Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Affects Vision

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Affects Vision

One of the most common vision syndromes that requires cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is called strabismus. Strabismus is the medical name for cross eyed syndrome.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, there are several different kinds of strabismus. Each with its own cause. And each, with its own specific treatment that will help. However, in order to understand the treatment.

And how it affects children, people should understand. How vision works. And the connection between the eyes and the brain. When somebody opens their eyes. To view the world, look at an object.

Or read a sentence for example. Their eyes will take in light from the surroundings. Which will carry the visual information. About what they are looking at. It passes through the eyes lens, at the front of the eye.

And lands at the back of the eye. Where the retina is located. This like a camera, the picture has been taken. But the film still needs to be processed. And this is exactly what the retina is for. The image at the back of the eye.

Will be taken by the retina. To the brain stem for processing. The brainstem must process all of the visual information. In a split second, despite the fact that there are a lot of places. To send this information to.

Because there are thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing with vision specifically. And three hundred connections. That use vision in some way. From communication, such as reading a person’s facial expressions as they talk.


Ultimately, lip reading, or paying attention to body language. Vision is needed in all of these examples. If someone is walking, they need to see where there going. See objects that might need to be avoided.

Looking at things that are moving in the distance. Thereby judging how fast they are coming. All need visual processing. And when someone has strabismus. And need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

What is happening when they use their eyes. Is that their eyes are not working together. Which means everything that they look at. Will be sending different information to the brain. For example.

If someone is looking at a sentence. Both of their eyes are going to be focused on different parts of the sentence. And the visual information. May be interpreted by the brain. As double vision. Or blurred vision.

Often, this double or blurred vision. Can come in or out of focus. And regardless, will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Otherwise it will be very irritating to try to look at. Causing eye fatigue.

So even headaches and pain. As the child is trying to read. Or participate in a classroom setting. Therefore, vision therapy is needed. To help the child avoid problems. With the eye to brain connection.

However, if this help is not received. Then the brain will simply. Over time, turn off vision. To the one affected eye. So that it no longer receives confusing and conflicting information.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Why Strabismus Affects Someones Vision

One of the most important things a parent does, is get their child cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If they have been diagnosed. Or suspected of having strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome.

While this is one of the most common. Visual syndromes of childhood as a result. So many parents are still under the misconception. That if they do not get their child treatment. It will eventually outgrow it.

This is not necessarily true. However with time, their brain. Will turn off vision. One of the eyes. Consequently the brain is no longer having to process. A large variety of confusing and conflicting information.

Firstly, children with strabismus. Typically see double, or blurred vision consequently. Some, or all of the time. And that can be very fatiguing on the brain. To try and process. Therefore, with time the brain will turn vision off.

In the crossed eye, in order. To simplify the information it is receiving. And while this means a child typically is more able to see. Without the blurred or double vision.

It does mean that the child is functionally blind in one eye. Which presents a whole host of other problems. That cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Cannot fix.

Not only will they lose their depth perception. But they’s will also have a problem. Tracking moving objects. Which is the eyes skill needed. To read sentences, and paragraphs.

They can overcome these challenges. With great difficulty. But had they got the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they needed. They would not be struggling. The way they would be now.


Therefore, instead of waiting. And potentially causing more problems for their child. Parents should instead. Ultimately, call vision by design in Edmonton. While they are known for being an optometrist clinic.

They also have vision therapists on staff. Who are optometrists with additional education. They will be able to assess, diagnose. And treat patients.

Based on what vision syndrome they have. And how severe it is. Cross eye treatment in Edmonton may be as simple. As prescription glasses. Or, glasses with prisms in the lenses.

Or, they may need a combination. Of glasses, and vision therapy. Which is very similar to physical therapy. But instead of working their muscles. In order to heal them and get stronger.

The vision therapist will take the patient. Through a series of exercises. To work there eye muscles. And help their eyes learn. How to work together. Ultimately, they then learn how. To use their eyes for visual skills as a result.

Like tracking moving information. Consequently, reading for example. The best thing about vision therapy. Is that it can be completely adapted. To each child’s condition. The more severe it is. The vision therapist can change.

The exercises, to suit. And make the exercises more difficult. As the patient progresses. Most patients will need vision therapy. For anywhere between six months to a year. In order to resolve their symptoms.

Ultimately, when people are looking for great vision therapist. First, they should contact vision by design in Edmonton. Who are experts not only in finding the right glasses. But secondly, at diagnosing and treating vision syndromes as well.