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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Strabismus Symptoms

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcome Strabismus Through Vision Therapy

Strabismus is a condition where eyes are not aligned, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, many parents of children with this condition. May think that it is something that they will outgrow.

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They often realize that their child has cross eyes, also known as strabismus. Because their child’s eyes are not aligned, and they can see that when they look at where their child’s eyes are pointed.

And this condition can cause the deviant eye to turn outwards or inwards. As well as point up or down. In some extreme cases, the eyes completely rotated. This requires treatment in order to fix.

What the child will see, when they have strabismus. Is since their eyes are not focusing on the same part of the object, or word that they are looking at. The images become focused on different parts of the retina.

And the results, is double vision. While some cases of strabismus causes the vision to be double all the time. However, this is not always the case. With some people having double vision.

Only when they are looking at things close up, such as reading, or doing near work. While some people only have double vision when they are looking at things farther away. Which can make diagnosing this a little bit more challenging.

However, the reason why parents should not wait. When they realize that their child is cross eyed, or has strabismus. Because the brain gets confused with the double vision.

And over time, in order to make it less confused. It will simply turn off vision to the deviating eye. While this eliminates seeing double vision. It eliminates the double vision, because it causes one eye to not function anymore.


Which means the child will also have trouble focusing, eye tracking. Seeing depth perception and doing near work and reading. And once they have the vision turned off to this I.

Turning it back on may be difficult, or impossible. Which is why it is very important that parents find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. So that they can avoid this unfortunate circumstance.

However, many parents are hesitant to get across eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Because they think is going to result in patching their child’s eye. Which is uncomfortable, and socially isolating.

Fortunately, vision therapists no longer have to patch eyes. In order to correct strabismus. They have many different tools at their disposal. During vision therapy, which is going through guided exercises.

That helps train the eyes how to align together. So that the child will learn how to focus, and correct their crossed eyes. In some extreme cases, surgery is needed.

Despite the fact that surgery may still be needed. Going through vision therapy is still advised. Since it will help ensure that the child can heal effectively from the surgery.

When children have strabismus, and can it affect many parts of their life. And when parents take their child to a vision therapist. Such as the ones at vision by design in Edmonton. They will help their child overcome the challenges, and succeed.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Strabismus Symptoms

When the child has strabismus, they will need to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And this can be made more difficult, when they are not always cross eyed.

In fact, there are many different types of strabismus, also known as cross eyes. And each type has its own causes, and its own treatment. Some treatments for strabismus can be quite simple.

Such as prescription glasses, that will encourage children who have this affliction. To train their eyes to align together. In order to avoid being cross eyed. And another treatment, would be treated corrective lenses.

That have prisms in them, and that also helps children. Train their eyes, in order to learn how to align. To be able to see things clearly. However, this is not always effective depending on the severity of their strabismus.

And vision therapy is a great cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Where a vision therapist will take the child with strabismus through exercises. In order to help train them how to align their eyes.

Vision therapy is going to take approximately half an hour for each session. And the recommended frequency of appointments. Is once per week. However, it is highly recommended for children to do their homework.

Which will be 15 to 30 minutes of additional exercises at home. Five times per week, in order to get the most out of the vision therapy session. A typical patient with strabismus should expect to go to vision therapy.


36 to 48 weeks. In order to see symptom resolution. However, in some extreme cases. Patients will need to get surgery, for their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And in these cases.

Vision therapists still recommend coming to vision therapy for the 36 to 48 weeks first. Because even if they still and up needing surgery. The fact that they have done vision therapy will make their eyes stronger.

Which means the surgery will be more effective. And they will have an easier time healing from the surgery, and learning how to use their newly aligned eyes much better.

With vision therapy, the goal will be to improve alignment. Not just for improved binocular ready and visual skills. But it will also help for cosmetic reasons. Because many people do not like the look when they are cross eyed.

During vision therapy. People should expect to spend the first few weeks on peripheral awareness activities. As well as body awareness activities. The reason why these are focus areas.

Is because children who have been cross eyed their whole life. They do not know how to point their eyes straight. And they do not know where their body is in space, because they have been seeing double their whole life.

Once they learn how to point their eyes forward, and where their body is. They can get on with many other activities. That will help them align their eyes successfully.