Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Life Is Hard With Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Life Is Hard With Strabismus

Children who have strabismus, struggle in school which is why the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to be life-changing. Strabismus, also known as cross eyed syndrome.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. However, much is still unknown. Or misunderstood. About this vision syndrome. Like most vision syndromes, the problem is not from week eye muscles.

Or eyes that are not functioning effectively. But rather, in the eye to brain connection. In order to understand this. Vision therapists would like parents. To understand how the eyes and brain work together.

When people open their eyes. And taken visual information. About the world around them. Light carries the visual information. Through the front of a person’s eyes. Called the lens, where it travels.

To the back of the eye. In order for that information. To get processed. So that people can use the information. Such as understanding the size, colour or texture of an object. Follow moving objects.

Or look at a person’s face. To understand what emotion they are feeling. That visual information. Must go to several different centres of the brain. In fact, this is an extraordinarily complex task.

Where there are three hundred connections. That use visual information. And thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal specifically with vision. It is a complex task. That the brain must do.

The visual information. Is carried to the brainstem. Which is responsible for sorting the visual information. Through what is called the retina. The retina attaches the eyes to the brain.


And every second that a person’s eyes are open. The brain is processing. A vast amount of visual information. When people have cross eye syndrome. The problem is in the eye to brain connection.

For some reason, the eyes are not aligned. So that when a person looks at an object. The brain receives conflicting visual information. They are likely going to see objects, or words.

As blurry, or double vision. However, while across eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help align the eyes. And fix the eye to brain connection. There are several different kinds of strabismus.

All with their own causes. And therefore, they all have their own, different cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Therefore, an assessment is necessary.

To find out what type of cross eye treatment in Edmonton would be best. When parents are looking for an assessment. Needs to find a vision therapist. Who is an optometrist with additional education.

Ultimately, the additional education, will ensure. That they have the skills necessary. To do the measurements, and exercises. To find out if a child has a vision syndrome. How severe it is, and what syndrome it is.

So that they can come up with the right treatment. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which can make finding when difficult. Except when parents are located in or around Edmonton.

They can simply pick up the phone. And call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Therefore they can arrange an assessment for their child. Enabling them to find out if strabismus is ultimately causing their child’s difficulties.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Life Can Often Be Hard With Strabismus

There are many things that children can struggle with, and cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help if one of those things. Is a vision syndrome called strabismus. Ultimately, this is actually very common.

With more children suffering from strabismus. In any other vision syndrome. Teachers often discover. If a child is struggling in a classroom setting. Ultimately they potentially could have a vision syndrome.

This is because unlike home. The classroom environment. Is 80% visual. Consequently teachers have been taught. What signs to look for. That could indicate. That one of their students has a vision syndrome.

Signs include a child who does not read quietly. At their desk, if they are asked to. A child who is not paying attention. To the teacher at the front of the classroom. Being a lesson.

Ultimately, when a teacher is writing at the front of the class. To follow along, or take notes. And while some people. Mistake these signs as ADHD. It is often a vision syndrome that is causing the problems.

Therefore, parents should not feel upset. That they did not recognize these signs in their child. Or, that their child did not shared with them. That they were having trouble seeing. Because if a child has a vision syndrome.

Such as strabismus, and needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. First, way they are seeing the visual world. Is that child’s normal. And are not aware, that there is any other way to view the world.


Second, when children are at home. They often develop coping mechanisms. For example, memorizing but things look like. So that they do not have to focus. And cause themselves the irritation that strabismus causes.

However, finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Can so often be frustrating. Because parents will have to find. Completely without a doctor’s referral. A vision syndrome specialist.

Therefore, they will be able to assess the child. With a very in depth testing. That takes approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order for the vision therapist to complete.

In Edmonton, parents can pick up the phone. And call vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also have vision therapists on staff.

The only book vision assessments over the phone. But would love to have any children. Can into the office, if the parents suspect. That they have a vision syndrome.

Consequently, at the end of the link the assessment. Ultimately, the vision therapist will know. If they have a vision syndrome. Which one, and how severe it is. As well as what cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help.

There may be corrective lenses. But almost always, there will be vision therapy. Which will be like physiotherapy. But for the eyes and not the body. These sessions will happen at the vision therapist’s office.

And can help not only fix the eye to brain connection. But help children learn how to use their eyes together. And will help them gain the visual skills. They did not develop previously.