Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Information

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Information

Many children and up needing a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have strabismus. Also known as cross eyed syndrome. While this is often characterized by many people.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

As a vision syndrome, that causes a child. To look as though they have eyes that are not focused. On the same object. And cosmetically, many parents are concerned about how it looks.

However, it is also important to note. That not every child who has strabismus. Has this cross eyed look to them. Instead, many patients do not look crossed eyed at all.

Or, it is only obvious. To look at them that they have strabismus. When they are focusing on something close up. Or when they are focusing on something that is located far away from them.

In fact, according to vision therapists. There are many different types of strabismus. All, that have its own cause. And because of that, its own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Sometimes, the eyes will appear.

To turn in. In order to give the classic cross eyed look. Or, the eye will turn out. And make it look like they are looking out of the far edges of their eye. Or, the eye can be turned up or down.

And in some extreme cases. The eye is actually rotated. Such as at a 90° angle. And while it does not look rotated. It causes a lot of problems. When they are trying to focus on objects.


And while there many different types of strabismus, all with their own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Every effort must be made. To correct strabismus. Or else, there will be serious consequences.

What happens, when a child has strabismus. Is that their eyes are not aligned. And when they look at an object. Their eyes are actually focusing. On two different parts of an object or a word.

When that information is sent to the brain by the eyes retina. The brain will be confused. About how to process that information. Which is why the vision that the child gets from their brain. Is blurred or double.

Over time, the brain will get fatigued. Trying to process this visually confusing information. Therefore, in order to minimize its confusion. It will simply turn off the vision. To the deviant eye.

And it no longer is confused. Because it is only receiving visual information. From one eye, which means it is no longer double vision or blurred. And while this fixes the problem in the brain.

It causes the child to lose their vision in one eye. It is an unacceptable outcome. For a vision syndrome that is very easily treated. Therefore, when a child’s teacher suggests.

That the child is struggling. Because they suspect the child does have a vision syndrome. It is of paramount importance. That the parent contact a vision therapist for an assessment.

They can contact vision by design. When they are in the Edmonton or surrounding area. They not only are a full service optometrist clinic. They have vision therapists on staff as well.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Important Strabismus Information

Many people may not have heard the term strabismus, but children with this will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Strabismus is the medical name. For cross eyed syndrome.

Which is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. Children who have this. Will have been born with it, and are unlikely to know. That the way they are viewing the world.

Is abnormal. They either see things blurred, or double vision. Or, have a mixture of clear vision. Mixed with blurred or double vision. At certain points. This can be extremely irritating.

Two a child, who is learning how to read. Which is why it is most commonly identified. When the child reaches school age. Parents should not feel terrible. If they did not discover this on their own.

They might think that their child would come to them. If they had hard time seeing things. But since that is how child. Has always viewed the world. They do not know that anything else is abnormal.

As well, children and up developing coping mechanisms. In order to overcome their difficulties. Which means, they are often much more able. To develop coping mechanisms at home.

Then in a classroom environment. That ends up being 80% visually based. Teachers are also trained. On what to look for, when a child has difficulties. Knowing what various vision syndromes look like.


A child in a classroom setting. Who needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. Will avoid doing the activities that cause them irritation. If they are asked to read at their desk. They may not do so.

Because the words that they are looking at. Are going in and out of focus. Or appear to be double. They also may not pay attention to the teacher. Who is giving a lesson at the front of the room.

Because it is very irritating to their eyes to focus on something so far away. And while it might appear. Is that if they are having a difficult time focusing. Which may indicate that they have ADHD.

This does not necessarily mean they have ADHD. But instead, could have problems. Due to a vision syndrome. If they get and ADHD diagnosis. The medication will not help them overcome their vision syndrome.

And while there is not a single diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose ADHD. There is a diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose strabismus. That will have a defined cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Therefore, when a child’s teacher. Brings up to the parents that they are struggling. One of the best things. That a parent can do, is get their child to a vision therapist. When looking for therapist.

In the Edmonton and area, parents can simply pick up the phone. And call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. That will assess, diagnose. And treat a wide variety. Of vision syndromes.