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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How to Deal With Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How to Deal With Strabismus

When parents find out that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They can be left wondering how it happened, and if it is truly necessary to take their child.

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Strabismus is the medical name for the condition of crossed eyes. There are many different reasons why eyes might not be aligned properly. In fact, every different type of strabismus.

Has a different reason why the eyes are not aligned. And therefore, has an extremely different treatment to fix it. Which is why anyone who either suspects their child has crossed eyes.

Or if they know their child has a strabismus, going to a vision therapist is an important way. And to ensure their child gets the correct cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

And while many parents think of eyepatch in. As the eye cross treatment in Edmonton. Especially because that is what what was done for children with cross eyes when they were young.

No vision therapist patches eyes anymore. Because with the technological advances of vision therapy. It is no longer necessary. As well as it is ineffective against the more technologically advanced tools that therapists can use today.

However, it is very important for patients to go through a full assessment. In order to find out exactly what is the cause of their strabismus. So that they can find the right treatment that will help them.

For example, they can have a strabismus that is only giving them problems when they are viewing at certain distances. Such as close up, or far away for example.

However, it could also be a problem that is permanent. Never giving the child a reprieve, from being able to see vision that is doubled. That causes them extreme a higher Tatian, fatigue and headaches.


As well, there are different ways that the strabismus could be affecting their eyes physically. Such as causing the eyes to turn inwards, or outwards.

As well as causing the eyes to turn upwards, or downwards. And in some rare and extreme cases. The eye is actually rotated in its socket. And while it does not look like it is crossed.

Like many people can see in other patients that have cross eyes. It will give them an extremely difficult time. To try to align their eyes to view things.

Therefore, it is important that parents take their child to a vision therapist. Such as the doctors at vision by design in Edmonton, Alberta. In order to get an assessment done.

A strabismus assessment is extremely long, taking 60 to 30 minutes in order to get all of the tests done. Such as the measurements, visual skills test and eye tests.

However, once they get the assessment done. The vision therapist will know exactly what type of strabismus they are dealing with. And what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton will be for them.

When they undergo treatment, whether it is corrective lenses, vision therapy or surgery. It is going to help the child be able to see things clearly, and get on with their life.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How To Treat Strabismus In Kids

Parents may not know what strabismus is, but it requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because it is the technical name for the medical issue of eyes that will not align.

What happens when a child’s eyes are not in alignment with each other. Is that when they are trying to look at something, whether it is word on a page. A pen in their hand.

Or a friend that is waiting to them from across the field. They cannot make their eyes look at the same location. And they are pointed off in different directions.

And how that affects their vision, is that since the images are focused on different parts of the patient’s retinas. The vision that the patient sees, is in duplicate, or double.

Some strabismus affects children consistently. And they always see things in double. However, other forms of this vision problem. Is that they only see things that are double at specific distances.

Regardless of exactly what type of strabismus it is. Patients that have it, can have a lot of irritation, headaches and fatigue. Because looking at things that are double, is extremely irritating to the eyes.

In fact, it is so irritating. That over time, the brain will simply cope with it. By turning off the vision to the eye that is not in alignment. So that it can be less confused by the double vision.

Almost Done...

This is white so important to see a vision therapist to come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. Whether it requires prescription lenses.

Or if the patient needs to undergo vision therapy. Which is working through visual exercises with a vision therapist in their office. For about half an hour each week.

There going to start training their eyes how to work together, and align with each other. So that patients can overcome this problem. However, patients also need to keep in mind that it is a lengthy process.

Typically taking 36 to 48 weeks in order to work. And patients may not see results for 6 to 12 months. But one thing that is going to make this process work as effectively as possible.

And that one thing, is the patient’s willingness to do homework. They might be required to do visual activities at home. Approximately fifteen minutes every day, to a maximum of five days a week.

If they are willing to do this homework. Then they therapy is going to be incredibly effective. However if they are not willing to do this homework. The therapy will simply take a longer time in order to function.

And there is the slight chance that after this particular cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That patients will still require surgery. However, by doing the vision therapy first. Their eyes can be significantly strengthened. And ready for surgery. In a way that they would not be if they had not done the surgery first.