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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Causes Double Vision

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Causes Double Vision

Many people may not realize that having cross eyes is as serious as it is, requiring a timely cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, the reason whites important to get this treated quickly.

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Is not only to help people see the visual world around them successfully. But because without treatment. It could cause the brain to actually turn off vision in the deviating eye.

And the reason why, is so that the brain is no longer confused. By the conflicting information the eyes are sending to it. However, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton does not just improve alignment.

To help people see more effectively by improving binocular ready and visual skills. But it is also a cosmetic solution. To help people avoid the look of having crossed eyes, that people often want to overcome.

However, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is important. Because while it can be very easy to get a cosmetic fix. That people can look as though they no longer have crossed eyes. Improving binocularity.

Is an important goal, because it will help increase their eye function of the patient as well. And if they can increase the eye function. The brain will have a much easier time processing information as well.

And while there are different types of strabismus, all with their own causes, and solutions. Children that have this problem, may be struggling significantly in a classroom setting.

As 80% of the learning that happens in a classroom setting is visually based. However, children also might appear very clumsy. And this is because they have a hard time understanding it spatially where things are.


As well as where their body is in relation to those things. Because they are constantly seeing double. They may avoid laying on a playground, or playing sports. And when they try, they struggle.

The best things that a parent can do. When they see that their child is struggling in this way. Is contacting an optometrist’s office. That also has a vision therapist on staff.

For example, vision by design, located in Edmonton Alberta. The first step would be getting an assessment. That will take approximately an hour, or an hour and a half to complete.

And the reason it so long, is because the vision therapist must do many different tests, check several different eye skills. As well as take many measurements to make the right diagnosis.

Once they have the diagnosis. They will recommend a treatment for each patient. And whether that treatment is simply prescription lenses. It might be vision therapy.

And in some serious cases, can be surgery that is required. In order to align the eyes. And help them focus. So that they are no longer sending confusing messages to the brain.

This will help children succeed in a classroom setting. As well as help them understand where their body is in space. So that they can stop being so clumsy. Doing this quickly, is important for them to stop struggling doing every day activities in their life.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus & Double Vision

When a patient has what is called strabismus, they need to find across eye treatment in Edmonton. And they need to do it very quickly. Because the brain will often turn off the vision to an eye that is not aligning.

The reason it does this, is to stop receiving confusing messages. Because when the eyes are not aligning. Even when a person tries to look at an object or a word. They are not going to be putting their eyes on the same point.

And the results, is double vision. Which can be extremely irritating to the eyes to look at. And could cause eye fatigue. Or it could cause headaches, especially if child is being expected to do an activity for any length of time.

In fact, many children who are struggling with strabismus. May simply be trying to avoid causing themselves irritation, or pain through headaches. Which is why they appear to not be doing what is asked in a classroom.

Such as writing assignment, or reading a book. When they are just trying to avoid doing things that are causing them pain and irritation. And finding out the cause of this avoidance of schoolwork.

Can help them find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them no longer struggle visually. The key to doing this, is finding a vision therapist.

If they call an optometrist office, such as vision by design. They will find that there are vision therapists on staff. And by explaining the situation. Can get booked in for an assessment for their child.


After the assessment, they may be told that the right cross eye treatment for their child would be simply prescription glasses. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses.

And that will be enough to teach the child how to focus their eyes on the same point. And how to align them. So that they no longer struggle in order to see things.

Or, it may be required that the child undergoes vision therapy for their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And while this is a little bit more involved, it is often used with extremely effective results.

How vision therapy is most likely to work. Is through half hour sessions, and the vision therapist’s office. They will go through different guided activities. That are designed to exercise the eye muscles.

While vision therapy will last for half an hour. And will be recommended once a week. Patients are likely going to have to go for 36 to 48 weeks. In order to see symptom resolution.

However, it is important that patients do their homework. Which is additional exercises at home. Between fifteen minutes to half an hour, five days a week. In order to ensure that their vision therapy can be as effective as possible.

When children have a strabismus, it can cause them to struggle quite a bit. The finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help them overcome this challenge. So that they can succeed in all areas of their life much more efficiently.