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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of Strabismus

Strabismus is better known as cross I, and parents may be concerned about finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. This could be for many different reasons. Including cosmetic.

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However, cosmetic is only one reason why parents should find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. The most important reason. Is because when children have strabismus.

They typically will see double, either part of the time. Or all of the time. Which can be very chaotic for their brain. And not only is very irritating. Causing them to try to avoid what is causing them problem.

Such as using their eyes, particularly in a classroom setting. Since 80% of the classroom learning is visual. But also, they may find that they get fatigued, or headaches because of it as well.

Therefore, after their brain has tried to cope with the double vision for long enough. But it will eventually do, if the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is not found.

Is simply turn off vision to the eye that is not aligning properly. By turning off the ability for that eye to see. The brain is able to correct the double vision problem. So that it is not as confused.

However, one of the most significant problems with this. Is that once the brain turns off vision to that I. It is not as easy to turn it back on. And while children might find relief, because they are no longer seeing double.

They will have problems with other visual efficiency skills. Such as depth perception, reading, tracking moving objects. And even focusing, whether that is up close or far away.


People who have lost the ability to see out of one eye. Will find significant challenges navigating through the world. Because of their ability to only see out of one eye.

Therefore, parents should look for the right treatment to quickly. Whether it looks like their child is having a hard time in the classroom setting. Or if they can see visually, that their eyes have been crossed.

In the first step to finding them the help that they need, would be to contact a vision therapist. How they can find one, is often by checking in with optometry clinics. Because they often know of vision therapists.

But also, many optometrists clinics, such as vision by design in Edmonton Alberta. Have vision therapists on staff. And all patients need to do in order to get an assessment is called them.

By calling them and asking for an assessment for strabismus, or cross eye problem. Will allow the vision therapist to schedule the right amount of time. Which is typically between an hour to an hour and a half.

Two account for all of the many tests, measurements and skills they need to check. In order to find out if they do have a strabismus, and if so what kind.

So that they can come up with the right treatment, to help the patient overcome their issue. And be able to navigate in this visual world once again.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Some Symptoms of Strabismus

If parents have been told that they suspect their child has strabismus, they will need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus, is the medical name for cross eyes.

And often, parents might suspect this ahead of time. Because their child has visually crossed eyes. However, it is not always as obvious as something that people can see.

In fact, it might look as though the child has ADD or ADHD. Because in order to cope with the double vision that they will’s have. From having perpetually crossed eyes.

They might try to avoid all of the activities that are visually based. So that they do not cause themselves irritation, headaches or confusion. And while that might appear to the teacher and the parents as an inability to concentrate.

Or an unwillingness to pay attention. It is simply the child coping in the best way that they can. To deal with the fact that they cannot process the visual world around them. The way that other children can.

In fact, if a child has strabismus, it is extremely important that they get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly says vision therapists. And the reason why, is because the way the brain copes.

With double vision if treatment is not found over time. Is simply turning off vision to the eye that is deviant. And then the child will lose the ability to use that eye entirely.


The right treatment for each patient will depend on what kind of strabismus they have. There can be the kind where the eye points inwards, or outwards.

Or the deviant eye might be pointing upwards, or downwards. Or in some cases, the eye could be turned to any degree. That can be extremely difficult to overcome.

The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton should be determined by a certified vision therapist. Such as the ones found at vision by design, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

And the right treatment for each child can widely vary. Sometimes requiring just corrective lenses in order to help the child learn how to align their eyes. And see things normally.

Or, they might require vision therapy. Which is supervised vision therapy sessions in the office. Led by a vision therapist. To take patients through a series of exercises each week.

That are designed to help them learn how to align their eyes, and see things clearly. While vision therapy can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months for effectiveness. Even after going through several weeks of vision therapy.

Some children with strabismus might not find full resolution with this type of treatment. And if that is the case, surgery might be the next option for them.

The right diagnosis will happen after the right assessment. And any parent or teacher that is concerned about a child. Should talk to the vision therapist on staff at vision by design in Edmonton.