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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Awareness

When a parent a their child has strabismus, they need to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And they need to do it relatively quickly. Because their child is typically going to be facing significant challenges with this vision problem.

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What strabismus is, is the medical name for cross eyes. However, there can meet many different types, that have many different causes. And therefore, different treatments that are required.

What it is, is a condition where the patients eyes are not aligned with each other. And when they try looking at a single object, such as a word on a page, or notes on a blackboard.

They will not be able to look at the same point. And that means, images are going to be focused on different parts of their retina. And the results, is a double image.

Some forms of strabismus happen all the time, and children may not realize that this is not normal. It is all that they have ever known, despite the fact that it causes fatigue, irritation and headaches.

In fact, children who have this form of strabismus often get diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. And the reason why, is because they have developed a coping mechanism of avoidance.

Of all of the activities that cause them irritation or pain. And since 80% of learning in a classroom setting is visual. It may appear to a teacher, that the child is unable to focus.

Or they are unable to sit still. However, rather than it be the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. This is the coping mechanism that they have developed. To avoid them having problems and pain.


Therefore, even if a child is the first diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. They should take their child to a vision therapist anyway. And get them assessed for a strabismus.

Because if they can undergo a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Rather than giving them powerful narcotics in order to treat a neurological disorder.

The cross eye treatment in Edmonton is going to be the preferable one for their child. And then it is a strabismus that the child is suffering from. Then the cross eye treatment will be effective. And the high-powered narcotics will not be.

However, it is not always that easy for people to figure out that the child has strabismus. Because other forms, are not permanent. Which means they typically will see double vision only at certain times.

Such as when they are doing near work. Or, when they are focusing on objects that are far away from them.

However, any time a child seems to have problems with their vision. Parents should get them assessed with the vision therapist. Because the assessment, while it might take anywhere between an hour and an hour and a half.

Might be lengthy to go through. It also can be very significant in helping diagnose vision problems in children. That will help them overcome their issues, and be able to avoid struggling as they navigate the world.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Symptoms to Be Aware Of

When parents are told that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They should not waste any time finding the right vision therapist. The reason why, is because this is important to treat in a timely fashion.

The reason why, because when a patient first develops strabismus. They are going to be seeing double, because their eyes are pointed off in different directions.

This double vision can be very irritating to their eyes. And very confusing to their brain. It may cause them fatigue to look at things that are double in vision.

And it could even cause them headaches, in order for the brain to deal with these problems. Over time, it will simply shut off the vision to the eye that is not aligning properly.

And to the brain, that will be a decent fix. Because it will not be confused any longer by the double vision. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem at this point.

Because now the issue is not trying to align the eyes. The issue is trying to restore vision to the eye that the brain has turned off. And while this can be overcome with the right treatment.

Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child first. Would be an easier, and more time efficient solution. Therefore, time is of the essence, when parents find out that their child has a strabismus.

Almost done...

The next step if they hear this, will be to take their child to a vision therapist in order for an assessment. And while the assessment is going to take about an hour and a half to do.

They will take numerous measurements, tests. And check many different visual efficiency skills. In order to find out exactly what is going on with the patient’s vision. To find the right treatment.

When they come out of the assessment, the vision therapist will have an extremely good idea about what cross eye treatment in Edmonton the child needs to undergo. Whether this is simply prescription glasses.

Or using glasses that have prisms in them. That will train the child’s eyes to work together to focus on objects. Or, they might need several sessions of vision therapy.

Where the children will work with the vision therapist at their office. To go through a series of visual exercises. To train their brain, and their eyes to align together, to be able to see properly.

While vision therapy typically will take half an hour once a week. And for approximately 36 to 48 weeks. With the right treatment, patients will be able to train their eyes and brain to work together. And be able to see things clearly.

Not only will this help them in school, be able to learn. Since 80% of the learning in a classroom setting is visual. But it will also help them navigate their physical body in the world.