Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Facts About Cross Eyes

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Facts About Cross Eyes

Often, parents notice that their child’s eyes are not aligned, and assume they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. This is typically the case, but there are many different types of cross eyes. And what treatment is best will depend on many factors.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The best thing for any parents to do, when they suspect that their child. Has cross eyes, also clinically known as strabismus. Is to contact a certified vision therapist. And arrange a very thorough examination.

While not all optometrists are vision therapists. Vision therapists who are certified, or also optometrists. And vision by design in Edmonton, has several vision therapists on staff.

Therefore, by calling to arrange a thorough examination. Parents will be able to get their child in, and checked out. To see if they do in fact. Have cross eyes, or strabismus and what the best treatment options are.

The different types of strabismus that the child might have. Could cause their eye to turn outwards, or inwards. Giving them what people associate to the typical look of someone with a cross eye looks like.

But also, the eye could be turned upwards, turned downwards. Or even rotated. The type of strabismus that they have, will depend greatly on the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them.

As well, not all children have strabismus symptoms constantly. While some do, others only have it intermittently. Such as when they are focusing on things close up. Or when they are focusing on things far away.


And others, only have the symptoms. When they are doing visually demanding tasks, such as reading for example. Therefore, there may be many different types of cross eye treatment in Edmonton that can be utilized.

A solution might be as simple as prescription glasses. With the right strength in the deviating eye. Or, that have coatings on the lenses, such as prisms. That can help immediately resolve symptoms.

However, when the most common treatments that patients utilize. Is vision therapy. This is where the vision therapist takes the child through a series of visual exercises. In their office, once a week.

So that the child can learn how to align their eyes. And with time, they will start to be able to see things more clearly. The most important thing that people should know about vision therapy.

Is that while it will take place once a week, for about half an hour at the vision therapist’s office. It is imperative, that the child does homework, approximately 15 to 30 minutes around five days a week.

This additional work, will help ensure that the child can progress quickly through the cross eye treatment. In order to see the results that they desire. Since vision therapy typically lasts 6 to 12 months.

The sooner they can see the results of their efforts. The more likely they will be to continue therapy. Until they have symptom resolution and will be able to see clearly, for the first time.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Surprising Facts About Cross Eyes

When patients have cross eyes, also known as strabismus they will need the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. There are many different types of treatments that patients can undergo.

And this will be dependent on what type of strabismus they have. And the level of the severity of their symptoms. The three main cross eye treatment in Edmonton that patients can utilize.

Include prescription lenses, vision therapy. And surgery to correct the symptoms. Vision therapy is by far the most common treatment for strabismus. And what it is, is a variety of exercises.

Led by the vision therapist. With the goal, of resolving symptoms. By teaching the patient how to align their eyes. When the eyes are not appointed in the same direction. What ends up happening.

Is that images are focused on different parts of the retina. Giving the appearance of double vision to the patient. Therefore, vision therapy teaches how to align the eyes, so that images are focused on the same parts of the retina.

And patient no longer sees double any longer. Vision therapy is a very effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For the right patients, and is very easy to get cosmetic alignment this way.

Cosmetic alignment can help with improved binocular ready. And help with efficiency of other visual skills, such as reading, eye tracking. And near work, requiring focusing close up.


While vision therapy is often effective. At completely resolving the symptoms. But not all the time. If vision therapy is not entirely effective. Then surgery is often recommended. Patients should not feel as though they failed.

If they did not get full symptom resolution through vision therapy. In fact, people who eventually undergo surgery. Will heal faster. And have better outcomes, if they have undergone vision therapy first.

The first thing that will be done in the vision therapy sessions. Will be peripheral awareness activities. As well as body awareness activities. This is often because patients have never been able to see clearly.

Which means they typically do not know where their body is. In relation to the rest of the world. Therefore, they have trouble navigating the world. And often appear clumsy.

Therefore, learning where their body is. Can help them start to progress through their vision therapy. And stop being quite so clumsy. Because they will learn that spatial awareness of themselves.

As they progress with their cross eye treatment. The vision therapist will increase the difficulty of the exercises that they are doing. So that the patient can continue to improve, and see the results of that improvement.

After the first few weeks. The vision therapist will start working on activities such as focusing, and eye tracking. So that the patient can learn things such as reading without problems. And being able to play sports for example.

If patients are interested in getting started, or if their parents would like help for their child. The best thing to do, would be arranging a vision exam. Call vision by design in Edmonton.