly. The reason why it is very important to do this quickly.

Is because untreated strabismus, can change into a different condition. How that works, is by understanding what strabismus is. Strabismus is a condition, where the eyes do not align to each other properly.

Therefore, when looking at an object. The eyes are looking at two different points on the object. Which translates into two different images on the retina. And the retina is what since the visual information to the brain for processing.

The brain receives two different images. And gets confused, which is what results in the typical double vision of this condition. However, the brain will only stay confused for so long.

Before it simply turns off the vision in one eye. And then, instead of having strabismus. The patient will then have a lazy eye. That will take a lot more therapy in order to fix.


This is why it is so important. For people to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their strabismus sooner rather than later. The best place to go, would be to contact a vision therapist.

And while vision therapists are optometrists. Not every optometrist is a vision therapist. Which means it may be difficult to find the right therapist to test, diagnose. And find the right treatment sooner rather than later.

One resource for people to be aware of. Is the Canadian optometrists webpage. Which will have a list of all the accredited vision therapists. Listed in order of province. So that people can find one closest to them.

However, for people in Edmonton. They are going to benefit from simply being able to call vision by design. While they are a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff.

That can do the initial assessment. In order to diagnose the patient with their vision syndrome. But then also, come up with the best treatment. To help them overcome their symptoms.

While the strabismus treatment options to choose from start from prescription glasses, to vision therapy. And end with surgery. Typically, therapists will create a treatment plan.

Using a couple of those options. To do their best at helping people train their eyes to work together. And overcoming the symptoms that are associated with strabismus. The sooner they do this.

The sooner they can start excelling, whether it is school, work or recreational activities such as sports. So that they can live a full life, unhindered by this symptoms of strabismus.