Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Options for Treating Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Options for Treating Strabismus

Often, parents are told that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their eyes are not aligning together. This is typically after they have taken their child to a certified vision therapist for an assessment.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Whether they have noticed that their child’s eyes are not aligning. Or their child’s teacher has noticed this. It is imperative, that parents take their child in for an assessment quickly.

Because not only is this something that their child will not grow out of. But the brain will only struggle for so long. With the conflicting information it is getting from the retinas. Before it simply turns off the image.

To the deviating eye, in order to stop being confused. About the information it is receiving. In order to understand this, it is important that people understand how the eyes actually work.

When somebody looks at an object. Both of their eyes focus on the same point on the object. And that image, is sent to the retina. Which is the part of the eye responsible, for sending that information to the brain for processing.

When someone has strabismus, also known as cross eyes. They are unable to focus on the same part of an object. Because they are struggling with aligning their eyes together properly.

Therefore, different images land on each of the eyes retina. And when that information is sent to the brain. The brain struggles to understand the information. Which is why people end up seeing double when they have strabismus.

Because this is conflicting information. That is confusing the brain. It will only stay confused for so long. Before it turns off the image to the deviating eye. Which corrects the double vision.


But it corrects the double vision, because the patient will have lost the ability to see anything out of that one eye. And along with it, goes many visual skills. That are required with both eyes.

Depth perception, and tracking moving objects are just two of the visual skills they will lose. Making it difficult to move, play sports and even eventually drive. Without difficulties in overcoming their shortcomings.

This is why it is extremely important. That if a parent suspects that their child has strabismus. That they take them to a certified vision therapist. In order to find if they do have this condition.

And if so, what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton they will utilize. Typically, people think of patching the eye when it comes to treating someone who has cross eye syndrome.

However, patching is archaic. And does not even solve the problem. So it is not used by most vision therapists anymore. Instead, parents can expect to hear about corrective lenses.

Vision therapy, as well as surgery. As possible ways to help their child overcome their symptoms. Which one, or which combination. Will depend on the findings from the thorough examination.

When parents are ready to get that examination. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton. To arrange an assessment for their child to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Options for Treating Strabismus

When a child has strabismus, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. May be one treatment. Or a combination of several treatments. Depending on what kind they have, and the severity of their syndrome.

For example, different patients have different types of strabismus. Such as a patient that only has difficulty aligning their eyes. When they are focusing on an object far away.

Or, they may only have trouble focusing their eyes. When they are focusing on an object that is close up. Some patients simply have double vision all of the time. And the different types of strabismus that they have.

Will play a role. In their vision therapist coming up with the best cross eye treatment for each patient. Not only are there differences in when a person has trouble aligning their eyes and seeing double.

But how the eyes are not aligning. Also plays a large role. Into what cross eye treatment should be utilized. For example, someone might have a form of strabismus, where there eye turns in words or outwards.

But also, someone else might have a form of cross eyes, where there eye is turned upwards or downwards. In some cases, someone might even have an eye that is rotated. Because there are so many different kinds of strabismus.

It is impossible to say what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton will be. Until a thorough examination is done. Unfortunately, parents cannot go to just any optometrist. In order to get the specialized assessment done.


Because while all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists. Have taken the additional education to become vision therapists. And they will need to find a certified vision therapist.

To do the right assessment, and definitively diagnose strabismus. But also, to come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for the patient. There are many different options to choose from.

Starting with corrective lenses. That either have a strong enough prescription. In the deviating eye, to help the eyes learn how to align with each other. Or, a lens that has a prisms in it to do the same job.

If patients need vision therapy. This will include sessions, led by the vision therapist. Taking the patient through different visual exercises. To train their eyes, how to work together. As well as train their brain.

How to utilize the information from both retinas. So that they can overcome symptoms. And no longer have strabismus. And in the most severe cases, surgery is an option. To help move the eyes back into alignment.

Especially if they were so out of alignment. That no amount of vision therapy could fix them. Often, it is a combination of two of these things. To help overcome the challenges with strabismus. When patients are ready to get an assessment. They can call vision by design in Edmonton for an appointment.