Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Problems From Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Problems From Strabismus

Children with strabismus, will eventually require a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this particular vision syndrome. Not only will inhibit their ability to read, and move about the world.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

But strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome. Is also a syndrome, that children will not grow out of. As they age. And eventually, the brain will simply turn off vision to one of the eyes.

In order to stop struggling, and have more success. Navigating the world, but that does not mean. That the problem is fixed. It means that the child is now unable to see out of one eye.

And when this happens, treatment is most often. Ineffective, which is why it is extremely important. For children to get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Before they lose the eyesight in one eye.

When this happens, they will lose the ability. To do several important ice skills. Such as tracking moving objects. And they will also lose their depth perception just to name a few things.

However, parents might be nervous. When they hear that their child might need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Thinking that they will need to put a patch. On their child’s eye, and their own memories.

From childhood, either because they were patched. Or a sibling or friend were patched. And they know how difficult it was. And how much, the child hated it. However, parents do not need to worry.


Patching is no longer used. To treat vision syndromes like strabismus. Instead, vision therapy. Is what is used instead. Vision therapy, is a lot like physical therapy. But instead of the body, it works on the eyes.

However, it is similar to physical therapy. Where the therapist, will guide the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to do two things. They will train the patient how to use both eyes at the same time.

As well, when the patient learns that skill. They will then work on. Other skills, such as tracking moving information. And going from focusing on one object. To learning how to rapidly change focus.

In order to do things like read several words in a sentence. And then eventually, a paragraph. Often, parents are unaware. That their child is struggling in school. And this is for several reasons.

Children will start using coping mechanisms. To help them overcome difficulties that they have. And while parents might assume. That their child is going to tell them. That they have trouble seeing.

Vision therapists say this is not the case. Because children assume. That the way they see the world. Is normal. Since this is how they have seen the world, ever since they can remember.

When they get to school, 80% of their learning environment. Will be visually based. And teachers, are trained to look for signs. Of various vision syndromes. Including strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome.

Therefore, parents should not feel upset. If they are told they should take their child to a vision therapist. But instead, simply call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton instead.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Problems Caused By Strabismus

If a child has been diagnosed with strabismus, they will need cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, but that looks like. Will be very different for each child. The first step, is getting a child.

That is assumed to have a vision syndrome. To a vision therapist for an assessment. Vision therapists are optometrists. Who obtained higher level of education. And while all vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists have this skill. Which means parents might have a difficult time. Finding an optometrist. That also is a vision therapist. While there is a website.

That will list all of the vision therapists across Canada. Organized by province, parents who live. In the Edmonton and area, can be rest assured. That their search for a vision therapist. Will be much easier.

All they have to do, is call vision by design, located in West Edmonton. And they can arrange a vision assessment. For their child. They should keep in mind, that this is much more in-depth.

Then a standard, and routine eye exam. While the routine eye exam. Is just testing. To see if a person can see clearly. Looking at a stationary object, several feet away from them.

Where the vision assessment. Is going to require many measurements. And the vision therapist is going to do several different exercises. In order to discover. If the child patient does have a vision syndrome.


If so, which one they have. Such as strabismus, amblyopia. Or a convergence insufficiency for example. And if they do have one of those vision syndromes. How severe it is. This will help the vision therapist.

Not only make the right diagnosis. But put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For each patient. If they do have strabismus, also called cross eye syndrome.

They will need to either prescription glasses, vision therapy or surgery. And most likely, a combination. While some patients will be able to see clearly. Once they perceived prescription glasses.

With prescription that can help the eyes work together. So that they can see the world. Or, glasses that have lenses with prisms in them. Most patients, will need a combination. Of corrective lenses.

As well as visual therapy. Which is like physical therapy. But on the eyes, to help train. The eyes how to work together. And how to use the various visual skills. That they need to do things like play sports.

And read, write and participate in a classroom setting. And in some of the most severe cases. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton that patients will need. Is surgery.

However, parents should not be concerned. Because vision therapy will be attempted first. And even if it is not successful. In completely eliminating the symptoms. That vision therapy. Will ensure that the child heals from the surgery faster, and more completely.