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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Understanding What Strabismus Is

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Is a Treatable Malady

Strabismus is the technical name for cross eyes, that require a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And while many parents can see that their child has cross eyes, because of how it often can look cosmetically.

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Not all types of strabismus, or cross eyes. Will be so obvious. By the way that it makes the patient’s look. Or, they are only cross eyed when looking at things close up, or far away.

Sometimes, the only indication that a child is struggling visually. Is when they are in a classroom setting. They may be experiencing significant difficulties, but figuring out why is the important thing.

Whether they have a type of strabismus that affects their farsighted vision. It will cause them to have a hard time focusing on the teacher talking at the front of the room.

Or have a hard time seeing notes that they are writing on a blackboard or a whiteboard. At the front of the room. Whether they have to read the notes, or copy them down.

This can be very challenging to someone who has strabismus in their farsighted vision. However, they might have a strabismus that cause them to have cross eyes when they are looking at things close up.

Therefore, reading can be a challenge, so could writing. And doing any sort of near work, even if they are cutting and pasting. And because of these challenges, they may avoid doing the activities that are difficult.


The reason why this is difficult, is because when they are cross eyed, or they have a strabismus. The eyes are not aligned with each other. Which means they end up focusing an object, or a word. On different parts of their retina.

And since the images do not correspond with each other. It gives a confusing signal to the brain. That causes the patient with strabismus to see things double. Therefore, they might have a problem seeing things far away.

Or they might have a problem seeing things close up. Or they might have a problem seeing things at all. If they have a form of strabismus that affects their eyes alignment all of the time.

In fact, people might even have a challenge when they are playing on a playground, or playing sports. And they might be called clumsy, or have a lot of accidents. And this is because they do not know where things are.

In space, especially in relation to their body. And this also requires across eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them understand where their body is. In order to help them figure out how to align their eyes correctly.

Therefore, if a child is struggling in school. Or they tend to avoid doing a lot of activities. Parents should not assume that they are having a hard time concentrating. Or that they simply do not like school. And bring them in for a vision assessment. That could reveal the real reasons why they are struggling. That will help them find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Understanding What Strabismus Is

Strabismus is the technical word for cross eyes, and needs the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because of how significant it is. Causing problems for how people view things in the world.

When people are cross eyed, their eyes are not aligned. And therefore, they will tend to see double vision. If not all of the time, when they are viewing things close up, or far away.

Not only can this cause a lot of problems in a classroom environments. Because 80% of the learning that is done in a classroom. Is visually based, which is why people with strabismus can struggle.

But also, it is important that parents who notice this. Should get their child in for a vision assessment quickly. Not just so that they can get the right diagnosis, and the best subsequent cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

To help the child overcome their difficulties. But another reason why it is so important. Is because the confusing messages that are being sent from the eyes to the brain. Will cause the brain confusion, and fatigue.

Therefore, the brain will simply cope with these confusing messages. By turning off the image to the deviating eye. And the end results, is no more double vision. However, the reason why there is no more double vision.

Is because one eye is rendered useless. Which means children who have this happen to them, will lose other visual efficiency skills. Such as focusing, depth perception and eye tracking.

And once the brain has turned off vision to the eye. It is very difficult to turn it back on, if possible at all. Which is why they should get an assessment. Because once they get diagnosed with having as strabismus.


They can get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them how to focus their eyes. So that they can keep them aligned, and help them see the world around them clearly.

When parents are getting their child assessed. They should contact a vision therapist’s office. Or contact an optometrist, that has a vision therapist on staff.

Such as vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic, that can do eye exams. As well as find the right glasses for each patient.

But they can also do vision exams. And vision therapy on site. The assessment takes approximately one, one half hours to complete. Because of the many different measurements and tests the vision therapist will do.

And based on the diagnosis, they might recommend prescription glasses. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses, to help the patient align and focus their eyes.

Or, the right cross eye treatment might be vision therapy. And in some, extreme cases surgery is required. But helping a child with strabismus. Means that not only will they get a cosmetic fix.

So that they no longer look cross eyed. But more importantly, they will be able to see their visual world around them. And excel because they can see clearly once more.