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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Improved

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy Improves Strabismus

What is needed, when version therapist says the child has strabismus is a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because what strabismus is, is a condition. Where the eyes are not aligned with each other.

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This can often give the appearance of crossties. Although different types of strabismus can have the eyes pointed inwards, outwards. Or even up or down. In some extreme cases, rotated.

And while most people might assume that children who have strabismus will always see double, due to the cost nature of their eyes. This is not necessarily true all the time.

Depending on the type of strabismus that the child has. It sometimes can lead to constant double vision. That not only can be very irritating to the eyes and brain. But it can cause fatigue.

As well as headaches, and children that have strabismus. Are often trying to avoid things that require them to focus their eyes. Because it is so irritating, or exhausting to try and overcome.

However, some children that have strabismus only see double vision when they are looking at things either close up, or far away. And this can be a little bit easier to handle.

However, parents should not think that this is a medical condition of their child is going to be able to grow out of. And in fact, vision therapist recommend.

Finding a cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly for their child. And the reason why, is because if there child has gone long enough without finding a solution to the problem.

The body can simply shut off the image to the eye that is not aligning. And while that will help the brain be less confused. Because they will no longer be seeing things in duplicates.

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And the child might think that things are fixed, because they are no longer seeing things in double. The problem is, they will lose use of that eye entirely.

Which will impact their ability to see depth perception, use their eyes to track moving objects. And have a harder time reading and focusing. Not only can this happen, but they may not be able to regain their vision.

Therefore, not only will children not outgrow it. They can cause permanent damage if they do not find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton fast enough.

The first step in order to help children overcome this problem. Is to find vision therapist. Vision therapists are trained in many different disorders of the eye. And unlike an optometrist, that typically checks vision.

They will be able to test for, and diagnose a wide variety of vision problems. Including strabismus. And then come up with the right treatment plan for each patient.

By calling in for an appointment to an optometrist clinic that also has a vision therapist on staff. Such as the doctors at vision by design, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Parents will be able to get their child in for an assessment. And a diagnosis, that is going to be of help them overcome their challenges and be able to see clearly once again.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Improved

Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for children with a strabismus is very important. However, many parents may not know what strabismus is.

Strabismus is simply the name of a condition. Where child’s eyes are not aligned. And therefore, when they try to focus on one object. The images are focused on different parts of the child’s retina.

What happens when images are focused on different parts of a retina. Is that the vision that people see. Will be doubled. Which can be extremely irritating for the eye and brain to look at.

Not only is it strabismus where the eyes are not aligned. But there are different types of strabismus. That all have their own causes. And therefore, their own subsequent treatments.

Some of the treatments that patients can undergo. Is either prescription lenses, to help children learn how to focus their eyes and aligned them.

Or, if glasses are not going to be effective. They can undergo vision therapy. What vision therapy is, is a series of guided exercises. That are done in the vision therapists office.

Guided by the vision therapist. To help overcome series of problems that a child is facing. This vision therapy is designed to help train the child how to utilize their eyes properly.

Whether they need to learn how to align them or focus them. While most people that need to vision therapy, should plan on thirty minutes every week. However, how long they need to go is dependent.


And it depends on how severe they are strabismus, or other vision problem is. Typically lasting anywhere between thirty-six and forty-eight weeks. However, this is a best case scenario.

And what is going to help this be as effective as possible. Will be if the patient is willing to do their homework. The vision therapist may request the child to do certain exercises at home.

Such as fifteen minutes of exercises a day, for a maximum of five days a week. If children are not doing their exercises. Then the therapy might take longer, which already is almost a year.

And in some serious cases. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton of vision therapy may not completely resolve the symptoms. And in this case, people might need surgery to actually correct their eyes.

However, parents should not consider treatment that they put their child in to be a failure. Because in all patients that have first started with a vision therapy. Before moving onto surgery.

The surgery was much more successful in patients that started doing vision therapy first. Therefore, if it is not complete at resolving symptoms. Parents can be thankful that their eyes will be strong enough for the surgery that they need.

When parents want more information about strabismus, cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Or anything vision related. They can call the experts at vision by design, located in Edmonton to answer all their questions.