Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndrome Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndrome Strabismus

If a child is it suspected to have strabismus, they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And this often happens, once a child reaches school age. A teacher will often contact a parent.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

With their concerns, that they think their child. Has a vision syndrome. Because of their poor performance in a classroom. Parents should not become upset. That they missed seeing this.

Because often, children start to cope. With vision problems from an early age. Not aware that how they see the world. Is something that needs to be fixed. Therefore, these coping mechanisms. Can help them significantly.

Navigate the world around them. However, when they get to school. These coping mechanisms stop working so effectively. Because 80% of the learning environment. Inside a typical classroom, is visually based.

And the child’s coping mechanisms are not good enough. To help them overcome their struggles. As well, teachers are trained. What children who have vision syndromes do.

So that they can help identify. But the problem might be. For children who are struggling. To read along in a textbook, focus on the notes. At the front of the room. Or clearly see the teacher who is giving a lesson.

Children who have strabismus, and need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Often appear disinterested. In a lesson, or will not comply. When they are asked to read quietly at their desk. And often this also gets confused.


As ADHD, because they are appearing. To not be able to focus. However, the problem is not the inability to focus. The problem is the inability to see clearly. But often, this is not discovered during diagnosis.

So whether a teacher has told a parent. That they should get a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Or that they suspect the child has ADHD. A great option for many parents.

Is to take their child to a vision therapist first. Because they can very easily. Rule out a vision syndrome. Or, they can very easily. Diagnose a vision syndrome. And find out what is wrong with the child.

Instead of diagnosing them. As having ADHD, and wondering. Why the ADHD medication. Is not solving the child’s issues. There is no single diagnostic test for ADHD. The way there is for vision syndromes.

And in fact, most psychologists. Suggest taking children to a vision therapist as well. To rule out vision syndromes. Or, to diagnose them. Instead of mistakenly treating a child with ADHD medication.

Who does not need this. When parents are looking for a qualified vision therapist. To help get to the bottom. Of why their child is struggling in school. They need to find an optometrist.

That has gone to school to become a vision therapist as well. In the Edmonton area, parents need to look no further. Then vision by design, located in West Edmonton.

Not only are they a full-service optometry clinic. But they have vision therapists on staff. That can assess, diagnose. And treat people who have the variety of vision syndromes.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Vision Syndrome Called Strabismus

Strabismus, is the most common vision syndrome of childhood requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. One mistake that many parents make. Is realizing that their child is cross eyed.

But then, not taking fast enough action. Thinking this is a syndrome. That their child will outgrow with age. Unfortunately, this is not true. And in fact, children who do not get the right help.

In the form of an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Often will have greater problems. Because the brain will only cope with vision problems. For a certain amount of time, before it changes things.

In order to have less confusing. Visual information sent to the brain. Therefore, the brain will turn off vision to one of the eyes. And while that fixes the cross eye syndrome. It makes things worse.

For the visual skills of the child. Cross eye syndrome makes it difficult. For a child to focus, and follow moving objects with their eyes. Which is a skill needed for reading. But then they lose eyesight.

In one of their eyes, they will lose other eye skills permanently. Such as their depth perception, and their ability. To track moving objects. And so, they will likely struggle with reading for the rest of their life.

It is extremely important. For parents to get help for their child. If they have strabismus. And this can be done, with a vision therapist. Vision therapists are optometrists with extra education.


And finding one, may be difficult. Because not all optometrists have this skill. However, they can go to the optometrists Canada website. Which will have a list of all vision therapists. Organized by province.

And in Edmonton and area. Parents can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. As they have vision therapists on staff. In addition to being a full-service optometrist clinic.

The vision therapist will first perform an assessment. That is significantly more in-depth. Than a standard eye examination. That is only designed to find out. If a child can see clearly or not.

The assessment that the vision therapist will utilize. Is quite lengthy, taking about an hour and a half. Because of the numerous measurements. And the exercises that they will get the child to perform.

In order to find out if the child has a vision syndrome. If they do, what vision syndrome they have. And how significant it is. By the time the assessment is over, not only will they have a diagnosis.

That they can discuss with the parents, but they will also have put together. The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If the child does have strabismus. Which will likely be a combination.

Of prescription glasses. With corrective lenses. Or lenses that have prisms in them as well. Vision therapy, which is like physical therapy. But for the patients eyes instead. And in extreme cases, surgery.