Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Does Strabismus Affect Vision

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Does Strabismus Affect Vision

Parents often hear about getting a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Because cross eye syndrome. Also known medically. As strabismus is the most common. Vision syndrome of childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

What it refers to, is one eye. That is turned, or rotated. It can turn in her out. Giving it a very odd cosmetic appearance. Or, be completely rotated. So while it does not look different.

Patients that have strabismus. Struggle in seeing clearly. However, while many people make the assumption. That cross eye syndrome means. They have this problem all of the time. While some cases do.

Have a hard time seeing all of the time. Some children, only have problems. When they are viewing things close up. Or focusing on something far away. It is also not well-known. That when someone has strabismus.

And they are looking at an object. The object may come in and out of focus. Or, be double vision some of the time. And clear the next. This is often what is the most frustrating part. Of having a strabismus.

Is that children with this vision syndrome. Often end up with eye fatigue, as well as headaches. And irritation. Simply because they are troubled. With how the objects they are looking at. Go in and out of focus.

Anyone needs to consider. How irritating it would be. To learn how to read. While the words they are looking at. Constantly becomes focused, and blurry over and over. Or, how it would feel to their eyes.


To be looking at a word. That jumps from double vision and back again. However, many parents make the assumption. That their child is going to tell them. If they are having vision problems.

But this is never the case. Especially with vision syndromes. Children will have been suffering from these syndromes. Ever since they were born. And do not know, that anything else is normal.

Instead, they developing coping strategies. That help them get through their life. Without having to read, or look closely. At anything visual. For example, they will start to memorize things.

So that they do not have to read them. And while this can work. When they are young. Before they start going to school. Once they go to school. That is when they can do start to struggle. Teachers typically know.

What the signs are, of a young child with a vision syndrome. Not only because 80% of the classroom learning. Is visually based. But also, because strabismus causes children.

To avoid reading, or focusing on things. So when they display these avoidance behaviours. Or, their writing and drawing. Lacks attention to detail. This often gives the teacher. An indication that they can benefit.

From getting cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents need to not delay. In finding a vision therapist. Because getting help quickly. Can avoid worse problems down the road. And the sooner they get help.

The easier the treatment is eventually going to be. When parents are looking for a vision therapist. They should call vision by design in West Edmonton. For assessments, and a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Understanding How Strabismus Affect Vision

Strabismus requires across eye treatment in Edmonton. And is one of the most common vision syndromes of childhood. What it is, is a condition where a child’s eyes are not aligned.

Therefore, when that child looks at an object. Their eyes are focused on two different parts of the object. Which sends a confusing the message to the brain. About what they are looking at.

First, people with strabismus, often see things blurry. Or, see double vision. Depending on how their eyes are returned or rotated. Second, there are in fact, several different types of strabismus.

Because each different type, has its own cause. And has its own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. As well, patients can have varying degrees of severity. With treatments ranging from something as mild as.

Prescription glasses. Or glasses, that have prisms in the lenses. Or, vision therapy. Is the most effective way. To help the child align their eyes. And learn how to use their eyes. As a team. And when they have mastered that skill.

So the vision therapist will teach the child. How to use those eyes. To master their visual skills. That they need for reading, tracking moving objects. And even depth perception for example.

However, getting an assessment is important. Ultimately, this is easier said than done. Simply because not all optometrists. Our qualified vision therapists. And while an optometrist can do a routine eye exam.


First, parents need to understand. That having perfect vision. Does not preclude having a vision syndrome. Because all the routine eye exam does. Is it ensures that the patient can see clearly.

However, it does not mean. That they are able to read up close.  For example look at a teacher, giving a lesson several feet away. Or that they do not have blurred vision. Or double vision in certain circumstances.

Therefore, getting the right assessment. From a vision therapist. Is important. It can take an hour, to an hour and a half. For the vision therapist. To do all of the measurements they need.

As well as take the patient through many different exercises. To help them discover. If they have a vision syndrome or not. And if so, which ones they are suffering from. How severe it is.

And what the right treatment will help them. In children with strabismus. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they may need. Could be anything from prescription glasses. That alone, can fix the problem.

Or they can require vision therapy. Where the vision therapist guides them. Through a series of exercises. To teach them. How to align their eyes. And then use their eyes to master visual skills.

And for some extreme cases. Surgery is therefore needed to fix the problem. However, vision therapy is always tried. Before surgery, because at the very least. Vision therapy can strengthen the eyes. Ultimately making the surgery prognosis much better.