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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Symptoms

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Symptoms For Parents

Strabismus is the medical term for cross eyes, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, many parents may not realize exactly what cross eyes are.

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And simply think that if they have a child with strabismus. That they need to get treatment, in order to take care of the cosmetic nature of having crossed eyes. Without realizing how their child might be struggling.

When a child has strabismus, it is a condition where the eyes are not aligned to each other. Therefore, when a child looks at objects, or words on a page for example. Even though they think they are looking at the same object or word.

There eyes are actually pointed at two different places. What happens then, is that the objects are not focused on the correct parts of the retina. And the results, is double vision. What makes this a complex vision disorder.

Is the fact that not only are there many different types of the strabismus, that have different causes. And therefore different treatments. But depending on what type of strabismus a child has.

They might have double vision all of the time, or only when viewing objects at certain distances away. Such as only having double vision when looking at things far away.

Or only having double vision when they are doing near work. However, despite what type of strabismus they have. And what is causing it, all children with this problem need to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

And in fact, vision therapists caution parents. To help them find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly. Because there can be greater problems with their child’s vision. If they do not treat this in a time sensitive fashion.

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When people look at objects, and see double vision. It is very irritating to their eyes. And very confusing to their brain. They can suffer fatigue, as well as headaches when they try to look at things continually that have double vision.

Therefore, when the brain is tired of compensating for double vision long enough. It simply will turn off vision to the eye that will not cooperate. And the child will lose the ability to use that eye entirely.

While this might seem like a great solution to the child. Because they are no longer seeing double. This also means that they will have problems with other visual efficiency skills such as tracking motion.

Focusing on objects, and problems with their depth perception. Therefore, finding the right treatment is extremely important. To ensure that not only can they align their eyes.

But that they can avoid losing vision and one of their eyes. That will also have lifelong implications and that child’s life. When parents are ready to find out more information about strabismus, or cross eyes.

They should contact a vision therapist, such as the doctors that work at vision by design, located in Edmonton, Alberta. When they hear patients or parents concern.

They will be able to book in a strabismus assessment, to help get to the bottom of the problem. And help the child overcome their symptoms. So that they can have great vision moving forward.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Symptoms

Some parents are under the misconception that if their child has perfect vision, they would not need something like cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, perfect vision and vision problems are not mutually exclusive.

For example, having perfect vision. Does not mean that children will not have any problems following moving objects. Or seeing things close up for example. And that needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Because typically, people will get their vision tested only at a certain distance away. And if the type of cross I, or strabismus that they have. Means that they can see without problems at a distance.

There are never going to get diagnosed through regular eye exam alone. What a cross I, or strabismus means, is that children have a hard time aligning their eyes with each other.

This can result in double vision, because when they are not able to look at the same spot on an object or word. Then vision will appear double, and depending on the type of strabismus they have

They may have double vision all the time, or only in certain scenarios. They may have such as only when they are looking at things close up. Or only when they are looking at things far away for an example.


Therefore, it can be even more difficult for parents to understand if their child has this. Especially when it is the kind that does not happen all of the time. And another misconception about this particular eye issue.

Is that parents assume that their child is going to be able to articulate in so many words. That they have a problem with their vision. Or they see double vision some of the time.

However, especially since children typically will have been dealing with this problem for their entire life. They have no idea that anything else is normal. And simply will avoid the tasks and activities that cause them pain or irritation.

Therefore, the best solution. Is if children seem to be avoiding near work, reading or homework. Or that they are not doing their work in a classroom setting. Rather than assume that they could have ADD or ADHD.

Parents should take them to a vision therapist first. And explain the symptoms that their child has. And ask for an assessment with a vision therapist. In order to find out if there is something else that can help them.

The assessment will probably take an hour and a half to finish. Because of the sheer amount of tests, skills and measurements the vision therapist is going to need. In order to find out what is going on with the child’s eyes.

But if the diagnosis is strabismus, they will be able to come up with the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for that child. Based on the very in-depth assessment that they just completed.