Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Utilizing Vision Therapy For Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Utilizing Vision Therapy For Strabismus

Strabismus, also known as cross eyes requires the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve, and help the patient see clearly all of the time. There are many different types of strabismus.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

And is caused, when patients eyes are not aligned properly. As they look on objects, or focus their eyes. Their eyes are unable to converge on the same point. Which means different parts of the object.

Land on the retina, giving confusing information to the brain. In order to process. The result, is typically double vision. And this can happen all of the time. Or some of the time, such as when someone is focusing up close or far away.

In addition to those different types of strabismus. People also can have their eyes turned, causing them to see different double vision. Then someone else with the same condition. They might have eyes that turn outwards, or turn inwards.

Or, they turn upwards or downwards. And in severe cases, someone with strabismus might have an eye that is rotated. All of these different types of strabismus, have their own unique treatment.

Therefore, it is paramount importance. That people who suspect they, or their loved one has cross eyes, to visit a vision therapist for a complete assessment. The assessment that they will undergo.

Is quite different, then the vision exam from their optometrist. They should plan for about an hour, to an hour and a half. In order for the vision therapist. To take all of the measurements, and exercises.


That will help them figure out exactly what vision syndrome the patient has. And what cross eye treatment in Edmonton is going to be most beneficial. While there are three different main types of treatments.

To help people suffering with strabismus. One of the most common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is utilizing vision therapy. What vision therapy is, is guided exercises, led by the therapist.

That takes the patient through different eye movements. In order to teach them how to align their eyes. And teaches the brain, how to use the information it gets from both eyes at the same time.

It is very important that a patient who is suspected to have strabismus. Gets an assessment sooner rather than later. Simply because the brain will not continue being confused forever.

Eventually, the brain will turn the visual information off. To the deviating eye. So that it stops being confused about the conflicting information it is receiving from each retina.

Some people consider this, a resolution. However. Just because the person stops seeing double. Does not mean that the condition is fixed. In order to find out if they have this condition.

In exactly what treatment they need. Patients should see a certified vision therapist. Like the ones on staff at vision by design in Edmonton.

Patients can call the office, in order to book the thorough examination. With one of their certified therapists. In order to find out if they have this affliction, and how to start overcoming it.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Utilizing Vision Therapy For Strabismus

The reason why many parents hesitate finding a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If they suspect that their child has strabismus, also known as cross eyes. Is because they think they know what the treatment is going to be like.

They might have had their own experience with cross eyes as a child. Or, their sibling or friend went through treatment. And they saw how terrible it was. And how much they complained about the treatment.

Patching was often used as a common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Where the healthy eye would be patched. In order to force the patient to use their weaker eye. In hopes it would get the eyes to work better together.

This is often accompanied by a huge fight from the child. As they did not want to have their good eye covered up. And while this method did work to strengthen the weak eye.

As a cross eye treatment in Edmonton it did not work. Simply because the problem is the eyes are not aligned together. And patching did nothing to solve that problem. Once the patch was removed.

They still would have the same symptoms, of seeing double. Because their eyes were still not working together. Therefore, parents should not worry about being told they have to patch their child’s eye.

Simply because this is no longer a treatment that is offered. Particularly at vision by design in Edmonton. The different treatments that they have to offer there, include prescription lenses.


That either has a prescription strong enough, to get the weaker eye to start working. In conjunction with the strong eye. Or, the lens has a prisms in it. That can help the patient overcome their symptoms.

They also utilize vision therapy. As the most common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Usually taking approximately 6 to 12 months. For full symptom resolution. And in some rare cases, vision therapy is not enough.

And they can offer surgery, as the next step. For patients who are suffering with symptoms from strabismus. However, patients and parents should not look at surgery, as a failure of the vision therapy.

Because when surgery is utilized as a treatment. Patients who have first undergone vision therapy. Will not only heal faster from the surgery. But they will learn how to align their eyes faster.

Which means the surgery will have a better overall results. If the patient’s first utilize vision therapy. When parents, or teachers are concerned that a child has strabismus. The best course of action.

Would be to call vision by design in Edmonton. And arranging a thorough examination by one of their vision therapists. In order to make the best diagnosis, come up with the right treatment.

And stop suffering, by not being able to see clearly. And learn how to overcome their symptoms. So that they can excel.