Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Stop Struggling Today

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Stop Struggling Today

A common reason why children struggle in school is because they need the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome. Is the most common vision syndrome in childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

And while children who have this syndrome. Will have had it since birth. Parents are often not the ones. Who discover that their child is struggling. The teacher does, when that child starts school.

The reason why, is because 80% of the learning. That happens in a classroom is visually based. Which means the child will encounter. A lot of difficulties right away. From trying to read in a textbook.

Learning how to write. Paying attention to the teacher. At the front of the classroom. And watching that teacher. Right on the board. As well as all of the visual aids. That are located in a classroom.

Makes it very difficult. For the child with a vision syndrome. To advance at the same level. As their peers. Luckily, most teachers are trained. What to look for. In struggling students. And to know, it often.

Is the cause of a vision syndrome. If the child is not paying attention. When the teachers at the front of the room. Does not pay attention to detail. When they are writing or drawing. Or will not follow along.

Two a lesson in their textbook. These are all indicators. That they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have a vision syndrome such as strabismus. The teacher will often have a meeting with the parents.


To share with them their concerns. And it is up to the parents. To get their child assessed. But they should do this as quickly as possible. The reason why, is because with enough time.

If the strabismus is not corrected. The brain will eventually. Turn the vision off to one eye. In order to help the child stop struggling. With blurred or double vision. And while this will work.

And help the child no longer see blurred or double vision. It has the added disadvantage. Of turning that child’s eye blind. They will also lose visual skills. That needs to eyes, such as depth perception.

If they take their child. To an accredited vision therapist. To get an assessment done. And the child does not have a vision syndrome. The parent can then take their child. To another doctor. To find out what is causing their issues.

However, if they find. That the child does have a vision syndrome. Such as strabismus, the vision therapist. Will also have come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To address the child’s difficulty.

They might need prescription lenses. Or lenses that have prisms built in. Or, they could need vision therapy. No matter what other treatment. The vision therapist ends up prescribing.

It will help the child overcome their vision syndrome. So that they can excel in their classroom. And avoid the struggles, that make going to school so difficult.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Stop Struggling With Vision Syndromes Today

One reason why children struggle in school, is a vision syndrome like strabismus that requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton to fix. Despite the fact that it is the most common vision syndrome that children can get.

Many parents have not heard of strabismus. Or know what the cause is. Strabismus, is also known as cross eye syndrome. And many parents. Have seen children with crossed eyes. Without knowing what that is.

However, they might also believe. That it is impossible for their child. To have cross eyed syndrome. If they do not have that look. Where their eyes are crossed in or out. However, there are several different types of strabismus.

All with their own different causes, and therefore their own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Some, have the eyes turn inwards or outwards. The eyes can turn upwards or downwards. Or, in the most extreme cases.

The entire eye itself. Is rotated. So it does not necessarily look. Like it is crossed. But the child is having difficulties. With their vision, such as blurred or double vision. And they also need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That they will get, while, from an accredited vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. After a thorough assessment.

They will be able to understand, exactly what vision syndrome. The child is suffering from. How severe that syndrome is. And what the right treatment should be. They might need corrective lenses.


Either with a prescription, or a prism in the lenses. That will help the child. Keep their eyes aligned. So that they can see clearly. Without any further treatment. However, far more common.

Is vision therapy. Either with prescription lenses or without them. And vision therapy. Is a lot like physical therapy. But for the eyes, and not for the body. This entails a vision therapist.

Leading the child through a series of exercises. Designed to help them align their eyes together. And once they have learned that. It will help the child. Master visual skills. Such as tracking moving objects.

Following all of the letters to make up a word. And following all of the words in a sentence. Most patients will need visual therapy for approximately 36 to 48 weeks. In half-hour increments.

At their vision therapist’s office. However, in some of the most extreme cases. Children will not fully resolve their symptoms. And surgery is sometimes, but rarely required.

Parents should not worry about this. If surgery is needed. It will be very quick. And if children have already undergone visual therapy. Their eyes will be strong. And will heal faster from the surgery.

Children who are struggling in school. Need to understand that there is a reason. Why they are having difficulties. And they can instead, get therapy. To help them overcome their challenges. And excel in school instead.