Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Surgery Needed For Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Strabismus

If a parent notices that their child’s eyes are not aligned, they may assume they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Which is likely the case. However, what that treatment is, is not necessarily easy to answer.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The best thing for any parent to do. If they suspect their child has across eye. Also known clinically as strabismus. Is to bring them in for an assessment with a vision therapist.

The reason why this is so important. Is because a vision therapist, has received specific and special schooling. In order to understand different disorders of the eye including strabismus.

While vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which means patients need to go to a vision therapists clinic. And not just their regular optometrists.

People can visit the Canadian optometrists website. Where there will be a list of all vision therapists, in order of province. However, people in Edmonton. Can simply go to vision by design.

While they might assume that vision by design is simply an optometrist clinic. They also have many different vision therapists on staff. And can do a thorough examination in order to diagnose a patient.

People should be prepared for approximately an hour, or an hour and a half for the assessment. Because of the large number of measurements. As well as activities that they need to go through.


In order to make the right diagnosis. And also, so that they can but together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. There are many different types of strabismus.

And therefore, many different treatment options. That can be used singly, or together. To resolve each patient’s symptoms completely. One of the first options that might be presented.

Includes prescription lenses. That often have prisms in the lenses. And that is often all that someone needs. To help their eyes align together. And overcome the symptoms of their strabismus.

Vision therapy is the next cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That can be used to resolve the patient’s symptoms. And what this is, is guided exercises. That will help the patient learn how to align their eyes.

And train their brain, how to use the visual information it receives from both retinas. This is often used in conjunction with the prescription glasses. In order to help overcome the symptoms that people are experiencing.

While the vision therapy is a cross eye treatment. That will take approximately 36 to 48 weekly sessions. If this does not work to completely resolve the symptoms in the patient.

Surgery is the third and final treatment to utilize to resolve symptoms. And if patients ultimately need surgery. After undergoing vision therapy. They should not look at this as a failure.

But look at it as a great way that they trained their eyes to heal quickly from surgery. And know what they have to do once they leave surgery. To help get their eyes in alignment faster.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Surgery Needed For Strabismus

If a child has strabismus, that means that they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus is the clinical name for cross eyes. There are many different types of strabismus.

Which is why it is very important that parents take their child to an accredited vision therapist. In order to find out exactly what is going on with their child’s eyes. And what the best cross eye treatment will be.

There are many different types of strabismus. Sometimes the eye will turn outwards, or inwards. Or upwards, as well as downwards. And in some severe cases, the eye can actually be rotated.

Finding out what kind of strabismus the patient has. And the level of severity is important. Before any cross eye treatment in Edmonton can be utilized to minimize symptoms.

Once a patient has gone through the extremely thorough and lengthy. Hour and half assessment from a trained vision therapist. Not only will they know definitively if they have strabismus.

But they will also have a concrete cross eye treatment in Edmonton plan for the patient. And can get started on this immediately. To start helping the patient heal from their vision syndrome to lead a normal life.

Whatever parents do, it is imperative that they do not leave this situation. Hoping that their child will grow out of it with time. Because this is not something that will self correct as the child ages.


And in fact, the longer the child is like this. The more likely it is that the brain will eventually turn off the image to the deviating eye. In order to cope with all of the confusing information it is getting from the retinas.

When the eyes are not aligned, when a person with strabismus looks at one object. Their eyes are actually landing on different parts of that object. Which means different parts of the object are landing on the retina.

When the retina sends that information to the brain for processing. The brain is confused about what it is seeing, and a person will see double. Because of that conflicting information in the brain.

After certain time, the brain will simply turn off that eye. Which does work to stop the double vision. But that is not because the problem is fixed. It is simply because one eye is no longer working anymore.

Not only will they lose vision in one eye because of it. But they will also lose other vision skills. Such as the ability to see depth perception. And tracking movable objects, which can be a huge problem.

Therefore, time is of the essence. When parents realize that their child might have cross eyes, or strabismus. And calling a vision therapist sooner rather than later. Can help ensure that they are getting the problem fixed.

Early on in their life. So that they can learn how to use both eyes together. And maintain their eyesight’s integrity, for years to come.