Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Know This About Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Know This About Strabismus

Many children are struggling, without understanding that a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Will be able to help them significantly. Many parents, also do not know this. But are incredulous.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

When their child’s teacher tells them. That they may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to help them see more clearly. They may have already taken their child.

To an optometrist in order for a routine eye exam. To be performed prior to starting the school year. And was told. That their child has perfect vision. This is possible.

That the child also has a vision syndrome, such as strabismus. Also known as cross eyed syndrome. Which is the most common vision syndrome. That children get. They can have that, while having.

Perfect vision, because a vision test. Simply tests the child’s ability. The see something several feet away. And does not check their ability. To read close up. Follow moving objects. Or, if they see blurred vision.

Or double vision at some of the time. Therefore, a standard eye exam. Is perfect for detecting perfect vision. In regular circumstances. But not in the extraordinary circumstances. Of a vision syndrome.

As well, many parents are incredulous. That their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they mistakenly believed. That their child will tell them. If they have problems seeing.


However, the reason my children. Will not inform their parents of this. Is not because they are trying to hide it. But because when they have a vision syndrome. Such as strabismus, or cross eye syndrome.

The way they visually see the world. Is how they have always viewed it. And are completely unaware. That there is any other way. That it can be. Therefore, instead of telling their parents.

They develop coping mechanisms. To help them overcome problems. And compensate for their inability. To see things clearly. Such as using memorizing tactics. To remember instead of reading.

Unfortunately, in a classroom setting. These techniques do not work. And children very quickly. Start struggling, and falling behind. Their peers, in almost every subject. Teachers, who have been trained.

To recognize what behavior. Of children who have vision syndromes look like. Will often set up a meeting with the parents. To let them know, that they suspect. That their child has a vision syndrome.

Instead of fighting this, it is important. That apparent. Simply gets their child assessed. Because if they put off an assessment. They may end up, the worst problem. Then a vision syndrome, that can be easily treated.

In strabismus especially. The brain will eventually. Turn off the vision to one eye. In order to eliminate the confusing images it gets. And once this happens, getting that vision back may be impossible.

Therefore, parents should take the concerns of their child’s teacher. Very seriously. And find a vision therapist. Such as the professionals at vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Will be able to assess, diagnose. And come up with the right treatment.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | People Should Know This About Strabismus

Children with strabismus needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Sooner rather than later according to vision therapists. Because this problem will only worsen with time.

This is not only one of the most common. Vision syndromes of childhood. But it is a condition. For the child’s eyes are not properly aligned. Often giving them. The appearance of having permanently crossed eyes.

Because of this, sometimes it is very obvious. When a child is suffering from this vision syndrome. But it is not all the time. That this vision syndrome is that obvious. Some children may not look cross eyed at all.

Or, they may only appear cross eyed. When they are focusing on something close up. Or, they are focusing on something far away. That way, it may be much more difficult. To visually tell if something is wrong.

Therefore, it is often not discovered. Until the child is of school age. And start to have difficulties. Reading in a book. Or, focusing on the teacher the front of the classroom. When the teacher recommends.

Getting an assessment from a vision therapist. Parents should not waste any time. Finding one, such as the experts. At vision by design in West Edmonton. They will be more than happy to assess the child.

However, parents should keep in mind. That the examination for vision syndromes. Is quite a bit longer. And more involved than the examination. For a routine eye check. Parents should be prepared to sit. For an hour, to an hour and a half.


In order to allow the vision therapist. Enough time to make as many measurements, and take as many tests. And laid the child through as many exercises. In order to find out. If they have vision syndrome. If so which one. And how severe it is.

Chances are quite high. That if the child has a vision syndrome at all. It is strabismus, also known as cross eyes. And it will acquire a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Sooner rather than later.

This is because the problem will only get worse with age. Eventually, becoming so severe. That the eye is functionally blind. And this is unable to be fixed. The matter how much vision therapy. The older child undergoes.

When a vision therapist diagnoses a child with strabismus. Sometimes, the cross eye treatment in Edmonton needed. Is prescription glasses. With lenses that can help the eyes aligned properly. So that the child can go on.

To perform visual activities. Such as tracking moving objects. Or reading for example. These glasses might have prisms built into them. But if that is not enough, then vision therapy.

Is extraordinarily effective. It is a lot like physical therapy. But for the eye muscles instead. The child will be led through many exercises. That can help them learn. How to align their eyes properly.

And then, keeping that alignment. Practice different visual skills. Such as object tracking and reading. Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is the most important first step.