Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Effects Of Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Effects Of Strabismus

Many children have strabismus, which requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is the most common vision syndrome in childhood. However, a lot is still not commonly known. About this vision syndrome.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Many people know that cross eyed syndrome. Is caused by one I, not focusing properly. Often having a crossed appearance. People can have cross eyes with their eyes turned inwards. Outwards, upwards and downwards.

However, what is not more commonly known. About this vision syndrome. Is that people who have crossed eye syndrome. May not have this crossed eye or even appearance all the time.

And sometimes, they have it part of the time. Such as when they are focusing on something. That is far off in the distance. Or close to them. While others, do not have this appearance at all.

In fact, there are many different types of strabismus. And each type, has its own cause. And therefore, its own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Often, what causes the child to get tested.

Is observation from their teacher. Once they reach school age. Such as kindergarten, or grade 1. Parents should not feel badly. If they did not come to this realization themselves. For several different reasons.

Many parents assume. That their child is going to tell them. If they have problems with their vision. But the fact of the matter is. When it comes to vision syndromes. Children are not going to share this information.


For the simple reason. That they are not aware. That how they are seeing the world. Is incorrect, or needs fixing. Children with vision syndromes, and strabismus.

Have been seeing the world this same way. For their entire life. And are completely in the dark. About thinking that there is another way to view the visual world. Therefore, they simply come up with strategies.

That will help them see the visual world. Such as memorize a should, so that they do not have to read things. And at home, this is a strategy. Or coping mechanism that will work.

But in a classroom setting. Particularly because. 80% of the learning environment. Demands visual attention. And teachers, are trained to know. What to look for, in children who have vision syndromes.

Therefore, they might notice. That the child is not following along. In their textbook. They are not paying attention to detail. When they draw, or write. Or they may say that they are unable to see the teacher.

When the teacher is at the front of the classroom. Teaching a lesson, or writing on the board. Therefore, they will send a letter home. Or meet with the parents to let them know.

That they may want to consider getting an assessment. So that their child can get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To help them learn how to use their eyes. So they do not fall farther behind in school.

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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Effects Of Strabismus On A Child

Often, when children have strabismus, they need cross eye treatment in Edmonton right away. The reason why every attempt needs to be made. To correct this common vision syndrome.

Is because, if it is not corrected. The brain will try. And end up, causing more damage than needs to happen. In order to understand. Exactly what happens, people need to understand.

What is going on in the eye to brain connection. When someone has strabismus, cross eye syndrome. The eyes are a lot like a camera. The light surrounding objects. Carries the visual information.

To the eyes, the light will go through. The front of the eyes. And land as an image, on the back of the eyes. The back of the eyes are where the retina is located. And the retina is what carries visual information.

To the brainstem, which is responsible. To send the visual information. It receives from the retina. To the various connections and centres of the brain. That need to that information.

This is an extremely complex job. With over three hundred connections that deal with vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that use visual information. Which means as long as someone has their eyes open.

The brain is processing that information. From both retinas. Every second of every single day. What happens when someone has across eye syndrome however. Is the eyes are not able.


To focus on the same point of an object or a word. Which means the information. The retinas send to the brainstem. Is conflicting. The confusing information, gets translated into the brain.

Either as double vision. Or blurred vision, pending on what kind of strabismus. People and up having. In order to compensate. The brain will eventually turn off vision. To one eye.

So that it does not get any conflicting information anymore. However, while this fixes the problem. Of not seeing double vision anymore. As a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is terrible. Because it makes a person functionally blind.

In one eye. And this is not something. That vision therapists are going to be able to help. Bring vision back to. Once the problem gets to be this bad. This is why parents should get their child in to a vision therapist.

To get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Preferably, after going through a vision assessment first. They will do many different measurements. And complete many different exercises. In order to find out.

Exactly what is going on with the patients eyes. And eye to brain connection. Not only are they able to diagnose vision problems. They will be able to put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

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